Outlook-organization forms

I'm trying to install outlook forms in an organization as described by Microsoft and it says to "click Forms library, click organization forms" which doesn''t exist.  how do I create/get this folder to show.  I'm running NT4 using MS Outlook 97 installed from Office 97 CD received with new gateway 2000 PC
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seanfAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Sean: Which version of outlook do you have and where did you install it from, Office 97, Office Pro 97 ???
seanfAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Seanf: You have to install the Value Pack from the CD. Rather than trying to edit the entire blurb from Microsoft, I've posted it in its entirety.
The Microsoft Office 97 ValuPack contains components that complement
Microsoft Office 97 and the individual Office programs. Most of the
components can be installed separately with an individual Setup procedure.
You can open some components in an Office program or from the Windows Start
To find the Microsoft Office 97 ValuPack, use the following steps:
1. Insert the Office 97 compact disc into the CD-ROM drive.
2. Start Microsoft Windows Explorer and click the CD-ROM drive (usually
   drive D) to view the files on the Office 97 compact disc.
3. Double-click the Valupack folder to see the files in that folder.
There are many items in the Valupack folder: folders, a Microsoft Power
Point Slide Show file (Overview.pps), and a Help file (Valupk8.hlp).
Double-clicking the Overview.pps file starts a PowerPoint slide show, which
presents an overview of some of the features that are in the ValuPack.
NOTE: If a Warning message about running macros appears, click Enable
Double-clicking Valupk8.hlp opens a Help file that contains information
about each feature and about installing each feature.
The following information is a summary of what is available in the
Additional Help Files
These Help files contain information about how to use Visual Basic with
Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office Binder, Microsoft Graph, or Microsoft
Animated Cursors
The animated cursors add fun visual cues to cursor movements in Word,
Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook. For example, the pointer changes to
an animated envelope when you send mail in Microsoft Outlook. Or the
pointer changes to a printer with printing pages when you print a Microsoft
Word document, a Microsoft Excel workbook, or a Microsoft Outlook item.
Animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) Files
This feature adds animated GIF files from the Animgifs folder to a World
Wide Web page to enhance the design of the page or to draw attention to a
specific piece of information on the page. Animated GIF files are pictures
that are animated only when you view them by using a Web browser, such as
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator.
Avery Wizard
The Avery Wizard is an add-in from Avery Dennison that you can use with
Microsoft Word to easily design and print to your favorite Avery products.
Building Applications with Microsoft Access 97
Building Applications with Microsoft Access 97 is the developer's guide to
creating, managing, and distributing database solutions. Whether you are
new to Microsoft Access or you are an experienced application developer,
you can use this book to build powerful, robust database solutions. This is
the online version of the printed book you receive with Microsoft Access 97
or with Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition. With very few exceptions,
the contents for the online version is the same contents for the printed
version. You can read this book directly from the Office 97 compact disc,
copy it onto a local computer, or share it over an intranet.
To view this book online, you must have a Web browser that supports frames
and style sheets, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0; however, you do
not need to access the Internet. You can get Microsoft Internet Explorer
3.0 from the ValuPack folder on the Microsoft Office 97 or Microsoft Access
97 compact disc or on the network on which Office or Microsoft Access is
Building Applications with Microsoft Access 97 includes the following
   - "Using Forms to Collect, Filter, and Display Information"
   - "Working with Objects and Collections"
   - "Creating Multi-user Applications"
   - "Optimizing Your Application"
   - "Using ActiveX Controls"
   - "Creating Wizards, Builders, and Menu Add-ins"
   - "Developing Client/Server Applications"
   - "Working with the Internet"
Data Access Pack
The Data Access Pack is a Setup program that makes it possible for you to
install any or all of the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers and
built-in drivers (also called IISAMs). You may need these drivers to access
data outside a Microsoft Access or a Microsoft Excel program (for example,
to import Paradox data into a Microsoft Access database).
