Problem with DUN or modem or ??

I just put a new motherboard and CPU in my case, keeping all my old stuff, including a drive with in 95 already installed.  WIn 95, of course, wants to reinstall everything.  My modem and DUN conectiod no longer function.

The modem is a USR 56k.  I have removed the device and reinstalled it.  Windows seems happy with the device (as per Device Manager and Modems in CP).  However no program is able to use the modem (DUN, HyperTerminal or a 16 bit app).  I get the error dialog that the modem is in use by another DUN or device.  Disconnect that device, etc. etc.

During my troubleshooting I have found a problem with DUN.  WHen I go to check the server type I get a 1/2 size dialog box (compared to what should pop up)  If I try and change the type of dial-up sever I receive an error message that I haven't bound a protocol yet.  If I go to Networks in CP I find that I have Client for MS Networks, TCP/IP and the Dial-up adapter.  Under binding for dial-up adatper it states "TCP/IP".  Under binding for TCP/IP it states "Client fr MS networks."  I have deleted DUN fromthe sytem and reinstalled it, but all results are the same.  I have also, although prior to this playing around, done a Win95 reinstall.

Hopefully all this makes sense.  I want my modem and DUN back!
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In your control panel, delete you entire networking Icon,
all your passwords from windows directory.
Then in add/remove, uninstall all your items from the communications box.
Reboot, go to your add/remove|Windows Setup|communications
and check the items for your Dilaup networking.
You just need to refresh your settings.

let me know how it goes
KubaAuthor Commented:
I am unable to delete the Network icon form CP.  I did delete DUN, the dialer and HyperTerminal (do not have the direct cable installed).  I don't use any passwords so there is nothing (I think) to delete.  This is essentially what I did before other than nuking HyperTerminal this time.  Still no help.  I am sure taht the setting are still "floating around" as my connectoid gets re-established when I reload DUN.  I wold think that if everything were "gone" I would need to recreate that connectoid.

For what it is worth, since I had mentioned a specific modem.  I have tried a couple other old modems and all have the same error messages.
Kuba: If proposed answer has not resolved the issue, please reject it. In the meantime, try this:

1. From within Windows 95, go to device manager and scroll down to your modem entry, click the "+" to expand it and delete the modem.

2. Restart your system and boot into the Bios/Cmos setup.

3. Depending on the type of Bios, AMI, AMD etc, look for an area for peripheral setup or that area where your Com ports are located. Presuming that you want to use your modem on Com 2 (you can use the same process for Com 1, just substitute Com 1 for 2) Disable the Com 2 port in the Bios setup. Save the Bios/Setup and permit the system to boot through to Windows 95.

4. Windows should now see your modem and ask for the drivers disk. Use either the diskette or cd rom disk when windows requests and load the modem.inf file for your USR modem. If you don't have the diskette of cd, you can download this file from the USR site.

5. After windows sees the INF file, it will ask you to choose a modem, choose the one appropriate to yours (internal) and then proceed with the install.

6. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and click the Modem Icon, the click the Diagnostics tab, highlight your modem and click "More Info". This will query your modem for proper operation.

Let me know how you make out!
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Did You
"Then in add/remove, uninstall all your items from
the communications box. Reboot, go to your add/remove|Windows Setup|communications and check the items for your
Dilaup networking?

KubaAuthor Commented:
Dennis-  I am using Award BIOS.  I disabled com 1 and com 2.  Win 95 setup the modem on com 2 (previously it was on com 3).  Still no change to my error messages.  Windows has NOT had a problem identifying the modem when I first install it.

smeebud-  Yes, I did exactly as stated.  FWIW it was a warm reboot.
Kuba: I've seen this problem many times with various systems wherein the motherboard has been upgraded without reloading Windows 95. Windows 95 takes a snapshot of your motherboards Bios setup, eg: the CMOS. When you change the board, Windows has a difficult time re-registering the Cmos information. The following should straighten this out.

The following will not effect any existing data or cause you to lose any existing installed programs.

1. From within Windows 95, click Start, Run and type in "Sysedit" without the quotes and click okay. This will bring up your startup files. Edit both your config.sys and autoexec.bat files to re-enable your real mode cd rom drivers so that you have access to your cd rom drive while in "real" dos.

