Cd Rom won't play music


I have system sounds working fine in win95 but I can not play music from the cd. The cd player reads the cd fine, how many tracks etc, it reads the seconds passing in the song...but no sound comes out of the speakers.

yes the volume is up and the cd rom is hardwired into the soundcard..

any thoughts???


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magigrafConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I know that you just posted saying the CD-ROM cable is properly connected to the sound card, BUT this is the only wire that would cause that defect.  What I want you to do is:

1) Make sure that this little thin wire is properly connecting the CD ROM to the right little socket on the sound card.
2) Try a different wire if possible.

P.S.: If you remove that wire, you would still hear all the other file type (wav, midi) CD sound comes through this wire.
Let me know how did that make it.

Try and plug headphones directly into the CD-ROM drive corresponding port and see if you get any sound
you must have a Audio Wire to play CD directly from CD Rom drive.
the Audio Wire is a thin wire commonly have 4 holes,one end of
it must connect to your CD Rom's Audio port(also a 4 holes plug)
the other end,it must be connected to your Sound Card.See your
CD Rom's manual for details.

Good Luck!

Free Tool: Port Scanner

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Also check this:
Double-click the speaker icon in the taskbar.
Make sure that the CD Audio volume control is not muted.

please go to
Choose Windows 95 then mark
Multimedia: Help with Sound Problems When You Run Your Multimedia Applications.
Then, mark:
The sound appears to play, but I do not hear anything.
then: My speakers are connected properly and turned on, and I still have the problem.
1. Verify that the Wave Audio Device (Media Control) is installed. Click here for [help] with this step.

Click the the help.
and go from there. Much information.
brettxAuthor Commented:
Ok,  the cd rom is connected to the soundcard, it was when I bought the computer. (A 4-pinned plug with 4 wires from memory), as per my soundcard instructions also....

I do not understand the headphones suggestion as the cd rom does not appear to have a socket to plug them into, in fact the only headphone socket that I can see is in the soundcard ????
corresponding port ?????

the cd audio volume is definately not muted...

and finally i am working my way through the last suggestion (at the microsoft site) at the moment....the problem so far is that all my tests with media player etc have worked Perfectly.My system plays wav and mid files no is only with the cd player there is a problem. the microsoft site has of yet not addressed the cd problem is concentrating on general multimedia mishaps...but I am still working my way through the hopefully....


brettxAuthor Commented:
OK, I am a fool again... the end attached to the cd rom was in fact just jammed behind the case and not plugged in properly as I now I have sounds


You're welcome..
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