For additional information about the Data Access Pack, please see the
following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q162714
   TITLE     :OFF97: Files With The Data Access Pack
Internet Help for Microsoft Access
The Webhelp folder (in the Access folder) includes information and
resources to help you use the Internet features of Microsoft Access. These
features include the following:
   - Troubleshooting tips for using Active Server Pages (ASP files)
     with Microsoft Access
   - The Web Browser Control Help file (Lexplore.hlp), which explains
     how to program the Web Browser ActiveX control you receive with
     Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
     You can use this control in Microsoft Access to browse Web pages from
     within a database.
Lotus cc:Mail Information Service
The Lotus cc:Mail information service is a messaging application
programming interface (MAPI) service provider that makes it possible for
you to use Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail client with a cc:Mail post
office. When you install the cc:Mail service provider, and then add the
information service to your user profile, you can exchange mail with other
cc:Mail and Microsoft Outlook users, use cc:Mail bulletin boards, download
the post office address book for working offline, and have all the power of
Microsoft Outlook with your cc:Mail e-mail account.
Microsoft ActiveMovie
Microsoft ActiveMovie is the next generation of digital video technology
for the desktop and the Internet. With ActiveMovie, you can create and
deliver titles on Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation with crisp
synchronized audio, video, and special effects. The ActiveMovie Stream
filter allows you to play audio, illustrated audio, and video in real time
on the Internet and on an intranet. Note that it is not necessary to
download the files.
ActiveMovie capabilities include the following:
   - Internet playback and streaming to quickly and easily play of all
     popular media types on the Internet, including ActiveMovie Streaming
     format with ActiveMovie Stream
   - State-of-the-art MPEG playback for full screen, television-quality
     video on mainstream systems
   - A flexible, extensible, and future-proof architecture for easy
     integration of new technologies, third-party enhancements, and
     real-time special effects
Microsoft Camcorder
You can install and use Microsoft Camcorder to record actions, procedures,
and sounds that you perform on the computer. You can save the recording as
a movie that you can then play in Camcorder, or you can save the movie as a
stand-alone program that you can send to others to play even if they don't
have Camcorder. For example, you can use Camcorder to create a computer
tutorial that you can send to others to use. You can set preferences for
movies that you record, for example, the keys to use to stop recording a
movie, the quality of the sound you record, and whether to display
Camcorder in front of open programs.
Although you cannot run Camcorder under Microsoft Windows NT Workstation,
you can play a movie recorded in Camcorder as a stand-alone program.
For additional information about Microsoft Camcorder, please see the
following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q159561
   TITLE     :OFF97: Description of the Microsoft Camcorder
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
With Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, you can use unique Hypertext Markup
Language (HTML), ActiveX, Java, and plug-ins. Internet Explorer 3.0
provides the best browsing experience and the most technically advanced
development platform for end users, organizations, and content developers.
With innovative Internet conferencing, collaboration, and browser
customization, Internet Explorer 3.0 provides the richest feature set of
any browser while still offering an easy-to-use and personalized Internet
Microsoft Office 97 Sounds
This feature is not available on Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.51 or
Windows NT Server 3.51. The Microsoft Office 97 sounds provided in the
Office 97 ValuPack add fun audio cues to screen elements as you work with
them in any Office 97 program. For example, you can add sounds that are
played when you work with toolbars, scroll bars, and dialog boxes, or
sounds that are played when you send mail or sort information.
Microsoft Office 97 Upgrade Wizard
The Office 97 Upgrade Wizard is a tool that helps you remove earlier
versions of Office (versions 4.0 and 7.0) from the hard disk. The Upgrade
Wizard is integrated into the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program, so it is
not necessary to run the Upgrade Wizard before you install Microsoft Office
97. This stand-alone version of the Upgrade Wizard, which is included in
the Office 97 ValuPack, can be used by system administrators and advanced
users who want to remove earlier versions of Office before or after
installing Microsoft Office 97.
The Upgrade Wizard leads you through the process of removing Office files
and system entries in the Windows registry that are not needed by Office
97. You can run the stand-alone Upgrade Wizard in one of the following
three different phases:
 - Remove files you don't need. In this phase, the Upgrade Wizard
   determines the earlier versions of Office (4.0 and 7.0) that are on
   the computer. It determines whether you still need the files or whether
   they can be removed. If you run this phase after you install Office 97,
   the wizard does not affect your Office 97 installation.