2. Restart your system and as the "Starting Windows 95" message comes up, touch the F8 key. Choose Msdos prompt and boot to the prompt.

3. Insert your Windows 95 cd rom disk in the drive and reinstall Windows with the following switches. Presuming that your cd rom drive is drive "D" (if it's something else, change it accordingly).

D:\setup /d /p f

This will cause windows 95 to re-examine your setup, rewrite your Win.ini and System.ini, correct registry entries and take a new Cmos snapshot.

As you move through the Windows 95 setup, instead of a Typical Install, use the Custom Setup and choose each component that you want to install.

Once this has completed, check each device to make sure everything is running as it should. You may then install the latest Dun and everything should be working.

Best regards,

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KubaAuthor Commented:
A question prior to implementing your suggestion.  I have done a reinstall however i did it from within Windows and without the swtiches.  I just want to verify that reinstall from DOS with the switches reinstalls differently than what I have done.

KubaAuthor Commented:
Arggghhhhh.  I decided to just go ahead and do the reinstall via DOS with the switches.  I think I now have bigger problems.  During the installation of the drivers for my sound card Explorer crashed.  I can't even get into Windows via safe mode without an Explorer crash.  I started the install process again and crashed at the same point in the process.  I am going to guess that I have one of two options available to me.  try to install again and skip setting up the sound card (Sound Blaster 64 AWE)or even worse (groan) format the C: partition and start clean?
Sorry Kuba, Windows 95 cannot be reinstalled from within itself, and if you don't set the switches it overwrites the registry, or attempts to until it comes to a portion of the registry that has tagged a file and/or the file is in use.

Since Explorer is part of the Windows base structure, the file has apparently become corrupted. Here's a fix that may help you though.

Use the extract utility from Dos and extract a new Explorer.exe from the CD Rom disk and save it to your hard drive. Before doing this though, which version of MS Internet Explorer are you using?
KubaAuthor Commented:
I am using IE 4.01.  I do have version 4.0 on a CD (4.01 downloaded).
When you were reinstalling windows 95, did you receive any warnings about having to uninstall IE 4.0 or 4.01?

In the interest of getting you up and running, here's the entire scenario of correcting the problem based upon your individual situation.

I believe that Method 4 applies!

Before you reinstall any version of Windows 95, you should uninstall
Internet Explorer 4.0. If you do not uninstall Internet Explorer before
reinstalling Windows 95, you receive error messages warning you to remove
Internet Explorer first. If you do not, you may be unable to start Windows
or run Internet Explorer or related components. To avoid these problems,
uninstall Internet Explorer first, reinstall Windows 95, and then
reinstall Internet Explorer.
For information about uninstalling Internet Explorer, please see the
following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q174265
   TITLE     : How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0
If you have already reinstalled Windows 95 without uninstalling Internet
Explorer first, use the appropriate method below to help recover from any
problems that may occur.
NOTE: The methods outlined below are specific to the version of Windows 95
you are running and whether you selected Yes or No in all Version Conflict
dialog boxes that occurred while you reinstalled Windows 95.
To determine which version of Windows 95 you are running, please see the
following article in the Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q158238
   TITLE     : How to Determine the Version of Windows 95 in Use
Method to Use
   Version of          Response to          Use this
   Windows 95          version conflicts    method
   Windows 95 or A     Yes                  1
   Windows 95 or A     No                   2
   Windows 95B         Yes                  3
   Windows 95B         No                   4
Method 1
You do not need to make any changes to your current configuration.
Reinstalling Windows 95 with Internet Explorer installed and answering
Yes to all file version conflicts does not cause any problems.
Method 2
Windows 95 works properly, but you may need to reinstall Internet Explorer
to resolve any problems with the browser. Reinstalling Internet Explorer
should resolve any file version conflicts resulting from reinstalling
Windows 95.
Method 3
Windows 95 works properly, but you may experience problems running
Internet Explorer because Windows 95 reinstalls Internet Explorer 3.0.
To work around this problem, reinstall Internet Explorer 4.0.
Method 4
If you are using the Windows Desktop Update component, the following error
messages may occur when you start your computer:
   Error loading Explorer.Exe
   You must reinstall Windows
When you click OK, the following error message occurs:
   Error Starting program
   The Explorer.Exe File is Linked to Missing Export
Your computer either stops responding (hangs) or shuts down.
If you did not have the Windows Desktop Update installed, you may be able
to start Windows 95, but you cannot run Internet Explorer and your desktop
icons cannot be moved.
To resolve these issues, use the following steps:
1. Restart your computer. When you see the "Starting Windows 95" message,
   press the F8 key, and then choose Command Prompt Only from the Startup
2. Type the following line to change to the Uninstall folder
      cd <uninstall folder>
   where <uninstall folder> is the location of the uninstall folder for
   Internet Explorer 4.0. For example, type:
      cd c:\progra~1\intern~1\uninst~1
3. Type the following line to make the necessary files viewable:
      attrib -s -h -r *.*
4. Type the following lines to restore the files necessary to start
   Windows 95:
      iextract integr~1.dat
5. Type the following lines to place the files in their proper folders:
      copy explorer.exe c:\windows
      copy shell32.dll c:\windows\system
6. Restart the computer normally.
7. Uninstall Internet Explorer. For information about uninstalling
   Internet Explorer, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge
      ARTICLE-ID: Q174265
      TITLE     : How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0
8. After you uninstall Internet Explorer successfully, reinstall it.

