ActiveMovie audio problem

I have a PCI sound card with S3 Sonic Vibes chip.  The driver is dated Oct. '97.  Whenever I open a video file in ActiveMovie, the audio is at full volume.  I can control it from there, but how do I make it start up with a reduced setting?
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On your SysTray is speaker icon. Click on it and move scrollbar
down, to some low-volume value. Then start your Movie.
rmarottaAuthor Commented:
I guess that's the obvious way to reduce the volume.  It has no effect though, when the file starts in Activemovie.  As I said, it is possible to control the audio level once the file is running.  I would like to start the file at a reduced level..... so I don't get "blown away" when the clip begins.

Oops, sorry. I thought, that this affects WHOLE sound subsystem.
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rmarottaAuthor Commented:
Do you have any ideas on how I go about setting the default sound level for the movie players (Activemovie and Mplayer)??

You might want to try it out at the Control Panel->Multimedia.
Under the Audio and CD Music tabs, you can reduce the volume at desired. But by right what busuka offered is correct, but some kinky machines, software and even Win95 just would let you retain the current volume level after restarting the PC.

I thought that question was posted for Dew...
Can we participate??

About players: AFAIK, they absolutely don't care about sound level
and rely on common Windows one. But, problem can be in some fancy
driver (maybe ActiveMovie also kinky :), but MediaPlayer definitely
rmarottaAuthor Commented:

Sorry to say....  your suggestion didn't work.

I've tried combinations of setting audio level sliders as follows:
      1 - speaker icon in systray (master level control?)
      2 - double-click above to adjust each playback level in mixer
      3 - multimedia icon in control panel (master?)
      4 - volume control in Mplayer playing Activemovie (same as #2?)
      5 - right-click/properties on Activemovie player while playing MPEG

I tried re-booting after each with same results.  Whenever an MPEG file is run,
something in the player application resets the audio level to maximum.  This is
indicated by the volume slider in #5 above.  When I point and click on a slider
(in any of 1 thru 4 above) during playback, the level changes to that setting.
It isn't necessary to move the slider, only click on it.  #5 stays as it was.
It seems that #5 adjusts some other level independently from #'s 1-4 above. It
reduces the volume during a playback when adjusted. When you stop the movie and
load another file, it resets itself to maximum.

magigraf:  You are correct, but of course I welcome all the help I can get.

Hope this helps,

Try to install DIRECT X 5.0 it have newest drivers for your drivers sound card and make sure you have IE 4.1
rmarottaAuthor Commented:
I have already downloaded/installed IE4.01 or whatever the newest version is.  My help/about internet explorer says: 4.72.2106.8  Newest DirectX (5.0a?) engine too.  My sound card is a no-name generic, with the S3 driver, downloaded from their site.  Also, I have an S3-Virge PCI video card.  DirectX told me that it was changing the driver for the video when I installed, but not the sound card.  What else can I try?

rmarottaAuthor Commented:
Oddly, upon installing a new game for my daughter (Frogger),
setup said it was installing DirectX 5.0 during the game install.  This, even after I had previously installed DirectX  from the MS download site.
Are you recieving any error messages?
Set you colors to 256. See what happens. I found a ton of simalar
problems in the newsgroups and this was one of the top suggestions.
Also, re installing your Ms DirectX drivers.
You can get the DirectX5.1 Runtimeversion from the following server. This is abt 3.7 MB
This will install (apart frm DirectX 5.1 also ActiveMovie 2.0 and restore the links to .avi files etc
rmarottaAuthor Commented:
   1> no error messages.
   2> changed to 256 colors; no change.
   3> already downloaded/installed the whole thing.

   Note:  When I go to uninstall DirectX drivers in control panel, it gives me a list of what is installed.(nine items)  Each of them has a version number beside it.  The only two that are not certified ?? are those relating to the sound card:
   Primary Sound Dri...
   S3 SonicVibes Dir...

No matter what I do, the volume control in activemovie player starts out at maximum when I play a file.....


