problems with installing MS Office

I am trying to install MS office97 under win95 (again!) but this time the installation does not reach the completion stage....after copying all files to my hard drive it gives the message...Error writting Bdrintl.dll can not update registry .....I tried to delete the MSoffice directory and start from scratch but it still does not work and it gives me the above error message........
any suggestions?..........
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Do you have enough disk space ? On Win95 host disk also ?
Bdrintl.dll has probably not been "closed" yet.
Run scandisk to fix problems! as long as its not cross-linked files
you dont have to backup the corrections by scandisk!
-When done - reinstall MS office (remember to uninstall first in the "add/delete new applications.cpl" in the control panel
Best regards,

maboAuthor Commented:
yes ..I have enough disk space ... 4.2GB to be exact....
I tried every trick...I cleaned the registery...I deleted all
orphan files..but still it gives me the same message .....

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 Dont delete the directory, use the uninstall facility in the "add/remove the control panel.
1.1) reinstall
If you have tried policy editoren, please start the poledit and allow changes....
3) can you run: "regedit" and look at keys?

maboAuthor Commented:
keldove, how can I clean the registry by using the regedit?
I looked at it but it does not make sense ?...
any suggestions?.......
maboAuthor Commented:
keldove, how can I clean the registry by using the regedit?
I looked at it but it does not make sense ?...
any suggestions?.......
1) Check your HD by Scandisk.
2)How your HD(s) detected by BIOS ? (Normal, Large, LBA, Auto)
 If Auto, try to catch table right before message 'Starting Win95'
 and post here what type of HD and what PIO/DMA mode it use.
3) Enter DeviceManager (right-click on MyComputer -> Properties ->
 DevManager tab) and check if any exclamation marks (yellow or red)
 present. Post where, if any.
4) Check HD controller branch in DevManager, what devices are
 listed here.
5) Enter \Windows\System folder and check for presence of Bdrintl.dll
 If this DLL present, delete it manually, reboot. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del
 and remove all tasks, except Explorer and SysTray. Try to install
 MS-Office again.

1.  DO NOT DELETE Bdrintl.dll !!! under any circumstances!

2. You do not need to change your hard disk controller or anything else.

3. Using the "Ctrl"  "Alt"  and "Del" keys, open the "Close Programs" dialogue box and close all running programs except for "Systray"  and  "Explorer.

4. Insert the Office 97 cd rom disk and run the install as normal, but run it as a full install.

5. If you have installed Internet Explorer 4.0 or 4.01, then let us know as there are a few changes that you will have to make to the setup procedure.

Let me know how you make out!

maboAuthor Commented:
NOP!... it is still not working .....
there is an entry for MS office 97 in ADD/Remove box in control
panel but I could not remove it because I have already deleted
the MSoffice directory with everything in it by using windows
explorer and now I can not intall Ms office 97 again...

I closed everything except "systray" and "explorer" and I
tried to install MSOffice97 but again it failed and gave me the message " Bdrintl.dll was unable to register itself in the system registry" then "setup not successful"

when I search for it Bdrintl.dll was copied to msoffice/office/setup/ directory but somehow it could not
register itself in system registry....
any other suggestions?......

maboAuthor Commented:
There is one more thing I want to add to the above......
The first time I installed Ms Office 97 was from cd rom ie.
I selected to run the office application from cd rom instead
of copying all the files into my HD but now I want to install
Ms office fully to my HD because I need cd rom for something else
while I am running an office application.
Swell Mabo, you didn't tell us that!

Okay then, install Office 97 this way then.

1. Using the "Ctrl" "Alt" and "Del" keys, open the "Close Programs" dialogue box and close all running programs except for "Systray" and "Explorer.

2. Insert the Office 97 cd rom disk, but don't use the autorun feature.

3. Click Start, Run and then type.......

D:\setup /R    <enter>

This will reinstall the applications. We may have to uninstall everything once again after this is through to correctly register the shared programs. Do not use Windows Explorer to remove anything unless it's dos based and it does not have an uninstall feature or capability.