KubaAuthor Commented:
Dennis-  I never received any warnings from Windows about uinstalling first.  I'll give method a go tomorrow.  I had thought about trying to extract the exploere.exe file from the CD.  In the process I named Explorer.exe Explorer.old.  The date stamp on this file is 11/24/97.  The next time I did a search for exp*.exe I found _another_ Explorer.exe with a date stamp from when Win 95 first came out (Jul 95).  Do Ijust delete this "new" explorer file and then replace the 11/24/97 one?

I'll be interested in seeing if this reinstall fixes my IDE controller problem that I see you have been chiming in on.

BTW   Merry Christmas!!

BTW  Merry Christmas!!
If you remove the Explorer.exe 11/24/97 with the old one, it should give you windows explorer back. For now, rename the new one and copy over the 95 version and try it.

A reinstall will not fix the IDE controller problem but the correct drivers will, which *are not* on the CD. These are usually provided by the motherboard manufacturer, however some resellers sell *white* box OEM motherboards that are really for system builders, not for public consumption.

In any event, if you would look up your chipset type in the manual you received with the board, I will tell you where to download the appropriate drivers as well as how to load them once you have them.

In the meantime, you may want to follow the above procedure to straighten out your system. If you have a problem with any part of it, let me know!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
KubaAuthor Commented:
Well there is good news and there is bad news.  I was not able to use method 4 (at least not directly) as i kept getting an open error on integ~1.ini (file attibutes had been changes with attrib).  Then it dawned on me that I could simply copy the needed files from the system I am using as I type this.

I can now access Windows!  That's the good news.  More good news is that through 3 reboots that IDE controller error is gone.  The bad news is that the modem problem is exactly where it started at :(

Perhaps removing all references in the registry to DUN?  If so do you know where they are?

I hear the kids.  Time to watch presents being torn open.
KubaAuthor Commented:
The USR modem comes with software so that you can update the software via USR.  This software DOES work with the modem.  It is the only software that does not give me some type of error message.  Don't know if that means anything or not.

MS does have a DUN 1.2 available.  I had tired that update once prior and had problems (don't remember what they were).  I am NOT clear as to whether or not that update does/should work with PPP (it talks much about ISDN).  Any thoughts on if that update would work.  It sounds like a complete update of DUN.
Kuba: Thank you for the update, but is there a reason why we are not addressing the base problem here, your motherboards chipset? and correcting the PCI bus problem. After correcting those we can move on to resolve other issues.

As I see it, this is what needs to be done to correct the problems.

1. Correctly load the drivers for your motherboards chipset.
2. Correctly load the bus mastering drivers for the PCI bus.
3. Uninstall 4.0 completely, then reinstall it with the fixes.
4. Install some updates for DUN, which can only be done once the IE 4.0 problem is fixed.

