Lexmark printer driver download

After downloading a upgraded driver for a Lexmark EcecJet IIc 4076 it tells me to unpack and then run the RUNME.BAT
program to create a "setup diskette".  Maybe if you look at
the Lexmark update page you will know what I'm talking about.  I don't know how to do what they are trying to tell
me to do.  Can you explain it in terms that I may understand.  They don't give any help as how to accomplish the set-up disk creation.  I need a little help.  Thanks for any help.  I'm no expert!!     Jim
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The file you were asked to dowload is:
Which is a self executable file.

so here it is in easy steps:

1) Download that file into any emty directory on your local hard drive. (or create a new directory)
2) Double click on that file
3) It will exapnd to many files.
Here they are just to double check them:

Then proceed with following (it's part of the content of readme.1st)


1.  Before installing the driver, connect your ExecJet IIc to your computer as directed in your User's Guide.  Power on the printer and install the color cartridge.  After you start Windows 95, you will see a screen with the following information:

New Hardware Found
ExecJet 4076 II

Note:  If you do not see a screen entitled "New Hardware Found", skip the rest of this section and go to the next section labeled PART 2.

2. Choose "Driver from disk provided by hardware manufacturer" and click OK.
3. Insert the diskette provided by Lexmark into your diskette drive when prompted or enter the directory on your hard file where the driver files are located.
4. Follow the instructions on the next screens to complete the installation of your printer. When you see the printer name displayed, click "Next>", and continue through the screens.  You may choose to print a Test Page  with information about this driver if you like.
5. Windows 95 will copy the driver files to your system and then print the test page if you have selected that option.  The driver installation is now complete.  You should see the Lexmark 4076 ColorFine icon in your Printer folder.  Right click this icon and select "properties" to change any settings in your driver.  You do not need to continue to the section labeled PART 2.

Notes:  If your test page doesn't print correctly, check the front panel of your printer.  If the ink low and busy lights are flashing, this could be an indication that you need to change your print cartridge.  After checking your cartridge, retry the test page.

If you see the New Hardware screen that is described above more than once, click "Do not install a driver (Windows will not prompt you again)", then click OK.

Complete this procedure only if you did not complete the installation in PART 1 above.
1.  Click START.
2.  Choose "Settings", then "Printers".
3.  Double-click "Add Printer".
4.  Follow the instructions on the next screens to complete the
 installation of your printer.  Click "Have Disk" and insert a
diskette with this driver or point to the driver's location on your hard disk when prompted.  When you see the printer name displayed, click "Next>", and continue through the screens.  If you want to print a test page, make sure your printer is powered on and a color print cartridge is installed.
5.  Windows 95 will copy the driver files to your system and then print the test page if you have selected that option.  The driver
installation is now complete.  You should see the Lexmark 4076
ColorFine icon in your Printer folder.  Right-click this icon and
select "Properties" to change any settings in your driver.

Note: If you see a 'New Hardware Found' screen when you restart Windows 95, click "Do not install a driver (Windows will not prompt you again)", then click OK.

Hope this helped or ask for more

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Sorry forgot to post the file names (after expanding the exe file):

            Filename                Description
            ------------            ------------------
            LICENSE.TXT         End User License Agreement
            AVEXTRA.TXT         License Agreement Pop-up
            LXLXEJ.DRV          Driver File
            LXJNLLIB.DL_        Driver File
            LXRASTER.DL_        Driver File
            LXRSRC.DL_          Driver File
            LXLXEJLN.DL_        Driver File
            LXSPLMGR.EX_        ColorFine Spool Manager
            LXDSPL.EX_          Despooler
            LXIMAGE.BM_         .BMP for Image Settings Tab
            LXHELP.HL_          Help File
            SWCTRL.DL_          Driver Control File
            OEMSETUP.INF        Windows Setup File


You're right that's why I posted all the file names for him to double check where he got that Runme.bat file

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Hi Jim!

I suspect that you have one of the following two files, not the one Magigraf pointed out above:


4076CDD!.EXE is drivers disk version 4.02

76DSXXDE.EXE is the drivers setup disk file

and the file that Mag noted is the PCL driver for 3.1/3.11 and/or Windows 95.

Was the file you downloaded something you went searching for or something that Lexmark support suggested you download?

