Trust modem and Comm-errors


After login on the Internet I get a series of comm-errors starting with a single digit value
increasing to a 3-digit value with a remarkeble decrease in data-transfer.
My system is: 486DXII 66 Mhz
              Trust 33K6 modem ext.
              Windows 3.11

Thanks for a reply!

              login via Trumpet Winsock
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Could you elaborate more on your problem?? Like what kind of comm errors?? Could you poste the messages you get??
We get the same thing on our Trumpet Winsock connection. In our case, it seems to be related to line noise.
atanisAuthor Commented:
This is the result after a 45 mins internet-session:

Trumpet Winsock Version 2.0 Revision B
Copyright (c) 1993,1994 Peter R. Tattam
All Rights Reserved.
This copy of the Trumpet Winsock is registered to
"Euronet - Internet".
Internal SLIP driver COM2 Baud rate = 57600 Hardware handshaking Compression enabled
IP buffers = 32
My IP = netmask = gateway =
Executing script c:\windows\euronet\winsock\login.cmd.



Connected to asd6:S5

login: atanis
PPP session from ( Your dynamic IP address is

Script completed
My IP address =
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 12
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 81
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 160
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 205
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 243
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 269
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 284
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 302
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 305
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 329
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 359
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 374
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 425
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 463
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 467
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 482
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 502
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 529
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 584
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 621
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 650
socket 3 killed
socket 4 killed
Executing script c:\windows\euronet\winsock\bye.cmd


Script completed
Comm errors [OVERRUN] = 651

Login itself is no problem; the errors are starting to appear after a minute or so.
I use netscape 3.0

Regards, Adrie
I would appear you are somewhere in Europe.  What is the quality
of telephone lines where you live.  Do others in your city have
similar difficulties connecting at this speed?

An overrun is caused by the modem sending the comm port data too
fast to handle.  To avoid this, one sets the computer to modem
speed at a rate faster than the rated modem to modem speed. It would appear that you have considered this
because you have your Trumpet Winsock set to talk to the modem
at 57,600, but I wonder if your serial port is fast enough to
handle this.  Go to a dos prompt and run MSD.  Select COM2 and
see if it says you have a 16550 UART, or perhaps do you just have
an 8550 or even an 8450.  If you have a 16550, go to control
panel, ports, com2, settings and see if you have it set for
hardware flow control, or are you perhaps trying to just use
xon/xoff (software flow control).  Try hardware flow control.
If this does not work, try increasing the 57,600 setting (on
trumpet winsock go to file, setup, and increase the number in baud rate)


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atanisAuthor Commented:
The problem was related to the 16550 UART.
Telephone lines in Europe are very reliable.

Thank you for your effort!

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