VB 5.0 Vs Oracle Developer 2000

Now we are trying to decide application tool to use for our project. We have already decided DB. It's Oracle.

Please give us some information (Advantages and Disadvantages of VB  5.0 and Developer 2000)

Please write it as table !!!
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You're best bet is to check out Oracle's site at:

and Microsoft's site at:

Anything you get in this forum is going to be opinion probably biased toward VB... but here's my opinion:

If you've already made the commitment to Oracle, you should place your trust in that decision and go with its native environment.  Support is probably the most important issue, and you can bet you'll get better support form Oracle regarding an Oracle database and Developer 2000 - Especially when you consider that Microsoft's support isn't very good - even when it comes to their own products.

It's kind of like a comparing Word Perfect to Word - they both support methods to do just about anything you might want to do.


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Ok, another answer that doesn't make sense.  Have you actually used both products?  I have.

The decision basically depends on one thing:  What is MORE important to you?  User Interface Design, or Data Access Speed and Ease?  Oracle Forms 4.5, in my opinion, makes absolutely ugly forms!  They are very windows 3.11 like, and create unsuspected GPF errors.  (like, for example, when you double click the control box).  However, if you are going do a lot of data entry forms, Oracle Forms 4.5 is the best.  Development of Master Detail relationships, and straight query/entry forms are real easy with Forms 4.5

VB excels in interface design.  You can create forms that are much more sophisticated.  Hitting the oracle database is not nearly as easy, but with some knowledge of RDO, ADO or ODBC Direct, it's not very difficult.  I would use VB if the forms you want to design are going to be "fancy".  Anything besides the basic entry form is difficult in Forms 4.5.

anthonyc, another answer that doesn't make sense?  hmmm...  I offered my opinion as such believing that there will not be a better answer to this question...  Perhaps you're opinion is better.  I don't know.
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your answer was NOT an answer, it was a comment.  You answer all the questions in order to lock them.
hyunAuthor Commented:
anthonyc's comment is excellent, I think.
I want to him grade 'A'.
hyunAuthor Commented:
Please answer my question.

If there are a lot of data which we deal with,
VB is proper application tool ?

I think VB is very slowly because of ODBC drivers.
No, I don't think VB is slow.  I use VB to interface to my databases - but I don't use Oracle.  I think as anthonyc pointed out that the form design in VB is great.  I think data access is also very easy (even when accessing Oracle databases).  If it were me, I'd definitely use VB, HOWEVER, this is exactly what I was avoiding because I'm very good with VB.  My experience with Oracle is very limited.  I think your best move would be to do a small sample project in VB and judge the performance for yourself.

I've seen questions like this before, for example, "Is VB better than Delphi" and so on.  In a group of Delphi  developers the answer is always Delphi, and in a group of VB developers, the answer is always VB.  I thought I was being helpful, I'm sorry you didn't reject my answer and give the points to anthonyc since you thought anthonyc provided you with better information.


You wanted to grade me A, and you graded MRMICK!  

Oracle's performance on the Oracle DB is VERY fast.  Faster than VB can achieve (uses direct access to the Oracle DB, which is a little quicker).  

I would recommend VB unless you just want Data entry/query forms, then use Oracle.  I've done a project using Oracle Forms 4.5 for a section, and VB for the more sophisticated section.

Oracle Forms 4.5 also is an interpretted language.  It runs a lot like MS Access projects do (must have a run time EXE file to run the project)

If you'd like to grade me, please do.   As of now, MrMick got all your points
hyunAuthor Commented:
In my case I 've experienced  Vb & Developer 2000.

I Feel VB 4.0 is very slowly to Oracle when using ODBC.
So (in case of VB 5.0) I want to know performance & ease of VB Vs Developer 2000.
How could you give me details ? Please as soon as possible.
You're not going to match the speed that you'll get in the native environment.  I can't really offer any more information than I have.  It costs anthonyc points each time to return and comment to your questions, post another question if you wish to continue a dialog with anthonyc - even if you post it without points.  Give it the exact same title.
hyunAuthor Commented:
Hi ! Anthonyc !

Thanks for your kind answers.

I don't know how to give you grade. How can I ?

I heard VB is very very slowly under a large scale of data environment.

We must deal with o lot of data. (100,000 or more per 1 item)

Do you have output (for benchmarking) ?
I hope your clear answer !!!  
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