 - Remove old Office components of your choice. In this phase, the
   Upgrade Wizard prompts you to specify the earlier Office (version 4.0
   and 7.0) components you want to remove. You decide which components to
   remove or keep. If you run this phase after you install Office 97, the
   wizard does not affect your Office 97 installation.
 - Remove all earlier versions of Office. In this phase, the Upgrade
   Wizard removes all earlier versions of Office (4.0 and 7.0) that are
   installed on your computer.
When you run the Upgrade Wizard in any phase, the wizard displays a list of
files to removed. You can choose to remove or keep each file, print or save
the list of files to removed, quit the wizard at any time, and start the
wizard again at any time. You are asked to confirm the removal of any
Additionally, the Upgrade Wizard never removes any document, template, or
data file that you created with earlier versions of Office or with Office
Microsoft Office Binder Templates
Microsoft Binder templates save time when you create a binder. The
Meeting.obt (Meeting Organizer) and Proposal.obt (Proposal and Marketing
Plan) templates are on the Office 97 compact disc.
Microsoft Office Far East Support
If your organization is in the Asia, you may receive documents that include
characters from this region. You can install the Asian (Far East) support
files to install a font and code page translation table.
The Asian support files make it possible for you to do the following:
   - Correctly display Asian characters in documents created in the Asian
     version of Office 97. Without the Far East font, the characters
     appear as block characters.
   - Convert and view documents from Asian versions of Office 7.0. Without
     the Asian support files, Far East characters are lost.
   - Convert and view HTML documents in Office 97 programs and in
     Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.
   - Correctly interpret file properties from documents created in the
     Asian version of Office 97. For example, if a document created in the
     Asian version of Word is opened in the United States version of Word,
     and then Properties is clicked on the File menu, the Properties dialog
     box is blank unless you install the appropriate language support file.
The Asian support files work if you use Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT
Workstation 3.51, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0.
The FarEast folder contains four files that provide support for four
different languages.
For more information about installing the Far East support files, please
see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE ID: Q159471
   TITLE: WD97: How to Install the Far East Support Files
Microsoft Office Templates, Forms, and Wizards
To help you create great looking Microsoft Office documents and Microsoft
Outlook items, install and use Microsoft Word templates, forms, and
wizards, Microsoft Excel templates, PowerPoint templates, and Outlook
templates and forms.
The forms, templates, and wizards that are available are listed as follows.
Word folder (Word templates and wizards):
   Agenda.wiz                            Pur_uk.dot (Purchase Order)
   Brochure.dot                          Inv_uk.dot (Invoice)
   Purchord.dot (Purchase Order)         Calendar.wiz
   Invoice.dot                           Thesis.dot (Thesis)
   Contprel.dot (Press Release)          Manual.dot
   Time_aus.dot (Weekly Time Sheet)      Directry.dot
   Profprel.dot (Press Release)          Time_uk.dot (Weekly Time Sheet)
   Elegprel.dot (Press Release)          Pur_aus.dot (Purchase Order)
   Weektime.dot (Weekly Time Sheet)      Inv_aus.dot (Invoice)
   For additional information about the Word Templates, please see the
   following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
      ARTICLE-ID: Q155945
      TITLE     : WD97:Additional Word Templates Available in ValuPack
Microsoft Excel folder (Microsoft Spreadsheet Solutions from Village
   Budget.xlt (Personal Budgeter)        Planner.xlt (Business Planner)
   Crtrack.xlt (Change Request)          Quote.xlt (Sales Quote)
   Leasing.xlt (Car Lease Advisor)       Timecrd.xlt (Timecard)
   Loan.xlt (Loan Manager)
   NOTE: The Help file (Vstmplt.hlp) is shared by all the spreadsheet
   solutions and must be placed in the Microsoft Office folder or in the
   Office folder. Each spreadsheet solution has a custom toolbar that
   includes a Help button. Use this button to find out more about using
   each individual solution.
