Command & Conquer: Red Alert 95

What am I supposed to do to pass the Allies' level where you have to deactivate the nuclear reactors?
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Is this level where you stand on top of two lines of canisters,
starting to blow itself clockwise ?
lhuttonAuthor Commented:
This is the level where you start in a square in the nuclear reactor, and you have to go and deactivate the nuclear devices to stop Stalin from firing his missiles. There are soldiers, engineers, medics and dogs, only.
Ohh, I passed this level by cheating. If it's appropriate for you
I'll explain how.
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lhuttonAuthor Commented:
Yes, please do. I am completely confused as to what to do!
So here its going: I put 8inch cruiser cannon as primary weapon
and Tesla coil as secondary weapon on my soldiers and dogs, and
smashed them like bugs <evil g> ;)))
Here is couple URL's for editors:
Take a look
for Cheats section. You need to edit RULES.INI file. Usually this
file inside REDALERT.MIX file and it pretty huge, but if you can
search for rules.ini you'll see this text file inside, and if you
can extract it, you can edit it. Also check:
There are TONS of miscellaneous file include different RULES.INI.
Just put it inside your RedAlert on HDD and it'll override
default settings.
Warning: excessive "tweaking" of RULES.INI parameters can lead to
unexpexted crashed, hangups and other "quirks".

Hope this helps.
lhuttonAuthor Commented:
I would really like to be able to pass the level without having to change any files in the game, or cheat.
If anyone has passed it, please tell me how.
I have also cheated, IT IS SO DAMNED HARD!!!!!
I spent a week on this level (2 hours pr. day!!) before i cheated.
Lhutton, pity that you rejected an answer because it WAS AN ANSWER.
I just forgot to mention, that after mission you simply delete file
RULES.INI and continue as it was before.
lhuttonAuthor Commented:
My apologies, busuka. I am reopening the question.
Did you passed that mission, or you still in the "heat of battle" ?

Okey, but it is a very hard mission...
lhuttonAuthor Commented:
I haven't as yet been able to pass this mission. Any further pointers would be most appreciated.
Busuka - are you sure you are thinking of the same level I am? I don't believe there is any way to construct tesla coils. The mission starts off with a handful of infantry, engineers, spies and a field medic.
No, not construct. You get file RULES.INI from your REDALERT.MIX
or by means of editor, then open it with any editor. Browse it,
and find medic or spy entry. In line Primary= (or smth.) you change
weapon to TeslaZap. Then line Secondary= (check other entries for
exact name) need to be added, if not exist, or just change it to
= 8inch. But don't change infantry entry. After you pass this mission,
just delete file RULES.INI from RedAlert directory.

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lhuttonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your answer. It should work well.
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