Frontpage97 works so slow!

I use Frontpage to create my website. I have set the correct setting in Frontpage to use local address (my computer) for my work. Testing revealed no problem, but I feel it's working so slow when opening my locally-stored website, or when saving, renaming files, importing, previewing, etc. The funny thing is that during the delay, my personal webserver is  actually idle.  I name my computer Windows97, so my local domain is  What is wrong with Frontpage?  Thanks.
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First off, what speed is your computer, how much ram, etc?  One thing to be considered about any MS product, is that it was designed by Microsoft.  All of their software is slow.  I would say that as long as it opens the site eventually, there is no real problem.  The only solution to that is to get rid of MS (everybody tries, but it never works).
xmas2526Author Commented:
I still think there is something wrong. I used 64MB of ram, 64-bit video card and Pentium75. Frontpage also frequently gave an error message "Can't write to disk. Retry?"  My harddisk has no problem and when I press Retry, the problem disappears.
By pentium75, do you mean 75MHz?  If so, that isd your problem.  You should not be running it with anything less then 133, it barely runs on a 166.  As far as write to disk errors are concerned, how much hard drive space do you have?  Microsoft programs frequently require large amounts of temp space.  You should have, at the very least, 10% of the hard drive free; 20% is prefferable.
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xmas2526Author Commented:
I still have around 900MB space in my harddisk. I think the problem of writing error is something else than harddisk space. I also notice it always happens during my first saving effort, but it usually solves when I press Retry.
Does it pop up that error message before or after you get to the "Save As" dialog box?
xmas2526Author Commented:
It's after I pressed "Save" in the menu to replace the current open file. Frontpage seemed to try to save it because the harddisk seemed to be active. However, my personal webserver software kept being idle. I have reinstalled the whole programs and webserver, but the problem is still there. Sorry for this complicated problem, but I really need some help. Thanks.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
I am using FrontPage 97 with Pentium 75MHz, 40 MB RAM, 800MB hard disk, it runs quite well. I dont think this problem is due to the computer speed and capability of hard disk.

Xmas2526, please show the network configuration and OS version, I think the problem maybe there.
I've the same problem as xmas2526: My Pc is a Pentium 200Mhz MMX with 64Mbyte Ram , 64bit vga card, running NT4 workstation. Some pages on ouer website have a form with a table with about 25 rows of data and checkboxes in it. When I have to edit this file and I type 1 letter, it takes sometimes 3 or 4 minutes before that letter appears on the screen. During that time the processortime is complete taken by frontpage.

I don't think tahat the comments of bbao and serobert are useful.

Did you search on the Knowledge base of Microsoft?
There shouldn't be a problem with that.
What's happening is that when FrontPage opens,
with the Peronal Web Server (PWS) running in the background,
it will check all the links of the files in your site.
This links checking on top of the PWS running in the background
causes the slowdown.
Try opening the FrontPage Editor without the PWS running in the
Also note any other processes that you have running for example
anti-virus program etc.
These too will take up system resources.

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xmas2526Author Commented:
Thanks. This is an answer I was waiting for.
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