missing lpt1

my lpt is missing. I've tried reinstalling the printer, removing the lpt port and letting win95 autodetect it(it comes back as a printer port that doesn't work.) It prints under dos. But it won't print in windows. and it is set as the default printer.
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Tom: Here's something that may help you, however it would help us to know which version of windows 95 you have, retail or OSR2, and did this just suddenly happen or did you notice it after a change in software or hardware?
When you print to an ECP (Enhanced Capability Port) port, you may experience any of the following symptoms:
You may receive an error message. The error messages can include: The port is busy, or there was an "Error writing to LPT1"
The printout may be incorrect. Incorrect output can include incorrectly printed graphics or incomplete pages.
The printer may go offline when you try to print.
You may receive no printout.
The print job may hang the print spooler. You must restart the computer to clear the hung print job.

This is usually caused when the ECP port sends information to the printer faster than the printer can process it.
Change the ECP port to a standard port. To do so, follow these steps:
1. In Control Panel, double-click System.
2. On the Device Manager tab, double-click the printer port.
3. On the Driver tab, click Change Driver.
4. Click Show All Devices.
5. In the Manufacturers box, click Standard Port Types. In the Models box, click Printer Port, and then click OK.
6. When you are prompted for the Windows 95 CD-ROM, insert the CD-ROM in the drive. Change the path to the Lpt.vxd file to the following path, and then click OK:
      <cd-rom drive>:\drivers\printer\lpt
If you are not prompted for the Windows 95 CD-ROM in step 6, you must configure the ECP port as a standard port using the computer's CMOS settings as well. For information about configuring the port in the computer's CMOS settings, please consult the computer's documentation or the manufacturer.
If you do not have the CD-ROM version of Windows 95, you can obtain the alternate Lpt.vxd file from Microsoft Windows 95 Service Pack 1 which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Free Software download site. Caution, do not download and install this Service Pack if you have the OSR2 version 950b of Windows 95.

 7. Verify that the version of the Lpt.vxd file in use is version 4.00.503. To check this, double-click the port in Device Manager, and then click the Driver tab.
8. Check the Resources tab in Printer Port properties and verify that the settings are correct. If the Direct Memory Access value is displayed for a setting, click the Use Automatic Settings check box to clear it, and then change the value in the Settings Based On box until the Direct Memory Access value is no longer displayed.
9. When you are prompted to confirm that you have modified the settings manually, click Yes. When you are prompted to restart your computer, do so.
If the version of the Lpt.vxd file is 4.00.950 after you follow the above steps, follow these steps to copy the Lpt.vxd file manually:
1. In Windows Explorer, use the right mouse button to click the
Lpt.vxd file in the Windows\System folder, and then click Rename on the menu that appears.
2. Rename the Lpt.vxd file to Lpt.xxx.
3. Drag the Lpt.vxd file from the Drivers\Printer\Lpt folder on the
Windows 95 CD-ROM to the Windows\System folder on the hard disk.
4. Restart Windows 95.
Note that if you add a printer port, Windows 95 copies the original Lpt.vxd file to the Windows\System folder. If this occurs, you must repeat the steps above.

Please provide the info requested and let me know how you make out.

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tomAtkinsonAuthor Commented:
version 4.00.950a
occured while trying to get my internet connection working.
probably operator error. hah
I don't know if it's a ecp or not the computer is a packard bell
legend 1940cdtw 133mhz pentium
Okay Tom, then the above solution should work. We may have to remove the port manually from device manager if this doesn't work. Packard Bells to have some problems with port ID's in Win95.
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