Let me know how you make out!
maboAuthor Commented:
I followed your instructions and it is still not working...
I did the following:
I installed MSoffice with run from  CD-ROM option (because as I mentioned before the MSoffice directory was delelted by using explore and there was an entry for MS OFFice 97 in ADD/Remove box)
then I did the D:\setup /R
it reinstalled MS office successfully (ie. to run from CD ROM option only)
Then I used the Control pannel ADD/Remove to uninstall it, it was successful and MSoffice 97 was completely removed from my HD ie. there was no entry for it in the Control Pannel ADD/remove box.

Then I tried to install it but this time with Typical installation, but it failed and gave the same error message
"Bdrintl.dll was unable to register itself in the system registry" then "setup not successful"

So the main problem is:
if I install MSoffice97 with Run From CD-Rom then it is installed successfully and everything is OK.
But I need to install office 97 into my HD so if I do a typical or custom installation then it fails and gives the above Bdrintl.dll error.(I have no idea why?)

I have noticed one more thing:
when I uninstalled office97 and there was not any entry for it in the ADD/Remove box then at Run prompt I typed (just to see what happens)
D:\setup /R and it gave the error messages
1. "setup error 688, A command line option has been used, which is valid only in maintenace mode." (this is expected since there is no MS office 97 installed, am I right?)
2. "setup Error 723, setup was unable to read configuration information from the first section of setup file
C:\~MSSETUP.T\~MSSTFOF.T\off97Pro.stf" ( why do I get this error?  the above directory and file does not exist since I uninstalled office97 and it removed everything. I think this means somewhere the information about the previous instllation is kept and this may corrupt everything?(just a guess!)

any other comments or suggestions?.....
Sometimes when you run the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program, you may receive the following error message after all files have been copied to your computer's hard disk:
   Bdrintl.dll was unable to register itself in the system registry.
When you click OK, you receive the error message:
   Microsoft Office 97 Setup was not completed successfully.
This problem occurs if one or more of the following conditions are true:
You previously performed a Run From CD installation of Microsoft Office 97 on your computer.
 - You removed Microsoft Office 97 from your computer by running the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program in maintenance mode and selecting the Remove All option.
- You attempt to perform a Typical or Custom installation of Microsoft Office 97 on your computer.

The following methods normally will repair this once you have fully removed Office 97 as you have earlier. The problem involves resolving the issues of shared files manually removed without the use of an uninstaller.
Method 1
A utility that fixes a problem that occurs when you run the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program is available.
The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Software Library:
 ~ Bdrinfix.exe
The FTP location is
For additional information about this utility, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: ARTICLE-ID: Q138552 : Utility to Fix "Bdrintl.dll Was Unable.."

Method 2
WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall Windows 95. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved.
Use Registry Editor at your own risk.
For information about how to edit the registry, view the Changing Keys And Values online Help topic in Registry Editor (Regedit.exe). Note that you should make a backup copy of the registry files (System.dat and User.dat) before you edit the registry.
To prevent the error messages from occurring, perform the following steps:
1. On the Start menu, click Run. In the Open box, type regedit" (without the quotation marks), and click OK.
2. In the Registry window, click the plus sign (+) to the left of the following keys, in the order listed:
      Shared Tools
Then, click the yellow folder to the left of "Mso97.dll." The text in the status bar should read as follows:
      My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\
3. On the Edit menu, click Delete, and then click Yes to delete the key.
4. On the Registry menu, click Exit.
5. Run the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program.
If the error occurs again, perform the following steps:
1. Use Windows Explorer to manually create the following folders on your hard disk drive (usually drive C):
      Program Files\Microsoft Office
      Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office
If you are installing to a different location, create the Office folder there instead.
NOTE: The Program Files folder should already exist on your hard disk. If it does not, create it before you create the above folders.
2. Copy the following files from the Office folder on your Microsoft Office 97 compact disc:
Paste the files in the Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office folder on your hard disk. If you are installing to a different location, paste the files into the Office folder in that location instead.
3. Search your hard drive for the Mso97.dll and rename or delete it.

