panasonic kx-p4023 win 95 problems

I have some bussiness software that I run on a system which
uses windows 95. The bussiness software works fine, all the
print functions come out alright, invoices, reports ect. The
problem is when I leave my bussiness program and go in to anmtoer Windows program the printer dosn't work right. If I
try to print something from the note pad or word all I get is garbage. If I tri to print a file sush as the autoexec.bat  it prints alright but the carraige return is all messed up. My bussiness software is running in a protected mode in dos.
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I have a KX-P4400 and I used the standard Win95 driver for daily use at home. I assune your printer is similar (ie laser).

If you have the printer installed with a Windows 95 native driver, check its options for DOS printing (Details tab, Port Settings).

If Spool MS-DOS Jobs is not selected then your software is using its own printer driver, check which one and make sure your default printer in Win95 is the same.

It's also possible that Windows is corrupting information by trying to spool a job while the printer is active. To remove the chance of this happening, try switching the option on.

If it is already selected then suspect printing code on the part of your business software is to blame- either it is not properly terminating the job or it is using software emulation. Check which printer it is set up for, and check that the corresponding driver in Windows 95 is the default for that printer. Remember- if there are 2 printers sharing the port, only the default will have precedence.

Should all these solutions fail, try Zenographics Superprint. The native 32 bit drivers it provides are for Windows 95 only, and you have far more control.  
What printer do you have installed under windows 95?
duck102797Author Commented:
spool mos-dos jobs is selected in the printer properties. This is
the only printer installed on this computer. It is selected as the default printer. I have tried the drivers that came on the disk with the printer and the results are the same. The drivers
taht windows installed are called universal 400 dirvers. I tried
changing some of the printer settings such as emulation but the results stay the same.
I have the exact same computer with the same software, bussiness,
on it with an okidata printer and it works fine in all modes of
printing. I have checked the net for updated drivers for the
Panasonic with no results. I will try to find the zenographics super print and see what that does. I get back to you soon.
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I suggest two things
Try reinstalling the driver, if that doesn't work, upgrade your software from Dos to windows.  Dos printing and spooling is not properly supported under windows.

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What the hell kind of answer is that?!

DOS printing and spooling IS TOO supported under windows.
Is your printer dot-matrix or Laser?
What are the spool settings for Win95, EMF-or-RAW?
Whatever it is, switch it and see if it makes a difference.

FYI; Spool MS-DOS print jobs should generally be un-checked.
The driver you are using for your printer isn't compatible with Win 95.  The simple test is to use Notepad.  If a file prints ok via Notepad then the driver is ok.  If the file doesn't print ok then you have an incompatible driver.  Contact Panasonic customer service to find out where you can get a driver for your printer for Win 95.

When printing via a DOS applcation, you aren't using the Win 95 driver so it works ok.  I also print from DOS applications with out a problem.

If this comment solves your problem, please allow me the opportunity to post it as the answer.  Good luck in getting your printer up and running.
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