Problem when using SQL with BDE...


I've had a question posted in the "MS-SQL" topic area concerning how I could use SQL to copy records within a Paradox-table, only changing one or two of the keyed fields to avoid a key violation. I got a very good response, but the problem is that the BDE local SQL language seems to be quite lame concerning this issue.
   Among other things, I got a "Capability not supported" errormessage when trying one of the suggestions I've received in Delphi Database Desktop v7. Does anyone know what this errormessage is all about, can I work my way around it somehow or do you have another solution for the above problem?

I'm using Delphi2 with W95.

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The BDE Local SQL is VERY limited.  What was the response you got to your other question?
DippenAuthor Commented:
One of the examples were this:


which would copy all records in MYTABLE by increasing the Col1 value by 100. Someone suggested:


to complete the same task. I yet haven't found any way to complete the task with SQL. :-(

A bit round about but should work.  As the capability in question is appending fields to existing table records.

First copy MyTable call it say MyTable1 (useing what ever method suits to copy table, perhaps batch command?)
Empty the first table
with a TQuery object add the following SQL (again I will leave it to you as to how this is done.

  Insert into MyTable
  Select (Col1 + 100) as Col1,Col2
  from MyTable1

Throw away MyTable1.

This works in theory (i.e. in the Database desktop) so I assume it will work in code.

I will try and code it later if you require more exact info.


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DippenAuthor Commented:
By using a temporary table the task is easily performed, but... is there no way to copy the records using BDE SQL, without using a temporary table?
   The problem is that the application includes 20 tables all in all, and there must be support for up to 15 simultaneous users at least. Handling the temporary tables in that environment seems somewhat scary.
   If there is no solution without the participation of temporary tables, I will have to yield to the weak forces of the BDE SQL and solve it some other way. I leave the question open for a few more days, and if nothing better has come in I'll accept your answer, Zonnald!
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