OK. I just installed Roland Sound canvas and suddenly had the same problem.
Do this:
Under Options/properties..set your "Adjust Volume for" to
Recording. This worked for me. Give that a go and let me know.

rmarottaAuthor Commented:
No change, Smeebud

In that same place, Options, properties...
What is your mixer device set on and what other choices do you have??

rmarottaAuthor Commented:
The only controls that I have in the record option are for the microphone, and cd audio, which is un-selected.  Normaly I view the playback contols:  Playback, Wave, Synth,
rmarottaAuthor Commented:
and CD audio.  None of them matter when ActiveMovie starts a clip.  When you right click on the player for properties, its volume is always at max. when it starts.

Are we talking about C:\WINDOWS\SNDVOL32.EXE ?
Or a SB midi mixer.
Do you have the Activemovie that came with IE??

Need details.
To verify which MPEG audio decoder is being used:

Start ActiveMovie Control and open an MPEG audio file.  Right click,
select Properties and click on the Advanced tab.  If you see an "MPEG
Audio Codec" entry, it is using ActiveMovie's decoder.  If you don't see
this entry (i.e. you only see an "Audio Renderer" entry), it is using the
Mwave decoder.

You can also verify this by renaming your MPEGA.DSP file to something else
and trying to play an MPEG audio file through ActiveMovie Control. If
ActiveMovie is trying to use the Mwave decoder, you will get silence.  If
you rename the file back to MPEGA.DSP, it will work again.
It appears to me that a complete removal and reinstallation is
in order.
rmarottaAuthor Commented:
I have sndvol32.exe in my windows directory.
Activemovie was setup when installing IE4.
I don't know about an MPEG audio file.
The file I've been working with is "Goodtimes" located on my OSR2 CD.
The mixers I'm using, listed at control panel/multimedia/audio properties:
     S3 Audio Playback (6504)
     S3 Record Audio (6504)
Under the advanced tab, at that location, there are 13 (yes,thirteen!) audio compression codecs listed.  What in the world is all that for?
I'll get back to you on the other info as soon as possible.  It will take me a while to check all that stuff.

Codecs are used to play compressed files by
decompressing them in
memory. Adding a specific codec lets you play files compressed in
that file format. Removing and reinstalling a codec may solve
problems playing a particular file type.

MCI devices are drivers that provide Windows 95-based programs
device- independent capabilities for controlling multimedia
hardware and software. Removing and reinstalling MCI devices may
solve problems playing certain files.

Adding All Default Codecs

To add all the default codecs in Windows 95, follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

2. On the Windows Setup tab, click Multimedia, and then click

3. Click the Audio Compression and Video Compression check boxes
to select them, and then click OK.

4. Click OK.

Adding a Specific Codec or MCI Device

To add a specific codec or MCI device, follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Add New Hardware.

2. Click Next, click No, and then click Next.

3. In the Hardware Types box, click Sound, Video, And Game

4. Click a manufacturer in the Manufacturers box and a model in
the Models box, and then click Next.

The following table lists the codecs included with Windows 95:

Manufacturer             Model
DSP Group       TrueSpeech Software Audio Codec

Intel                   Indeo R3.1 Video Codec
Indeo R3.2 Video Codec

Microsoft Audio codecs   ADPCM Audio Codec
CCITT G.711 A-Law and u-Law Audio Codec
GSM 6.10 Audio Codec
IMA ADPCM Audio Codec

Microsoft Video codecs   RLE Video Codec
Video 1 Video Codec

SuperMatch               Cinepak Video Codec

NOTE: Microsoft PCM Converter is installed by default.

For MCI devices, click Microsoft MCI in the Manufacturers box, click
the model you want in the Models box, and then click Next.