KubaAuthor Commented:
I *believe* that it is the TX chipset.  I have found NOTHING in the manual that indicates this, nor in the product description at the website.  However the website did have some article quotes and this is one of them:

---According to Dr. Pabst, "The new number one amongst Socket 7 boards is called the PA-2007…It supports SDRAM and Ultra DMA just as well as its TX chipset competitors,---

So my best guesstimate is the VIA VP2/97TX chipset.
Do you mean the wild Dr Thomas Pabst of Germany, yes, know him well! And in response to your comment, now that the board has been identified, it is the TX chipset on board.

What needs to be accomplished is the addition of the chipset drivers, the setting up of the PCI Bus and bus mastering. This will enable Windows to correctly identify where everything is. I have noted below where you can download the TX drivers, however the other drivers will depend on which version of Windows you are using, 950, 950a or 950b (known as OEM OSR2).

Download the drivers and let me know when you have them and I'll explain how to install them properly. Also, let me know which version of Windows 95 you have. You can click, Start, Settings, Control Panel, System Icon. There it will tell you 950, 950a or 950b.

The address for the drivers is:

Select the latest version and download them to an empty folder on your hard drive and then expand them. Save a copy off to a floppy disk.

KubaAuthor Commented:
OK,  Drivers are downloaded.  Windows version is 4.00.950

I took a quick look at the readme file.  I DO have a CD ROM driver being loaded in config/autoexec.  SOunds like I need to rem those lines out.  In any event I'll wait until I hear from you regarding further instructions.
Okay, you need to do one more thing, visit the Microsoft free software download site and download the Windows 95 Service Pack 1. This will bring your system current. Make sure that you download the Service Pack into a clean directory. Here's the procedures for installing both the Service Pack as well as the TX drivers. Unfortunately the retail release of Windows 95 doesn't provide for all of the features of the newer boards and there are no plans to add them (other than upgrading to the OEM OSR2 version of windows 95, which means a format and reinstall)

Installing the Service Pack:
1. Using the "Ctrl"  "Alt"  and  "Del" keys, open the "Close Programs" dialogue box and close all running programs except for "Systray" and "Explorer".

2. Using either Windows Explorer or Find, Files and Folders, locate the Service Pack #1 execute file and click on it to install it, following the on-screen directions.

3. Reboot the system and verify that it is now version 950a.

If this is correct, then move on to the TX driver installation.

TX Driver Installation:
1. Using the "Ctrl"  "Alt"  and  "Del" keys, open the "Close Programs" dialogue box and close all running programs except for "Systray" and "Explorer".

2. Following the directions that came with the drivers, install them on your system. Make sure that you have the floppy disk with the expanded drivers on it handy.

3. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and then click the System Icon. Go to Device Manager and scroll down to the Hard disk Controllers and click on the "+" to expand it. Highlight the first item listed and click remove. Reopen the same area and make sure that everything has been removed.

4. Shutdown Windows 95 normally and restart. Windows will load the TX chipset and then find the PCI Bus and ask about drivers. It should find them at C:\Windows\System, however if it doesn't see them right away, point windows to the floppy with the drivers on it. It will probably take one to three restarts to load the Bus correctly, first for the master, second for the primary and maybe another for the secondary. You can verify whether everything has been loaded correctly by going to the same area in device manager and open the hard disk controller again. It should look like this:

Intel PIIX/PIIX3 Bus Master IDE Controller
Primary IDE Controller
Secondary IDE Controller

If you have any problems, let me know. Sometimes these drivers can be a real pain in the (well you know)

After this has been done, there are some updates to the retail version that should be installed. When your ready I will list them for you to download and install.

KubaAuthor Commented:
Do I *need* to update to .950a prior to these new drivers?  MS seems to be offering SR1 a couple of ways.  One way is to download a setup.exe file and then install on-line.  Problem is I can't get that compuer on-line.  The second way is to download 14 different "Disks."  I would have to spend many hours (at 28.8) downloading, then zipping anything over 1.4 to get it on a floppy, etc.

Assuming that SR1 is a needed, I would assume that it is only particular update(s) (i.e. Windows Messaging update may not matter).  If that is the case, which are the important updates prior to the Bus drivers?
KubaAuthor Commented:

I decided to give the drivers a try without SR1.  Many, many, many strange happenings.  The net result, when I was about to give up was that the drivers loaded.  So.... I would guess that I should "credit" you with the proper answer to my IDE question.  I beleive that on that question you have made comments,but no "answer" that I can credit you for.

