Cubasis Audio & AWE GOLD problems

I've got cubasis audio (bundled with my AWE 64 Gold) and midi is ok, but every time i want to use audio files, this message appears: 'Playback Failed. The audio system does not seem to respond'. I havent any other audio apps running... What can i do? Same for Cubase VST. Audio init impossible.
Uh... and Cool edit Pro sounds so dirty when recording full duplex.
I use Pentium 150 32 mb and 95 OSR2. Please HELP!
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Do you have SET BLASTER in AUTOEXEC.BAT ? If yes, all values right ?
Setting blaster in autoexec should not work, as cubasic is a win95 app. Try re-installing your drivers that came with the AWE64. Or you can either,
1. Right click on volume controls in your taskbar and select "Adjust Audio Properties."
2. Change the preferred recording device to CD Quality.
3. Change the drop down boxes till your Sound Card is displayed.
plokiAuthor Commented:
I have a bad news for you :(
Micro$oft said that AWE64 drivers are not compatible with OSR2.
They OK until 4.000.950a build (OSR1) but OSR2 have different VxD
structure. So you need to check for OSR2-compatible
AWE drivers, or drop down to plain Win95 (that you certainly don't
want to do :)

Anyway, from Dec 18, 1997 Creative have drivers update:

    File Date:
    File Size:
              310,325 bytes
              Full Duplex Sound Blaster 16/SB32/AWE32/AWE64 Driver Updates for Win95
              SDR-95UPD-1-US (Revision 12)

              This driver updates improves DirectX and Full Duplex performance. Users are
              encouraged to update to this version.

              Please refer to README.TXT for installation details.

              Included Drivers:
              SB16.VXD v4.38.6
              SB16SND.DRV v4.38.1
              SBAWE32.DRV v4.33.1
              SBAWE.VXD v4.33.4

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I got the SAME PROBLEM with my PC when I installed everything in the bundle.
I cannot explain what it happens, but I know the following 3 things:

 1. the sw on the cd-rom acts on low-level by itself skipping
    the OS settings: simply it reproduces what the OS does in a
    ( better ) way.
    But YOU DO NOT NEED IT to run the AWE.
    Simply install the drivers ONLY and everything will WORK....

 2. is a big word
    The Cubasis shipped with the AWE is a 16-bit SW, so it is
    not designed for your 32-bit OS.
    I do not know OS2 but in the Windows world, a 16-bit sw run
    under Winodws 95/98 have a different cache settings, the sw
    is slowest than a similar one designed for 32-bit and so on.
    I tried it on my PC and I could really not use it for audio
    Now I use the Cubasis VST 3.5 and it is a completely
    different world.

 3. Maybe I do not know enough about OS2 system but I feel that
    your HW configuration is still not enought to try some hard
    disk recording.
    I have a 350 MHz CPU, IBM Hard Disk 7200 RPM in Ultra DMA33,
    128 MB RAM, AWE64 Gold, Matrox Video Ram with 8 MB
    and....still I feel my system is just on the limit to be
    able to record at least 8 audio tracks in sync with some
    more MIDI tracks.
    I say so because if I did not set the audio vs. MIDI
    priority level to High ( i.e. audio have highest priority )
    I experienced some ugly delay in audio tracks.
    ( This setting is found in the Cubasis VST 3.5 ).
    After the setting, everything seems ok.

For more info, I suggest you to look inside pages covering the MIDI card installation on various system.
There are a lot on the web.

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