Installing new win95 over an upgrade install

Have a machine which I installed the upgrade win95 on from win3.1
I now have the full B cd version which when placed in the cd drive tells me I am running an old version, would I like
to upgrade. When I say yes, it goes though until it gives
an error - this system has an operating system installed,
please use upgrade instead.
Is there a way of removing the previous op system (dos/win3) to allow the full version to install or am I facing a total
install with trashing of my apps ?
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Safe Method To Re-Install 95 and Save Vital Files X:\setup /d /p f
Where X is your CD drive letter
This will cause windows 95 to re-examine your setup.
This will clean, read and rewrite your Win.ini and System.ini,
without over-writing your updated dll's vxd's extensions.
f - This switch enables Clean Registry mode. It forces Detection
to clean and correct the root branch of the registry before starting.
This switch is ignored when Setup is run in the Windows 95
graphical user interface (GUI).
When setup prompts you for "Typical or Custom Setup", choose Custom.
This allows you to have control over every step of the setup.
This will do a compare and replace missing or corrupted files and
will take you back where you were before the error.

Please make a backup copy of registry before proceeding just to be sure...


ZombiteAuthor Commented:
Warning SU0168
Your computer already has an operating system installed, which can not be upgraded by this version of Setup. Please obtain the Windows 95 upgrade.

Same result with the suggested switches.
I did not realized your question at first. You have Win95 installed over 3.1 and you wish to upgrade it to Win95b?

There are two problems:

1. To use Win95 one of most usefull features FAT32 you need to fdisk! there was a util to convert FAT16 to FAT32 for a short time but MS withdraw it as it was very buggy.

2. Win95 regular and Win95OSR2 use completely different VXD structure, so it would be impossible to upgrade.
From Microsoft Knowledge Base:

If you install the retail version of Windows 95 (version 950) on a computer that already has Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (OSR2) installed, Windows 95 may not start.
The core components of the retail version of Windows 95 and OSR2 are not compatible.
Reinstall OSR2 from a command prompt into the current Windows folder or into an empty folder. Note that if you reinstall OSR2 into an empty folder, you will have to reinstall all your programs.

Sorry, looks like you'll have to use fresh install. (my recomended)
There is one possible solution (I wouldn't recomend it):

Get a program called CleanSweep. It has a feature to transfer programs to a different drive, it just might work if you would specify your OSR windows drive as drive to move app.
You would need a fresh partition for clean OSR2 install adn much pation.. even than I'm not sure in success.

I recomend backuping your essential work and fdisk and format your drives. OSR has many improoved functions over regular W95 so it is a good solution.



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Zombite, would you like a method of doing this?

is it
Reinstall OSR2 from a command prompt into the current Windows folder or into an empty folder. Note that if you reinstall OSR2 into an empty folder, you will have to reinstall all your programs. "

Or you have a better idea.. I'm interested too... that's a god thing to know, even as I wouldn't recomend anybody reinstalling Windows one verison over another...there's enough problems already.. besides, it is a good idea to clean system direcories from all those unused files once in a while...


ZombiteAuthor Commented:
After much searching...
The method that worked in the end - except for one small problem
Go to the windows directory and rename
Run setup from the CD as per usual.
It installs and seems to be ok.
The only problem I have is I can no longer exit to comand
prompt. But this may be due to some of the other fiddles I was trying.
Denis, thanks for the help.
That's okay, Damir needs the points!
Thnx Dennis, but it seems a bit unfair..looks like Zombite solved his problem himself so I think he should get his points back...
Can I do that? (yes I don't have much points but I hope to earn them, not to receive them for something I haven't done..)

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