On *this* question, here is where I am at.  As of 8:00 PM tonight (Friday) I have officailly been screwing arouns with this projec for 1 week (original goal was noon LAST Sat.).  IE 4 has been removed.  the IDE drivers are now happy. I have deleted DUN from my system again.  I am going to defrag the drive then try another reinstall.  I just went out and purchased another Win 95 upgrade so SR1 should no longer be an issue.  If THIS reinstall doesn't work I am thinking that it is time to format that partition and flat reinstall Windows.
Kuba, I wish you hadn't wasted your money buying another Windows 95 upgrade, as Service Release #1 is not on it. I understand your impatience and your frustration, we've all been there at one time or another. If you follow along you will be okay, but I don't want to get you in over your head (no shot intended).
If you were going to order anything, I would have suggested you buy the OSR2 version with a new mouse or something! (you can only get OSR2 with a hardware purchase).
Your looking for a snap solution to the problem and there isn't one. To bring up the retail version even close to the OSR2 version, there is one service release and about 15 updates, although I doubt you'll need all of them.
If you wanted to do a reload, I could have shown you how to do that without disturbing your currently installed programs.
KubaAuthor Commented:
I can't beleive that MS would still be selling upgrades without the updates (large groan).  I was also under the impression that the ONLY way I could get OSR2 was on a new machine.  Had I known there were "other" ways I would have done so.  I don't feel too bad about having bought another upgrade (other than it is without the SR stuff) as part of this whole "project" is getting Win 95 going on another computer so by the letter of the law I should own two copies. I also don't mind too much about formatting.  I have been crashing a LOT (prior to my various upgrades) and figured that some cold snowy day I'd start over anyway.  I have the drive partitioned such that only Windows and files that insist on being with Windows are on the C partition.  I still end up reinstalling most everything but all data files remain intact on the other partitions.

You are right about my frustrations.  I have been spending HOURS every day on this and my other machine and essentially getting nowhere (two bad motherboards prior to getting one that works). For the moment my frustrations are greatly diminshed as I am sending this via my "main" computer (the one you have been assisting with.  So DUN is FINALLY WORKING.  My problems now are:

I am using an old modem.  The CD for my USR 56k is shot and I could not find any drivers for this modem at their web site.  I imagine I can call Monday and get another CD.
I am back to the same IDE controller problem.
Windows did not set up my CD-ROM so I have to load it via config.sys/autoexec.bat.  This may be an issue with those IDE drivers.  Is there a way (I am sure there is) to get Win95 to "load" the CD stuff?

Once I get this IDE thing licked I would be curious to know how you can reinstall without nuking files/settings.  It would seem to me that starting with a fresh registry would be key.

The issues that you mention in your third paragraph, are these related to this second system or your regular one? If you need the drivers for the 56K USR modem, the are available at the USR site, and I can also email them to you. As for the IDE issue, I thought that was cured, or does this apply as well to this second system. If so, handle it the same way, identify the motherboard and chipset, download the drivers (depending on which chipset it is) and apply them. As for the cd rom drive, if you know what the cd driver is, it should be something atapi.sys or pansonic.sys (befitting your drive). If you need the syntax to install it once you have the driver, let me know and I'll post it for you.

There is a way to do a reinstall that rewrites the Win.ini, System.ini and cleans the registry, all without disturbing existing installations, however you need to clear up any hardware problems you have first, or at least have all the necessary drivers.

Let me know what you would like to do!
KubaAuthor Commented:
Dennis--  All issues relate to the same system we have been working on all alone.  Thus far my demons on machine two have been in my realm of expertise (small realm <g>).

