What do I need???

I'm runnning RedHat 5.0 and my /etc/rc.d/rc3.d directory looks like this:

K08autofs@      S01kerneld@     S40crond@       S55sshd@        S85gpm@
K20bootparamd@  S10network@     S40portmap@     S60lpd@         S91smb@
K80random@      S30syslog@      S40snmpd@       S75keytable@    S99local@
K95nfsfs@       S40atd@         S50inet@        S80sendmail@

Now I wounder which of those I need.

The files I'm not sure if I need is bootparamd random nfsfs portmap snmpd and autofs.

Can someone tell me what those files are doing??
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I.g. you need them all to run unix (linux) with init-state 3.
Look at the files what they are doing, they are sh scripts.
puckoAuthor Commented:
I was woundering what they are doing.... (I know that they are shellscripts. but I don't understand them...)

It looks like that I don't nead autofs if   I don't like to NFS mount something? Is that rigt? Can I use autofs to smbmount somtihng?

I dont now what the following files are doing.....:


And if I don't know what they are doing I can't know if I need those....
bootparamd - needed if you want to be a boot server. Most people
don't need it. On the other hand, you only have a K file, not a S file. That means bootparamd is stopped, not started in runlevel 3.
random - initializes a random number generator. It does not start
another daemon.
nfsfs - mounts all NFS filesystems. Does not start a daemon either. Not necessary if you don't use NFS, but won't harm either
(It'll just do nothing then).
portmap - starts portmapper; needed for RPC, e.g. NFS
snmpd - starts a SNMP daemon. Useful for network monitoring
(with tools like HP OpenView, CA Unicenter and others). Pretty
much useless for mere mortals, IMHO. On the other hand, if you don't need it, you can just rpm -e cmu-snmp.
autofs - Can be used to mount any filesystem, including NFS, SMB,
CDROM, floppy etc. Just use "-fstype". man 5 autofs for some examples.

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puckoAuthor Commented:

puckoAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot to grade the answer....
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