Office 97 Toolbar Icons Illegible

After installing Office 97 upgrade on a Win95 computer, the toolbar icons and the menu fonts look like they are done in extremly low resolution, very large pixels.  

I have installed 3 times, first installing over Office 95, then after removing 95 and 97, always with the same result.

Any suggestions?
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TechStone: I presume that your icons in other applications are fine, with that in mind, visit the Microsoft Office Free Software download site and download Service Release 1 for Office 97. Then install it in this fashion, following each step in order.

1. Put the service relase download into a clean folder on the same drive where Office 97 resides.

2. Have your original Office 97 CD Rom disk handy as we are going to reload it, but in a different manner.

3. Using the "Ctrl"  "Alt"  and "Del"  keys, open the "Close Programs" dialogue box and close all running programs except for "Systray"  and  "Explorer".

4. Reload Office 97 as you would normally, do not worry about uninstalling it first unless there are known problems with the install beyond what you have stated. Restart the system normally after the reinstall.

5. Again, using the "Ctrl"  "Alt"  and "Del"  keys, open the "Close Programs" dialogue box and close all running programs except for "Systray"  and  "Explorer".

6. Using either Find, Files and Folders or Windows Explorer, find the install execute file for the Service Pack and click on it to install it. It is a large service pack and will take some time to fully load. After it's completed, restart your system when called upon to do so. Your icons should be the way you want them unless there is a resolution issue to be addressed.

Best regards,
TechStoneAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your detailed response.  Unfortunately I think it is not relevant, because this is a new, just purchased copy that already includes SR-1.  I downloaded PatchCHeck from microsoft web site to verify this.

Let me describe the problem again, maybe this will make it clearer.  I am talking about the icons on the application toolbar for Word, Excell, etc.  (file folder for load, disk to save, B for bold, etc.)  They look OK when in normal mode, but when I select large icons (right click on toolbar, customize, options, large icons) they look terrible.

What it looks like is happening is the icons are just being enlarged by increasing the size of each pixel from the small icons.  What should happen (in my opinion...) is a new icon with more detail should be used so it will look good.  It's possible Microsoft disagrees with me <grin>.  Alternatively they could do some smoothing on the image to make it look better...

Don't just tell me to use small icons, I already tried that (it's not my computer, I'm just the guy who has to make it work...)  We run high resolution and the small icons are rather small.

So maybe this is normal behavior for office 97?  Office 95 buttons looked good in either size...

Thanks for your help.

(maybe some of you can at least try it out on your computer and let me know if it does the same thing?)

TechStone: You explanation is clearer than your proceding post, however you do doubt have the accessibilies option included with your Win95 install. Even with font smoothing this will not be corrected as it was designed for high res on 19 and 21" monitors. You mention PatchCheck, however if the service release has been installed (which I sincerely question) you will see it in the add/remove programs directory as it has features that can be removed without removing Office 97 or Office Pro 97. As an MCSE, I have yet to see a recent release of Office 97 with the patch built in, as the service release alone fills a CD Rom disk.

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TechStoneAuthor Commented:
I have received word from Microsoft that the icons display that way by design...

I am not in a position to argue with you about whether the patch is included or not, the documentation and Microsoft's test program say it is.  

I also seriously doubt that the patch takes up an entire CD ROM disk, since that would be over 600 Meg, which would take a VERY long time to download...

Well, as an MCSE with access to the necessary files we need to provide service to customers, SR1 from the ftp site is is 22Mb in zipped format, without the extras. The cd rom version (unzipped) is 480Mb, which also includes all of the updare files included as separate features at MS's free software download site. Lastly, if indeed you have Service Release 1 installed, start Words for Windows 07, click about and it will show you that it is version SR-1. Best regards........
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