custom instalation disks for DUN...

I need to create an install disk for Win95 that will install (if needed) Dial up networking and create a new dial up networking connection with  the proper settings (DNS etc) and place a short cut on the desk top. I'm familiar with Visual Basic and C++, but I haven't been able to figure out which files from the win95 CD are needed and how to create the new connection. or how to create the instalation program to begin with!!!

Thank you for your help...
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Sinner: The best way to approach this would be to use Batch.exe to create MSBatch.inf to be used in conjunction with the Windows 95 cd rom. Here's and excerpt from the Windows 95 Resource Kit. There's also a ton of articles in the MS Knowledge Base on Batch.exe as well as MSBatch.inf.
Batch Setup (BATCH.EXE) is a Windows-based program that makes it easy to create setup scripts that can be used to automate Windows 95 installation. By running Batch Setup and completing the options, you create a file in MSBATCH.INF format that can be used to run Windows 95 Setup with minimal user intervention.
This tool is especially useful when you are testing alternate configurations and need to run Setup repeatedly. Batch Setup can be used to define all options in a setup script; however, unlike Server-based Setup, it cannot be used to install source files or create machine directories for a shared installation.
You can run Batch Setup from the ADMIN\RESKIT\APPTOOLS\BATCH directory on the Windows 95 compact disc, or you can copy the files from this directory to your local hard disk. The following summarizes the suggested method for running and using Batch Setup.
To use Batch Setup (recommended method)
·      From the Start menu, click Run. Type batch.exe and then complete all the options to create a customized setup script.
      For assistance in completing any options, see the online Help for Batch Setup.
After you create the setup script, you can run Windows 95 Setup by specifying the name of the script as a command-line parameter, as described in “Running Custom Setup Scripts” later in this chapter. Depending on how many options you completed in Batch Setup, you might not have to provide any additional input while installing Windows 95.
For more information, see the BATCH.HLP and README.TXT files in the BATCH directory. For a description of the parameters in the file created by Batch Setup, see Appendix D, “MSBATCH.INF Parameters.” If you want to modify the file that is created, follow the guidelines for editing setup scripts, as described in “Editing MSBATCH.INF for Custom Settings” later in this chapter.
You can specify custom settings for Windows 95 installations by creating a custom file in MSBATCH.INF format and using this setup script for installation. The default setup script is stored with the source files on the server. Custom setup scripts can be stored in users’ home directories or in other central locations.
There are several ways to create a custom setup script:
·      Use Server-based Setup (NETSETUP.EXE) to specify many custom settings
·      Use Batch Setup (BATCH.EXE in the Windows 95 Resource Kit utilities) to specify most settings
·      Create or edit a file in MSBATCH.INF format to specify all possible custom settings
These methods are described in the following sections.
Tip   The Windows 95 Resource Kit utilities include generic setup scripts for a variety of cases. These scripts can be used as is or modified to automate Windows 95 Setup.

If you need more, let me know!

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sinner052397Author Commented:
Hello Denis,
Thanks for your help, but I have the following questions still.
I created the file with just DUN checked off. and then ran setup and I was wondering if there was a way to
1) avoid scandisk
2) automatically create a new DUN connection with all the settings. To do this I need to edit the registry, I have all the hexadecimal values and can edit the registry manually but not automatically.

Hi Sinner:

Do you mean avoiding scandisk when running the msbatch file or batch.exe?

You don't have to edit the registry, you add the DUN connection using the scripting tool. If you've never done this, let me know and I'll see if I can find a sample here for you.
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sinner052397Author Commented:
I haven't done this before.
first time I try to automate any task on win95 or create an installation disk for that matter.
If you could find an example of a script that creates a new DUN connection and that runs by just double clicking on the file.. well, that would be uterly amazing.
I was told that I had to play with the rna.inf file but I'm not sure what to change in there.

Thank you for your help and patience

No problem, give me a little time to see which file or files would be appropriate. Since this is now a closed question, post your email address so that I can send you what I put together.
sinner052397Author Commented:
Thanks alot Dennis!
Your welcome. I'm trying to determine the easiest way to break these down and send them. We usually do this for our ISP customers who send disks to install DUN in order to logon to their networks.
sinner052397Author Commented:
You could upload it to the server if it would make it easier for you.
If you tell me your email address I'll send you the user and pass and IP.
Dennis. I'm in a different country (chile) so it will be hard to show my apreciation, but I hear that I can order something from Pizza Hut here and get it delivered where ever in the world.
So give me the info required for delivery aswell! :-)


sinner052397Author Commented:
Hey dennis, as of 7pm my mail server went down. so could you please email root@ instead?
Also, besides/instead of the pizza, I am willing to pay for this favour. You have no clue what a bind you are getting me out of!
I know that I am asking for alot, but I need this as soon as possible. Please let me know when you could get the files to me.
with instructions on how to implement it.
Also, please tell me what you think would be a fare price.


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