Designs folder (PowerPoint templates):
   Arrows.pot      Comet.pot        Rules.pot
   Azure.pot       Dbllines.pot     Sidefade.pot
   Bedrock.pot     Embossed.pot     Soaring.pot
   Bevel.pot       Gavel.pot        Sparkle.pot
   Bluediag.pot    Intl.pot         Strategic.pot
   Bluegren.pot    Linepapr.pot     Tablet.pot
   Bluemoon.pot    Linesblu.pot     Tatami.pot
   Blueweav.pot    Locknkey.pot     Theater.pot
   Brnmrbl.pot     Metlbar.pot      Tricolor.pot
   Brownbag.pot    Mountain.pot     Tridots.pot
   Buttons.pot     Multbar.pot      Tropical.pot
   Clipbord.pot    Numbers.pot      Twinkles.pot
   Coins.pot       Quill.pot        Wetsand.pot
   Colorbox.pot    Risk.pot
Outlook Folder (Outlook forms and templates):
   Classified Ads (form)       Training Management (form)
   Note.oft (template)         Vacation Request (form)
   Journal.oft (template)      While You Were Out (form)
   Sales Tracking (form)
NOTE: These files are available after you run the Setup program
Microsoft Outlook Import and Export Converters
These converters are used to import information from Symantec ACT! 2.0;
NetManage ECCO Pro 3.0, 3.01, or 3.02; and Starfish SideKick 1.0/95; and to
import or export Outlook journal entries, notes, or mail messages.
Microsoft PowerPoint Custom Soundtrack
Microsoft PowerPoint Custom Soundtrack is an add-in you can use with
PowerPoint 97 to add a custom soundtrack to a presentation. The Custom
Soundtrack also provides many styles and themes to complement the tone of a
presentation. Playing the custom soundtrack requires only that PowerPoint
be installed and does not require the Custom Soundtrack add-in.
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer for Windows is used to view PowerPoint
electronic slide shows if Microsoft PowerPoint is not installed. PowerPoint
Viewer runs under Windows 3.1 and later, Windows NT Workstation 3.5 and
later, and Windows 95. Viewer makes it possible for you to view PowerPoint
files created and saved in PowerPoint, versions 2.0 through 4.0 for
Windows, PowerPoint 7.0, or PowerPoint, version 3.0 through 4.0 for the
Macintosh. The Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer Setup program makes it possible
for you to install the PowerPoint Viewer and the Translator to open
PowerPoint 7.0 files in PowerPoint 4.0.
Microsoft "Publish to ActiveMovie Stream" Format
The Microsoft Publish to ActiveMovie Stream Format (ASF) is a tool used to
publish audio-visual PowerPoint presentations on the Internet or on an
intranet. Publish to ASF makes it possible for you to compress a
presentation and stream it across a network to play it. Publish to ASF
prepares a PowerPoint presentation for streaming by:
   - Converting PowerPoint slides to JPEG images.
   - Repackaging the JPEG images and associated .wav files into the .asf
     file format.
Publish to ASF contains the following features:
   - An easy-to-use wizard that guides you through the process of
     creating a multimedia streaming file and publishing it on the
   - Preconfigured or customizable bandwidth, image compression, and
     audio compression settings.
   - A record of each slide, the length of its associated audio
     segment, and the number of seconds needed for each image to
   - The ability to test the presentation, rebuild it, and adjust the
     audio and video compression values if necessary.
Microsoft Publisher Trial Version
The Microsoft Publisher trial version is a fully functional, time-limited
version of Microsoft Publisher 97. In the trial version, you can do
anything that you can do with the fully functional version of Microsoft
Publisher 97. You can use the Publisher trial version for 60 days. After 60
days, a message appears, and the program does not start.
Microsoft TrueType Fonts
There are up to 150 additional TrueType fonts that you can install to help
you create, view, and print great looking documents. You can view a sample
of each available font to help you choose the font you want to install.
Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard
The Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard makes it easy to publish Web pages on
the Internet. This wizard automates the process of copying files from your
computer to the Web server. You can use the Web Publishing Wizard to
publish Web pages to local Internet service providers, Microsoft Internet
Information Server, CompuServe, Sprynet, America Online, GNN, and intranet
servers on your Local Area Network. To use the Web Publishing Wizard, you
must use an English version of Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0.
Microsoft Word 97 Converter
The Microsoft Word 97 converter (Wrd97cnv.exe) allows Microsoft Word 7.0 or
Microsoft Word 6.0 to open documents created in Microsoft Word 97.
For more information about obtaining the Microsoft Word 97 import converter
for Word 6.0 and 7.0, please see the following article in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE ID: Q162214
   TITLE: WD: How to Obtain the Word 97 Converter
Microsoft Word Viewer
Microsoft Word Viewer is a program you can distribute that makes it
possible for you to view and print Microsoft Word documents without using
the Microsoft Word program. People who don't have Word can use Microsoft
Word Viewer 7.1 for Windows 95 to view and print documents created in Rich
Text Format (.rtf), Word 7.0, Word versions 2.0 and 6.0 for Windows, Word
4.0 and 5.0 for the Macintosh. You can also use the viewer to view and
print text files. You can distribute the Word Viewer with your Word
documents to anyone who has Windows 95.
For more information about obtaining Microsoft Word Viewer 97, please see
the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE ID: Q166636
   TITLE: WD97: Frequently Asked Questions About Word Viewer 97
Presentation and World Wide Web Page Textures
You can use JPEG files, which are in the Textures folder, in a Web page to
enhance the background on the page with a texture or image. The following
files are available in the Textures folder.
   Description                File
   Cotton Candy               Cottcndy.jpg
   Green Stone                Grnstone.jpg
   Pink Granite               Pinkgram.jpg
   Scale                      Scale.jpg
   Soapstone                  Soapston.jpg
   Bluish Marble (dark)       Blumrbld.jpg
   Bluish Marble (light)      Blumrbll.jpg
   Clouds (dark)              Cldskyd.jpg
   Clouds (light)             Cldskyl.jpg
   Liquid Metal (dark)        Liqmetld.jpg
   Liquid Metal (light)       Liqmetll.jpg
   Parchment (dark)           Parchmtd.jpg
   Parchment (light)          Parchmtl.jpg
   Sandstone (dark)           Sandstnd.jpg
   Sandstone (light)          Sandstnl.jpg
Software Patches
The following software patches are available in the Patch folder on the
Office 97 CD-ROM.
Microsoft Plus! Themes Patch:
   The Themes switcher installed with Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 is not
   compatible with the new JPEG graphics filter installed with Office 97.
   If you previously installed Themes from the Plus! Pack for Windows 95,
   and you installed the JPEG graphics filter with Office 97, you must
   perform this upgrade for the existing Themes program.
Microsoft Works 4.0a Patch:
   After you install Office 97, the default file extension for saving files
   in Microsoft Works 4.0a is the HTML format (the .htm file format).
   For more information, please see the following article in the Microsoft
   Knowledge Base:
      ARTICLE ID: Q156312
      TITLE: OFF97: Page Fault After Using Desktop Themes Control Panel
Microsoft Outlook Inbox Icon Patch:
   This patch is used to replace the Microsoft Exchange Inbox icon on the
   Windows desktop with an Outlook icon.
For more information, please see the following article in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE ID: Q160297
   TITLE: OL97: How to Change Inbox Icon to Start Microsoft Outlook 97
Timex Data Link Watch Wizard
The Timex Data Link Watch produced by Timex Corporation receives
information exported from Outlook. It is used in Outlook to make it easy to
export any of the following to the watch: appointments, tasks, phone
numbers, anniversaries, birthdays, reminders, and current time and time
zone information.
