DOS box fonts. What are they ?

Question is pretty simple. DOS box uses 2 font types: FON and
TTF. For FON I found used VGAOEM.FON (??? why not DOSAPP ???).
What font name is for TTF ?
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Hi Ian!

I'll respond to your question in 3 parts.

1. "DOS box uses 2 font types: FON and TTF"

Actually, a Windows 95 Dos box is capable of viewing or enabling several different types of fonts, some of which can be Standard VGA fonts (VGAOEM.FON, a leftover from Windows 3.xx), BMP or bitmapped fonts, TTF or True Type Fonts and even specialty graphics fonts. All of this depends on what software packages you have on your system, what has been enabled in *ini* files and the registry as well as what you may have added by way of special applications.

2.  For FON I found used VGAOEM.FON (??? why not DOSAPP ???).

VGAOEM.FON is actually a leftover from MSDos and Windows 3.xx and it is included for systems that are older and that require default fonts viewable in straight VGA modes only (and in some cases, although undocumented, for systems still employing EGA video) As for your question, why not? There is no reason why not. If you setup a font as DOSAPP.FON and save it to the font folder and include it in your system.ini, you should be able to view it.

3. What font name is for TTF? A True Type Font can be one of many names depending upon the type of font, size etc that has been created. Many applications, graphical and otherwise, use true type fonts. They come in many sizes and styles.

I hope this helps you!
busukaAuthor Commented:
Hmm, Dew. Thank you for info. But my question was:
"What names of fonts that used for DOS box ?"
One I found is VGAOEM.FON (bitmap ones). What name of TTF one used
for DOS box, so I can change it ? Or if it mapped in some INI
file (SYSTEM.INI or WIN.INI) how can I remap DOS box to other
fonts ?
Okay Ian, I thought you were more familiar with how these were setup.

VGAOEM.FON is not one font, but rather a group of the same font styles but with differing height and width characteristics.

You will find these and others in your system.ini. Just use sysedit to open your ini files and then search for FON. If you have installed TTF fonts capabilities, the TTfontcache entry will be in your system.ini.

TTF style fonts (the basics installed with Win95) are cached by their numeric values not by a specific file type.

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busukaAuthor Commented:
DENNIS !!! I beg you to read question again. I know about FON and
TTF fonts more than enough. Phew ... Let's put it another way:
a) you run ANY DOS app.
b) you receive DOS box with Auto setting for font size.

Q: What TTF file (specific name) I must edit (I have TTF editor),
 so I can receive cyrillic character set (second half of ASCII
 table) ?

BTW, I know about FON structure since SDK for Windows 2.0 was
released. And this was long time ago. ;-)
ttfcache is the file name. Don't get miffed at me, that wasn't your question. There is no font name for ttf used by Win95, it's a cache file, read the post!
busukaAuthor Commented:
OK. Will check at home.
"There is no font name for ttf used by Win95" I know that Win95
uses more than one TTF :), but I thougt that DOS box uses one TTF. I have ~400 TTFs installed under Win95, and search them is
quite a pain in the mass :)))
busukaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, Dennis. But this is not what I'm asked for. File ttfCache
is merely list of TTF fonts used by Win95. In SYSTEM.INI entry
oemfont.fon=VGAOEM.FON points on file. When I change it, I can
clearly see changes in list of sizes for DOS box (bitmap ones).
But I was unsuccesseful to find TTF file, which I must replace,
so I'll see cyrillic characters in !DOS box!, when I select size
with Tt aside (TrueType).
Run regedit
(At DOS Prompt type regedit)
Press F3 to do a search for
MS-DOS Emulation

Under that, it will show a font name.  Mine says Lucinda Console.

Hopefully, this is what you are looking for...
busukaAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, finally something ... will check this at home, and'll be
back tomorrow with results.

Thank you, Ian
Lucinda Console is lucon.ttf on my machine....
All english versions of Windows 95 use Lucinda Console!
busukaAuthor Commented:
Uh-oh. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but this didn't worked :(
MS-DOS Emulation has only field "DisplayParms" with long string of
hexes, and underlying branch was only AppCompat with bunch of DOS
EXE, COM and BAT-files.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MS-DOS Emulation]

And it looked like 'Courier New'.

I searched also for Lucida, but found it only in list of TTF included
in Win95.
Maybe it is Courier New my TTF ?
Click on the + sign by MSDOS Emulation.  You are really close, you just need to go down another level.  Here is my reg key location:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MS-DOS Emulation\Font

The font name on your HD is lucon.ttf    Do a Start-Find-Files to find it.  It should be in your C:\windows\fonts directory.
busukaAuthor Commented:
Hi again !!! Bigelos, but I DON'T HAVE under MS-DOS Emulation Font.
I even posted part of MS-DOS Emulation sub-branch, exported to file.
I can send full file, but don't think this will help at all. Under
MS-DOS Emulation (click on '+') only thing is AppCompat.

Any other ideas ?

Thanx, anyway. Ian

PS: Maybe I'll shed some light on problem. First, when I bought PC
in local store, Win95 was already installed (with Hebrew support).
When I checked what version it has, it says 4.000.950 r-2 (second
beta-release, or smth.). But all worked, and worked fine. So I didn't
care to complain (and at this moment I didn't knew about different
releases). Lately I put OSR1 updates. And version was changed to 950a.

Maybe it is time to add it to your registry.  Couldn't hurt...Backup first, though.

Here is a copy of what I have:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MS-DOS Emulation]
"Font"="Lucida Console"

I have the rev. b version of Win95....

I don't know that you will need the hex value.  Probably only the Font value.  You'll have to experiment a little.

Sorry, thought I solved your problem.  Any other takers?

BTW: On my previous answer, I was looking at my NT machine.  It looks very similiar to the branch on my Win95 machine, but on closer inspection I see that it isn't.  Sorry to confuse you.
busukaAuthor Commented:
OK. Just a little more fun don't hurt :)
Gonna check it at home ...

BTW, I think not "Font" that decides DOS-box TTF font, but
DisplayParms. I clearly see string in hex-codes "Lucida Console".
Thanx, anyway
Please note: Lucida Console is only supplied with Ms Plus, as part of the Visual Enchancments. If you don't have plus (Or 95b) then it is Courier.
Hope this helps
busukaAuthor Commented:
OK, I installed Plus! some time ago, but removed it soon after (I
don't like to see different desktop themes while I do CD-recording :) and I have Lucida in list.
Bigelos, you don't solved my problem, but you pushed me is right
direction, so you can post an answer and I'll grade it.

OK, Here you go...

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busukaAuthor Commented:
Thanx again. Ian
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