I have been all over 3Com's site and have not seen drivers for Sportster 56k modems.  If you can point me to the palce in the site or email the drivers that would be great (

For the CD-ROM the path is F:\Utilit~1\CDROM\GSCDROM.SYS /D:MSCD000 /v

Re the Tx Pro drivers.  I think that I somehow "lucked into" an installation the first time.  Since the format/reinstall this needs to be done again and I am not as lucky.  I do not have ANY primary or secondary controllers setup in Device Manager.  All that is there is the Standard Dual PCI Bus controller.  I I try and delete that item and reboot Windos automatically sets it back up without prompting.  If I try and manually add another controller (windows does know identify the TxPro drivers in it;s database) via Add New Hardware, I can set it up but it never shows up on the reboot.  If I go to propeties of the Standard Dual item and elect to change the driver (to the Tx Pro) I lock up the system.

New problem.  When I first boot I ma being prompted for a password.  I am 99% sure that I left those field blank when reinstalling so as not to be prompted, but I am being prompted. How do I get rid of this?

>>>>There is a way to do a reinstall that rewrites the Win.ini, System.ini and cleans the registry, all without disturbing existing installations, however you need to clear up any hardware problems you have first, or at least have all the necessary drivers.<<<<

Are you referring here to the /d /p f switch?

Thanks very much for your continued patience and support

KubaAuthor Commented:
I have been pureusing the MSKB.  Looks like the reason Windows did not setup my CD drive is that there is no secondary IDE setup.  Back to the TX Pro problem.

Also it looks like I could delete my .pwl file to solve the password issue?
KubaAuthor Commented:
Ok.  I am now running 4.00.950a
Okay Kuba: In the order posted:

1. Your modem INF file is on it's way.

2. For your CD Rom drive, make these changes:

A. Change this:  F:\Utilit~1\CDROM\GSCDROM.SYS /D:MSCD000 /v

to this:




This will allow your cd rom drive to be booted from your "C" drive where windows 95 resides!

C. Change your autoexec.bat file accordingly.

3. As for the TX drivers:

A. Copy the files to a temporary directory on drive "C" and then click setup to install them.

B. Then go to device manager and remove the first item listed under hard disk controllers.

C. Reboot the system. Windows should find the drivers in either C:\windows\system



NOTE: It may take from one to three restarts for windows to install the IDE controller, the primary bus and the secondary bus.

4. Password issue:

You can delete the *.pwl file and reboot the system. When the password box comes up, you can type your name and leave the password blank and that should resolve it.

5. On the reinstall, you hit the nail right on the head, however you have to be able to access the cd rom drive from dos mode.

No problem on the patience, I've got a ton of it most of the time. You need it in this business!
KubaAuthor Commented:
Dennis-  Man we are making progress.  I now have my 56k modem up and running.  I even have both physical com ports configured.  Thanks much for the driver file!  I had also renamed my .pwl files and that has resolved the password issue.

At this minute only two issues remain.  Even following your directions I *still* can't get those TxPro drivers going. The only item listed under DM/Hard drive controllers is that Standard Dual PCI device.

Question regarding the CD-ROM stuff.  My understanding is that I do NOT want to be using MSCDEX as that is a DOS mode driver and that Win 95 has 32 bit drivers that are preferred.  In my "old system" (the old mother board) I had this CD-ROM running and did not even have a config.sys or autoexec.bat file.  The only reason I have those two files now is to get the CD-ROM going.  I currently have those lines remmed out as the readme file for TX Pro indicates that I should NOT be loading any IDE drivers via config.sys or autoexec.bat.  Does all this make any sense?

Lastly, regarding a reinstall with the /d /p f switch.  Prior to my reformat I had done a total of _6_ reinstalls with the switch.  None of which fixed my DUN problem.
KubaAuthor Commented:

I am not sure where you are located but if you listen closely you can hear the sounds of my whooping.  I recalled that the last thing I did prior to getting the TX Pro drivers to load last time was to run uninstall.bat.  It gace me an error message that no TX IDE device could be found.  I tried to unistall it this time and got the same error message.  The, upon reboot, Windows prompted me for all three devices and set them up with the Tx Pro drivers.  At the same time as this "fix" came through Windows saw the CD-ROM drive and set it up with nor references in config or autoexec.  I am almost afraid to put the cover on the case!

In my "IDE controller error" question (that ended up being answered here) the correct answer is being credited to smeesbud.  I beleive that I have "reopened" that question.  I would guess that you need to do something on your end so that I can grade that question for you as well.

Thanks again for all you time and patience.

Your quite welcome Mark!
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