I haven't done anything with your answers yet.  Dew asked where
I got the RUNME.BAT from.  It came from Lexmark at:  http://drivers.lexmark.com/drivers.nsf/pr...E1A4A8C2C885852560
EA005F02A0?Open Document.  This came from Lexmark Software Repository.  To the right of the File Name 76DSXXDE.EXE it has a discription and that is where I got that I had to run the RUNNME.BAT program.  Maybe if you look at that URL you will find what I did.  Will that change the answers you sent?  The drivers I downloaded were 76DSXXDE.EXE and 4076CDDI.EXE and this discription (instructions) applied to both.  What should I do?
Seems like things should be a little easier.  Self extracting
is new to me.  The way it sounds to me is I need to make a floppy
or two in order to install the update drivers.  Am I right.?  
Thanks for the help and I will wait for you to find the URL and
read what I did about RUNME.BAT.  Thanks again,  Jim
PS:  The file mentioned by Magigraf and Eban was not looked at.
I already have the printer installed but was just trying to update the drivers.  The driver version I have In is 3.10 on a
Lexmark 4076 Color Fine.  This printer also shows up as a
IBM ExecJet IIc but it will not work with the drivers I have installed.  I cannot get it to print a test page if this printer is selected.  I can only use it when Lexmark 4076 Color Fine is selected.  I have three floppies with the printer:  
1.  Lexmark ExecJet IIc Color Fine Windows Driver
2.  "                             "Driver Disk 1 (Win & DOS)
3.  "                             "Program Dsk (Setup & Toolkit)
Maybe I should start from scratch???    Thanks
jmfriesAuthor Commented:
Jim: Since you have downloaded the file that Magigraf notes above, put it into a clean folder on your hard drive with nothing else in it. Once downloaded, then use either Find Files and Folders or Windows Explorer to locate the file and then click on it and it will extract itself into several smaller files. Transfer these smaller files to a floppy.

Next, click the My Computer icon and then click the Printers folder. Click once on your printers icon to highlight it and then "Right" click on it to open the details. Click on Properties, then click the Details Tab at the top and then click the New Driver button. Follow the instructions to load the driver.

Since you accepted Magigraf's proposed answer and then asked me the questions, I'm not sure who you were allocating the points on this question to. If they were intended for Magigraf, than no change is necessary. If they were intended for me, then you will need to email Linda@experts-exchange.com and ask her to correct the point assignment.

Did you get my last comment about "RUNME". If you didn't, here
it is.  I thought I hit SUBMIT but maybe not.  Thanks,  Jim
jmfriesAuthor Commented:

Sorry for not being able to comme sooner than that.  I don't know if you heard the new but in Montreal Canada where I live we have been without electricity for the past 72 hours (Freezing rain iced evrything).  It was a nightmare for my business too.

Anyway, the file I mentioned up there is the CORRECT file for your printer, you should install it safely as I gave you the instructions.

If you have more questions please do ask.
magigraf, sorry to hear about the bad weather.  Its snowing and
blowing here today.  I have not downloaded the driver you mentioned above.  I mentioned the 2 I did download and told you
guys where I found that "RUNME" at.  Maybe that is not required for that driver.  I guess if you read my last message as to what I have downloaded,  you could tell me if I even need them 2 or should I just use the 1 you mentioned.  This seems to be getting a little bit out of whack and I still don't seem to have a very
good answer as to which drivers or how to install with that
"RUNME" file.  Maybe we should start all over.  Hope you get warm and the lights stay on.  Still ned the help about what drivers to install.  Snow and cold in ILL.    Thanks, Jim

jmfriesAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your cheerful words, they have just declare a state of emergency in Montreal Canada. Called in the Army forces, engineers from the States to help.

Any way let's get down to business WHILE I CAN...???
Yes use only the files i Asked you to download.
Follow the instructions I posted or open the readme file and do exactly as they say.

This should do it.  Forget the runme file for now.

Thanks for being patient with me here.
I have lost many days in my business and my loyalty to the EE site.
I hope to be able to catch up.

