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Posted on 1998-01-06
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
Dear Friends,

I created a form which has multiple selection boxes.  When
you select data from one selection box, it updates others
boxes.  The problem comes in in the PC platform; when you the boxes which got updated do not resize.  They keep the initial size as first loaded.  Because I'm using mutiple frames for some other purposes, I can NOT using history.go(0) or reload() functions to repaint the page.  

Do you have any surgestion how to solve this problem?
I'm using Netscape 3.x, 4.x by away...

Thanks for you help...
Question by:hkd

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Have you tried history.go(0), I'm sure this
is only redraw windows, but do not reload frameset.
As I remember, Netscape server download area document
implements exactly this function to redraw
form in frameset.

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the problem with history.go(0) was:  I created a active frame and
a hidden frame.  After user fill out the form in active frame, he/she clicks on submit button and it submits to the hidden frame.  the hidden frame then calls my cgi to update data and using hidden frame to update new data to active frame.  After data has been updated in the active frame, I have to redraw the frame by calling history.go(0).  Yes the history.go(0) did redraw the page, but the new data that hidden frame updated in javascript objects didnot get updated.  Only javascript objects in the form property got updated.

Any idea why?  

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"but the new data
that hidden frame updated in javascript objects didnot get updated. Only javascript objects in the
form property got updated. "

What objects you mean?
Well, suppose your page CREATE some objects
while loading.
It will RECREATE it while RELOADING.
In this way, what values/variables it will use to recreate
this objects? Ones, you have build in script texts?
You will have old objects....

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to consider:

as far as I know history.go(0) will only redraw the current frame, to reload some other frame(s) you have to use:
for every frame you want to redraw!!

to keep in mind:

using history.go(0) will make some javascript variables to get lost... maybe that's why your variables at the hidden frame doesn't seem to be updated!! :(

to be sure of:

what do you mean by "They keep the initial size..."?? you mean the horizontal size (string length) or the vertical size (number of items)??

to see what's going on:

advice: try posting some code...


Accepted Solution

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If history.go(0) doesn't work, there is a way of redrawing this form. however, this is quite a long and no so professional way.
the professional way is to use history.go(0).

Here it goes :

In the hidden frame, build two dynamic arrays (don't enter number of elements of the array : var a=new Array();).
enter in one array the default names of the multiple selection box, and in the other, the values of the selection box.

In the main frame, build a JS function that reads the arrays, and uses the "new Option" statement to draw the selection box. after clicking the submit button, the function will give new values to the hidden arrays, according to the proper values of the selection boxes. then, reload the frame (NOT the page!).

Like I said, this is not a very good way, but it serves its cause.

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