The following MCI devices are included with Windows 95:

CD Audio Device
MIDI Sequencer Device
Motion Video Device
PIONEER LaserDisc Device
Wave Audio Device

If the codec or MCI device you want to install is not listed, it was
not installed by Windows 95. If the codec or MCI device was included
with another program, reinstall the program to reinstall the codec or
MCI device. If the codec or MCI device is located on a driver disk,
click Have Disk and specify the location containing the files.

NOTE: Unlike the other MCI devices, the Mixer Device cannot be added
manually. This device can be added only during the installation of a
Windows 95-compatible sound card driver. When it is installing the
driver, if Windows 95 determines that the driver can support the Mixer
Device, it installs the Mixer Device along with the sound card driver.

5. Click the Finish button.

Removing the Default Codecs

To remove the default codecs, follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

2. On the Windows Setup tab, click Multimedia, and then click

3. Click the Audio Compression and Video Compression check boxes
to clear them, and then click OK.

4. Click OK.

The default codecs, with the exception of the Microsoft PCM
converter, are removed. You cannot remove the Microsoft PCM

Removing a Specific Codec or MCI Device

To remove a specific codec or MCI device, follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Multimedia.

2. Click the Advanced tab.

3. To remove an audio codec, double-click Audio Compression
Codecs, double-click the codec you want to remove, and then
click Remove.

4. To remove a video codec, double-click Video Compression
Codecs, double-click the codec you want to remove, and then
click Remove.

5. To remove an MCI device, double-click Media Control Devices,
double- click the device you want to remove, and then click
rmarottaAuthor Commented:
I've tried removing/installing codecs and MCI devices. No luck.
Whatever controls the audio level in Activemovie at startup isn't working properly.  With all the fiddling, I discovered that even if I mute all audio with the playback control's checkbox, then play an MPEG file, there is still audio at full volume.  I wonder how it has the ability to "overide" the master audio control.
I'm sure that there is only one mixer device installed.  The problem must be related to the S3's audio driver.  Everything else on the whole computer works perfectly.  I'm no programmer but apparently, this is a defect in the driver software.(just guessing)  My e-mail to S3 goes unanswered.  But I know they didn't build the card.  I'm going to open this up once more to see if there might be any other suggestions.  Otherwise I guess I'll have to live with it until another driver comes along.  Thanks for all the detailed, informative help.

and more important for soundcard compatability:

Finally take a look at this:  1686328 bytes    RealAudio + MP3 Player

RealAudio + MP3 Player.  Features: FF/REW, ID3 Tag Support, play list,
random, 4 preset + 1 default play list, Repeat Track/Play List, Minimize
to System Tray, FULL VOLUME CONTROL, and many more.  Great for people who
want to listen to both realaudio and MP3, without changing players.  This
program requires ActiveMovie 2.0 and MPEG-1 Layer 3 CODEC, links to where to download these files could be accessed at LS-Software Homepage.

Special requirements: ActiveMovie 2.0 and MPEG-1 Layer 3 CODEC.

Freeware.  Uploaded by the author.

I THINK YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO uninstall and reinstall to resolve.

Please tell me the exact Brand and model of you sound and video card.
I've been to the newsgroup
The reports there for volume problems are as follows.

Uninstall completely IE and with it Activemovie.
Re-install the microsoft DirectX drivers.
Install Ie using a custom setup, not reloading DirectX
Reinstall Activemovie custon setup and don't let it re-load
You must have your DirectX drivers installed 1st before Activemovie.

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rmarottaAuthor Commented:
I hate to leave you hanging with this.  Recently I just haven't had time to un/re-install all over again.  It'll put me off the internet for too long!  Picked up a new modem for my daughter's computer today, and should get a chance tomorrow night to install it.
That will keep me on the 'net in case I need extra time while I do the work on this one.
You asked about exact brand/model of my sound & video cards.
They are "generic" brands as follows:
PCI Video - ART-3DV with S3 VIRGE and 4Mb
PCI Sound - PWA32 wavetable with S3 SonicVibes chip
I just wanted you to know that I'm still around......

Ok, I'm here if you need help.
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