os/2 v4.0 to windows 95

I read somewhere that you can run windows 95 under os/2 warp version 4.0.  Is this true and if so how do you do it.
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Michael SchmidtCommented:
This is not true.
What you can do is recompile your Win95 app using Warp's Open32 API. However, it doesn't cover all Win32 API calls, so you may have to port some code manually.
Another option is to use the Citrix WinFrame product, which allows you to run Win32 software on a WinNT server and to redirect the console (window, mouse + kbd input) to an OS/2 PM window.

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Hi isilver,

if I understand you correctly you are asking if there is a way to run win95 operating system under OS/2.

If so,  no not today. Maybe you've heard of a running project, still not earthed. More information on that project you could find at http://athena.asms.state.k12.al.us/~mlyohe/dosix/index.html

It is called DOSiX

Regards Simon

Michael SchmidtCommented:
This is exciting news.
I've just visited the web page of that project. I'm curious on the result.
There is a programmer who spoke at WarpStock (www.warpstock.org) about his
work in building an "interface" layer,
so that WIN95 applications call his layer,
and his layer calls the OS/2 API (Application Programming Interfaces).
The application receives responses as if
it were running under Windows 95,
and the application *RUNS* under OS/2.
Try http://www.os2ss.com
Look for Win32-OS/2 project
Looks rather pretty...

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