Is Windows running in Safe Mode?

Is there a way to detect if Windows 95 is currently running in SAFE MODE from my Delphi 1.0 application?  If so, how?
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Sorry, mistake. I intended to comment to another question.
KapustaAuthor Commented:
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KapustaAuthor Commented:
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I think you should use: GetSystemMetrics(SM_CLEANBOOT)
For more information See API's Help file.
KapustaAuthor Commented:
>>I think you should use: GetSystemMetrics(SM_CLEANBOOT)
>>For more information See API's Help file.

Perhaps you are correct...however, my Delphi 1.0 API help file shows nothing on the SM_CLEANBOOT parameter.  The GetSystemMetrics API .HLP page knows nothing about SM_CLEANBOOT. I will try checking the search engines for SM_CLEANBOOT and see what I uncover.

KapustaAuthor Commented:
It turns out that although SM_CLEANBOOT is NOT a predefined variable, its value (67) will return the necessary result value.

      SafeMode : Integer;
      SafeMode := GetSystemMetrics(67 {SM_CLEANBOOT});
      case SafeMode of
            1, 2: begin
   {1 = Safe mode, 2 = Safe mode with network support}

I believe you deserve the 175 points since you pointed me in the right direction.  How do I make sure that you get credit for your response?

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