Web Deployment of a D3 application

I have used the D3 ActiveXForm to create an application, and I also created an ActiveX Library but unable to compile the project.  There was a dialog requesting for the host application.  Since this project has not been compiled, there is no host application.  I am wondering if I didn't set the library correctly or what I am I doing wrong?  I was able to compile the project successfully using the ordinary form.  I'll appreciate any help and will give more points if need be.  Many thanks.
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You will have to run a host application to get your ActiveXForm running. An easy way is to use a web-browser as  host application:

Create a new, empty test-dir.
Select Project-Web deployment options
Fill 'Target dir' with the above directory name.
Fill Target URL with  .      (a dot meaning current directory)
Fill 'Target dir' with a directory name (for simplity use same as "target dir')

Click  OK, and selectProject-Web deploy.
Now start your browser and open the just-created html-file in your test-dir. If your sequrity level in your browser allows it,
the Active-Form should come alive in your browser



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OgunboAuthor Commented:
Dear MVZ,
Thank you for coming to my aid again.  you are truly a God sent.  I tried your suggestion.  I opened the program and went to web-deployment and filled the three slots as suggested and I clicked the web deploy. I then opened the file from test directory.  I got a message "Delphi ActiveX Test Page. You should see your delphi forms or controls embedded in the form below" but unfortunately, there was no form.  I went back to delphi and tried to execute the appliction to make an .exe file, but it kept showing " cannot debug project unless a host app is defined".  I thought by opening the generated htm in the browser, this is the host application?  I'll appreciate your further help on this matter.



With web-deploy, a .OCX file is created (not a .exe) in your test-dir. An OCX is a activex-server which is waiting to be registered. This registering can be done automaticly, for example
from with the browser.
In your htm-file, a reference to this .OCX file is created.

When opening in a browser, you should see a box, with a little icon in the left upper corner. If the icon becomes a red cross, then the browser cannot find/install the .OCX file.
If this is the case, please show your test-directory file-names, and the htm-file, and maybe i can see what went wrong.

BTW, this way you are letting the browser register the ActiveXForm. It can be done by Delphi also:

- Choose 'Run-Register Active Server'
- Close your project
- Open a new project
- Choose 'Project - Import ActiveX control'
- Your just created activeX should be in the list
-  select it and select Install
- select a pachage

After this your activx control is in your component pallette,
ready to be used in other projects.


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OgunboAuthor Commented:
Greetings MvZ,
Let me first say that i will be increasing the points for this help to 100.  I am sorry for not having got back to you.  i was taken ill suddenly and I am just getting better.  I must have forgotten to tell you that I intend to put this ACTIVEX form on a student page.  That is, I am unable to link Delphi with the server directly.  So, what I've done so far was to put the .htm and .ocx files that delphi generated in the test-dir, then opened  the htm file directly from the test directory.  Since this did not work, I then copied both files .htm and .ocx to my school account where I have server permission and a permission to put html files on the web.  When I did this, I got the same result on my home page.  That is "Delphi ActiveX Test page ...... with no form.  Is it important to deploy the htm files directly from Delphi before this can work?  Or is there a way that I can use Delphi to create the htm and ocx files, copy them to my server account and then be able to still link the htm file to the ocx file.  When I tried to link the ocx files to my url, I got some rubbish printed in response.  This was probably foolish.  Well, you have really helped me and I am hoping to make your next reply the last one.  I looked for the box with the little icon in the upper left corner but didn't see any when I was opening the htm file which suggests that I am not doing this right.  Thank you as always.
>>  I must have forgotten to tell you that I intend to put this ACTIVEX form on a student page. That is, I am unable to link Delphi with the server directly <<

There is no need for Delphi on the client machine. Only when you use database stuff, then the BDE has to be installed on the clients.

>> then opened the htm file directly from the test directory.<<

Does your web-browser support  AcitveX ?
Which browser (and version) are you using ?
Once again, could you show the html-file which is generated ?

>> can I use Delphi to create the htm and ocx files, copy them to my server account and then be able to still link the htm file to the ocx file << 

yes this is possible.

>> When I tried to link the ocx files to my url, I got some rubbish printed in response<<

Could you show me how you tried it ?

OgunboAuthor Commented:
Dear MzV,
Thank you for your quick response.  I am not sure if my browser supports ActiveX.  I am using Netscape Version 3.03 as a browser.   The generated html file as it resides in my test-dir is AGEbb2.htm  (1kB) and the other file is AGEbb2.ocx  (595kB).  After hitting the deploy button, I left Delphi running, opened the test-dir and double clicked on AGEbb2.htm.  The file then fired the browser up, showed the message "DElphi AcitveX Test Page...., but fail to link the AGEbb2.ocx file.  When this effort failed, I copied the files from test directory to my school account where with a publishinh command, I should be able to publish any html document onto my homepage.  I got the same response "Delphi ActiveX ....... with nothing.  By the way, I have a home page at www.missouri.edu/~c519117/ but I dont have anything published on the page yet.  If you visit the page now, all that is displayed is that message "Delphi ActiveX Test Page.  You should see your form displayed below".  So, then I went to my homepage and physically attach the ocx file like this www.missouri.edu/~c519117/AGEbb2.ocx and for a while, it looks like Netscape was reading the file, then it started to print about 4 lines of rubbish.  So, this is what I've done.  Perhaps Netscape doesn't support activeX?  The generated html file is attached below.  Thanks.
<H1> Delphi ActiveX Test Page </H1><p>
You should see your Delphi forms or controls embedded in the form below.







I opened your page over the Internet with MS-Internet Explorer 3.02, and the OCX started to load !

So I think it's your Netscape-version.
It does not seem to support ActiveX.
There is a activeX plug-in for Netscape available somewhere.


OgunboAuthor Commented:
Thank you MvZ.
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