If the Mso97.dll file is allowed to remain  in the Windows\System folder, you may receive the following error message:
      Error loading Office International DLL
4. Run Microsoft Office 97 Setup.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem and is researching it.
When you install Microsoft Office 97 on your computer, a number of keys are added to the registry. One of these keys, Mso97.dll, refers to the location of the Mso97.dll file.
When you perform a Run From CD installation of Microsoft Office 97, the Mso97.dll key in your Registry is set to refer to the folder on the compact disc that contains Mso97.dll. If you then use the Remove All option in Microsoft Office 97 Setup, the Mso97.dll key may not be removed.
This may cause problems if you then attempt to perform a Typical or Custom installation of Microsoft Office 97.

Setup error 688 and 723 issues: (if the foregoing has not fixed the problem!
The problem your incurring normally happens if the following conditions are true:
 - You used the Microsoft Office 97 Network Installation Wizard (NIW) to
   create a custom setup table file (.stf) for use with Microsoft Office
 - You ran the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program with the "/t" switch.
   For example:
      setup /t custom.stf
To prevent this problem from occurring, you must make a copy of your
Setup.lst file, and rename it so that it matches your custom setup table
file. Then, modify it so that all references to "Off97pro.stf" within the
renamed .lst file are replaced with references to your custom setup table
NOTE: If you use version 2.1 of the Network Installation Wizard (NIW 2.1)
to customize your setup table file, it is not necessary to create a custom
.lst file; NIW 2.1 does this automatically. Proceed to the step after step
14 to use the customized .lst and .stf files.
For example, if you created a Custom.stf file, you need to create a
Custom.lst file and then modify it. To do this:
 1. In Windows Explorer, go to the folder on your network server that
    contains the administrative installation of Microsoft Office 97.
 2. Locate the Setup.lst file. Right-click the file, and then click Copy
    on the shortcut menu.
 3. On the Edit menu, click Paste.
 4. Select the "Copy of Setup.lst" file. On the File menu, click
    Rename. Type "Custom.lst", without quotation marks, and click OK.
 5. Right-click the Custom.lst file. Click "Open With" on the shortcut
 6. In the list of programs, click Notepad. Clear the "Always use this
    program" check box. Click OK.
 7. In Notepad, click Find on the Search menu.
 8. In the Find What box, type "Off97pro.stf", without quotation marks.
    Click Find Next.
 9. When a reference to "Off97pro.stf" is selected, click Cancel.
10. Delete "Off97pro.stf" and type "Custom.stf", without quotation marks, in its place.
11. Press F3.
12. Delete the selected reference to "Off97pro.stf", and type
    "Custom.stf" in its place.
13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until you receive the message
       Cannot find "Off97pro.stf"
    Click OK.
14. On the File menu, click Save. Then, click Exit on the File menu.
After the Custom.lst file has been created and modified, you can run your customized Setup by using the following command line:
   <path>\setup /l custom.lst
where <path> is the path to Setup.exe. Note that the name of the Custom.stf is NOT included in this command; the Custom.lst file knows what setup table file to use.


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maboAuthor Commented:
Oh YES! finally worked....everything is running fine...
Thanks Dennis...I really appreciate your help....
and once again thank you .... you are a genius! :)

I successfully loaded Office97 by the following steps:

1) Used 'Start' and 'Run' to load office.
2) Loaded using 'Run from CD' option.
3) Click 'OK' on the missing 'MSO97.DLL' message.
4) Used 'Start' and 'Run' to reload office.
5) Setup starts in maintenance mode - selected uninstall.
6) At the end, you will be asked to reboot.
7) Used 'Start' and 'Run' to reload office.
8) Picked 'Typical' installation, did not want olds files deleted.
9) Click 'OK' on the missing 'MSO97.DLL' message.
10) Copy 'CD drive':\Office\MS*.DLL
       to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MS*.DLL

Office 97 was working...
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