Porting data to Excel


I collect data from a serial port and I want to send it to an excel file.
I want :
 the data is placed in the active cell,
 the active cell is changed to another position :
  Up, Right, Left or Down one cell
  (depending on what user wants)

I use at the moment the TExcel component for this.
I tried to use the Command ActiveCell.Offset(0,1).Activate,
but I don't get a reaction of Excel.

Has anybody worked with TExcel?
Has anybody already realised what I want to get done?
Is there a better solution?

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Did you try "talking" to Excel by OLE?
ZifNabAuthor Commented:
Not yet, good idea.
ZifNabAuthor Commented:
How to put data in correct workbook and worksheet?

    FExcel := CreateOLEObject( 'Excel.Application' );
    FExcelCreated := True;
    FExcelCreated := False;
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Are you using Delphi 3.0?
Do I understand that you want to put data in the active cell?
ZifNabAuthor Commented:
I'm using D2.

I want to port data read from the serial port to a excel sheet.
This data can be 1 value or 21 values.

I want to put the data directely to the active cell of the active sheet of the active workbook. Then I want to change the active cell, e.g. the cell just under the filled cell becomes the active cell.
If 21 values are read, these data come under each other (beginning from the active cell of Excel sheet).

My program has to run in background when Excel is running. I just want to use the program for getting information from the serial port and I have written this already in delphi. Don't want to write it in visual basic.
To put 'ronit' in the active cell you need to write:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var FExcel: variant;

But I'am getting Access violation all the time...

By the way, If performance is important to you, that is, Data refreshing is made in short intervals of time, then, using OLE is not proper for your case, since OLE is extremely slowwww.
Instead, send data via DDE which is much faster. I once wrote a code, using DDE between Delphi and Excel, similar to your case, but it was long time ago, and it will take me some time to rewrite it, also because DDE 'needs' more code.
Anyway, there is an example in the Delphi Super Page. The file name is aexcel.zip, by Stefan Hoffmeister.
Well, hello again

I thought of messages :)   :

Maybe you can send KeyPress Messages to Excel...Just a wild gess

Hi Zif,

another guess ...

What about making a DLL and declare as a Function in Excel ?

ZifNabAuthor Commented:
About DDE, the component I now use is TExcel. The previous version of TAExcel. But I can't get to do it wath I want. I can write to the active cell. But I can't change the active cell!
eg. with ActiveCell.Offset(0,1).Active I get no response of Excel!
Regarding the last comment, I checked and you should write Activate and not Active:

ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Activate  //for one row down

This was tested with Excel95.
By the way if you write data to 21 cells at the same time, this is not the proper way to do it, meaning, to move the selection 21 times. you can post data to 21 cells without 'running' in the cells, but this is another issue and worth more then 30 points.

Itamar, there is no need to 'invent the wheel'.

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ZifNabAuthor Commented:
Offcourse I give more points if the comments/answers give a better result then I first thought I would get.

About Activate : I know, it was a mistype from me. It works in excel, but if you call this function with TExcel, Excel just doesn't react to it. Strange isn't it? (Maybe because Excel hasn't got the focus at that time, how to give the Excel window the focus?)

About other issue: please, I'm very interested.

I think I want to work with DDE
ZifNabAuthor Commented:
To let you know I'm willing to offer more points ...
What I have answered is not working. Wait I am still checking...
To move 1 row down write: SELECT("R[1]C")
To move 1 row up write: SELECT("R[-1]C")
To move 1 column right write: SELECT("RC[1]")
To move 1 column left write: SELECT("RC[-1]")

And In general, with DDE, you cannot use the Excel Basic methods, only the Excel macro commands and the .Activate is a Basic method but SELECT(..) is a macro command.

As for Speeding Up:
There is no need to write the speeding code because if you take a look at Hoffmeister's Demo you'll see that he says that you can get an extra code for speeding up this particular process. That's what he says:
'Please contact Stefan Hoffmeister for the high-speed DDE code, that will allow you to move 1000 elements in less than 150 milliseconds. eMail: Stefan.Hoffmeister@Uni-Passau.de'

So, contact him and ask him for the code.

ZifNabAuthor Commented:
Ronit! Thanks a lot!!

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