Cant boot up after install!

Ack!! It's my first time installing Linux. I got the Red Hat 5.0 CD's. Had to figure out what the hell a mount point was. It copies all the files over successfully. Then it gets to the LILO installation. I try to put it in the MBR but I get an error. So I dont install LILO the next time. Whether or not I try to install it, I reboot after it says "Congradulations, Red Hat Linux has been successfully installed." Then it reboots and says PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT. AHHHH!!!! What's going on here?!?!?! I put back Winblows 95 but I really want to get what I paid for here, so Linux has got to get on here! Also, is it possible to boot from the slave drive say if I use a boot disk or something? Cuz I would like to put linux on my hdb if possible and boot 95 on my hda. Maybe I'd need LILO. But first I need to install this damn operating system. Thanx...
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Could you post the error you get from LILO?
As for putting Linux on hdb, it's definitely possible,
I have a friend who did so (booting with LILO from the MBR on hda).
You do want to use LILO in this setup.  It will boot both linux and Win95 for you.  Did you disable your BIOS level virus protection?  If not, then LILO could not install the boot loader.
KLinedAuthor Commented:
Jhance and all, the answer was good, but didn't fix the problem. I do indeed have virus checking turned off in the BIOS. If you have any other ideas, please let me know... thanx.
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KLinedAuthor Commented:
OK.... so I installed it on hdb "successfully" but LILO just wont install. It says an error occurred on the step Installing boot loader. So I'm still sitting here with no Linux.
KLinedAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 150
Can you provide any details on what error LILO (or it's installation program) is reporting.  Without more information it's just shooting in the dark.
If you cannot see the error because you run lilo from the setup, try this:
1. Boot from a floppy (you got one for installation, right?) and choose rescue mode.
2. Mount your root filesystem. If you installed Linux on hdb, first partition, do
      mknod /dev/hdb b 3 64
      mknod /dev/hdb1 b 3 65
      mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb1 /mnt
      (If second partition, then /dev/hdb2 b 3 66 etc.)
3. Make sure lilo.conf is ok:
      cat /mnt/etc/lilo.conf
4. If it does seem fine, run lilo manually:
      /mnt/sbin/lilo -r /mnt
      And tell us what error messages you get,
      together with the contents of your lilo.conf.
KLinedAuthor Commented:
OK... I did what mlev said.Here's the contents of my lilo.conf:

image=/boot/vmlinuz 2.0.31
read only

label=windows 95

So I ran /mnt/sbin/lilo -r /mnt and got:

Added linux *
Added Windows 95
Syntax error near line 12 in file /etc/lilo.conf

Hope you can shed some light...
is your kernel realy named (with a blank):
  /boot/vmlinuz 2.0.31
you should write in lilo.conf:
  image="/boot/vmlinuz 2.0.31"

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It seems like LILO doesn't like your space-containing label "windows 95", too.
KLinedAuthor Commented:
Oh my god!!! The whole problem ws the space between windows and 95... works fine now. Perhaps red hat should put something in the installation manual about that.
did you write lilo.conf yourself, or was it generated by the RH-installation procedure?
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