For more information, please see the following article in the Microsoft
Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE ID: Q157764
   TITLE: OFF97: Timex Wizard Setup Fails Under Windows NT
Changes to the ValuPack in Microsoft Office SR-1
The ValuPack included with Office SR-1 contains several items that were not
included in the original release of the ValuPack. Several of the ValuPack
items have been updated, and one item has been removed from the original
New ValuPack Items
Distributed COM (DCOM) for Windows 95
The COM/DCOM security model enables the creation of secure distributed
applications. COM security can be applied to both existing (legacy) COM
components via external configuration as well as new COM code via the COM
security APIs and interfaces.
For additional information about DCOM, please see the following articles in
the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q174024
   TITLE     : INFO: DCOM95 Frequently Asked Questions
   ARTICLE-ID: Q158508
   TITLE     : INFO: COM Security Frequently Asked Questions
   ARTICLE-ID: Q165101
   TITLE     : HOWTO: Use Win95 as a DCOM Server
For the latest information on Distributed COM for Windows 95, visit the OLE
Development web page at http://www.microsoft.com/oledev/.
NOTE: Because the Microsoft Web site is constantly updated, the site
address may change without notice. If this occurs, link to the Microsoft
home page at the following address:
Kodak FlashPix/Microsoft Picture It! 1.0 Graphic Import Filter
Use this graphics filter to import pictures from Kodak FlashPix and
Microsoft Picture It! to Office documents. After you install the filter,
the extensions FlashPix (*.fpx) and Microsoft Picture It! (*.mix) appear in
the file of type list in the Insert Picture dialog box.
Microsoft Excel Viewer
Microsoft Excel Viewer 97 is a small program you can freely distribute that
makes it possible for you to share Microsoft Excel files with people who
don't have Microsoft Excel. You can use Microsoft Excel Viewer to open,
view, filter by using AutoFilter, and print Microsoft Excel files.
Microsoft encourages you to copy and distribute Microsoft Excel Viewer
along with your Microsoft Excel workbooks. You cannot edit or save an open
workbook in Microsoft Excel Viewer. Similarly, you can't create new
workbooks in Microsoft Excel Viewer you'll need Microsoft Excel to do these
Microsoft Office 97 Developer Edition Service Pack 2
If you have installed Office 97 Developer Edition and if you have either
installed the updated ODBC 3.0 Driver Manager or Windows NT 4.0 Service
Pack 3 (which automatically installs the updated ODBC 3.0 Driver Manager),
you must also install Office 97 Developer Edition Service Pack 2 to
maintain the Setup Wizard.
Updated ODBC 3.0 Driver Manager
ODBC 3.0 Driver Manager has been updated with enhanced security. You can
now prevent the connect string used to connect to a data source from being
passed to the built-in Trace utility, thereby preventing passwords and
other connection information from being inadvertently stored on a user's
hard disk.
Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard
The Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard is a client/server messaging manager
that allows users to manage their e-mail communication through defined
inbox rules. Rules are user-defined instructions for performing actions on
incoming and outgoing messages that are usually based on a set of
conditions. Rules are particularly helpful if the user receives a high
volume of e-mail, although users at any level can benefit from the
organizational and information-management value. For example, users can
categorize all incoming mail messages with the word "Internet" in the
subject line, or automatically store a copy of each message they send to
their managers.
Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Translator for PowerPoint 4.0
The Microsoft PowerPoint 97 Translator for PowerPoint 4.0 allows users of
PowerPoint 4.0 to open presentations saved in PowerPoint 97 format. Once
you've installed the translator, PowerPoint 4.0 will automatically
recognize and open PowerPoint 97 presentations. This translator provides an
easy way for PowerPoint 4.0 users to view PowerPoint 97.
Snapshot Viewer
Use Snapshot Viewer to view, print, and electronically mail a report
snapshot file (.snp extension). A report snapshot file contains a high-
fidelity copy of each page of a Microsoft Access report, and preserves the
two-dimensional layout, graphics, and other embedded objects of the report.
Use Microsoft Access 97 Service Release 1 (SR-1) to create a report
snapshot. You can also view, print, store, publish, distribute, and archive
a report snapshot without having Microsoft Access by using Snapshot Viewer
with other programs such as an electronic mail program, Windows Explorer,
or a Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.


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