Let me know how did it go, if you need more help just ask don't worry. I want to make sure you are up and running fine.


magigraf,  sorry to hear the weather is still so bad.  Hope things get better real soon.  I will download the driver you said
that would be all I needed and go from there.  If things don't work I will get back with you.  Thanks for all the help.  The good Lord will see all you folks through your tough times.  Til later, God bless you all,  Jim
jmfriesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your kind words and prayer.  We are all hoping to go through safe and sound.
We are now getting power ON/OFF, this is how I can post that message.  Take care yourself, and will wait to hear from you.
magigraf, Hope this finds you in better shape than last time.  I
thought I'd leave you alone so you could get your things back in
shape and take a little break.  I have a disk with the files you mentioned except for a couple of them. The 2 Licence and the 1 OEM files are not on my disk.  Are they really needed?  I am using the Drive disk 1 as mentioned way up the page.  If I use the ExecJet IIc, it loads as another printer but will not work as
such when set to default.  The Tool kit disk I loaded, but don't
know what it is all about.  It is loaded to DOS and I hate any part of that.  So I guess I will just stay where I'm at with the
1.1.6 as 4076 ColorFine unless you think any of the other drivers
would have any benefit.  I guess we can close this matter and worry about other problems.   If you agree, thanks for the help
and hope you are back in full swing.  I know you all had a real tough time of it for awhile but the Lord works in mysterious ways.  He has the "big plan" for us all. Thanks and God bless, Jim

jmfriesAuthor Commented:

Thanks again for your conforting words.  It's a pleasure to hear from people like yourself.

Could you tell me what files are missing?? how did you find out they are missing?? did the installation asked for these files??

Please update me, as I want to continue helping you, no natter what it takes.

magig:  I have 3 disk with the printer. The one we are talking about has a driver name of (lxlxej.drv), the version is 3.10 and it loads under the Printer Name (Lexmark 4076 ColorFine).  The disk I have from the company has all the files you mentioned earlier in this transaction EXCEPT these 3:  LICENSE.TXT (End user agreement), AVEXTRA.TXT  (License agreement Pop-up), OEMSETUP.INF (Windows setup file).  I got this information when I ran the "print test page"  Do I need these 3 files?  If I do, I will have to make a disk in order to get them.  I also received 2 other disks, 1 for a tool-kit setup(DOS) and 1 for ExecJetIIc.
The ExecJetIIc will load as a printer but the printer will not work when this printer is set as default.  The instructions I have are not clear as to which disks I should use but the 1 for
the Lexmark 4076 ColorFine seems to get the job done.  I guess the only question is, do I need the 3 file for the 4076 ColorFine and if I had them what would I gain??   Some of the versions on the factory disk files are: (2ea) 1.1.6 (lxlxej.drv and lxlxejln.dll), (1ea) 2.1 (swctrl.dll), (5ea)1.1.1 (lxsplmgr.exe,  lxdspl.exe,  lxraster.dll,  lxjnllib.dll,  lxrsrc.dll and the other 2 have no ver. # (2ea) lximage.bmp and
lxhelp.hlp). There is a total of 10 files listed.  I don't have the 3 mentioned earlier.  What do ya think?  Keep what I have or download the driver as you did to get the other 3 files?  What would I gain?  This has gone so long it's hard to keep track.  See what you think and let me know when you get a chance.  It works like it is, so if there is nothing to gain we can consider
the matter closed.  Once again, thanks and the best of luck to you and yours.  Take care,  Jim

jmfriesAuthor Commented:

As you said the 3 files (2 of them are text, the third is an INF)
In my humble opinion you don't need them at ALL.
An Inf is like a batch file in dos, to tell windows what configuration need to be set and what line to add, and so on.

There is NO GAIN with these 3 files as the most important drivers are already installed with the files I sent you to get from their site.

As far as DOS is concerned, you SHOULDN'T install the disk you received. Install it ONLY if you need any DOS programs to use that printer, or else refrain from doing so.

Color guide is an add on utility to enhance your printer I guess.  I use mostly Hewlett Packard ptrinter which have the color smart built in their drivers.

If you think you need it yes, no problem here, again make sure you have the latest version, as the definition in the drivers sometimes gets updated.

Let me know, it fou need more info.
magigraf:  Thanks for the info. I will do just what you said. The
only thing is, I already installed the DOS disk.  What does it take to remove it or doesen't it make any difference?  If it should be removed, let me know and I will need help getting it out because I don't know anything about DOS.  Will removing the printer and then reinstall get the job done?  Thanks,  Jim
jmfriesAuthor Commented:

It's O.K. just don't bother with it.
The dos printer directory will stay there, it's not taking much of hard disk space (approx. max 1.2Mg), so just forget it's there.

Removing the printer drivers will NOT TAKE the dos drivers out.
Take care, and remember, I'm always here to help.
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