I want to know how to change what my MHz LED says on the front of my computer. It appears that this number is controlled by a bunch of jumpers on a small circuit board attached to the LED display. There are sixty pins on this board, 15 pins accross by 4 pins down. The rows are labeled as follows from left to right: 1 A 2 3 1 C 2 3 1 E 2 3 1 G 2. There are 14 jumpers located in various spots on the board and I cannot determine any pattern to their location. Does anybody know how these LED displays work?
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 Umm... Bear with me here...  You see this:


   or something like that.  First, one row of jumpers is the tem's digit.  the other row is the one's.  Ok...  Now the hard part...  These are the segments of the LED:


    (The pipe is where the jumper goes)  When a jumper is straight up and down, it means the segment is lit (lighted?) both in turbo and non-turbo modes.  The complicated part is when you want a different number for each mode.  Then:


   Or something to that effect...  Basically, placing the jumper horizontally to the top pin (the segments being every other set of pins) lights the segment in one mode, while placing the jumper horizontally across the bottom pin lights it in the other mode...  I hope this helps.  If you go to a small computer store, they may have some of the little sheets that come with the displays.  Of course, the way I look at it, those display are at best, irritating...
reject this anserw and I can give you setings for each number and I can tell you which jumpers are one's , ten's and hun's
sbeebeAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, but I'm still a little confused and JBURGHARDT has offered to give me a more detailed answer if I reopen the question.
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I HAVE DISPLAY ASSEMBLY for T-398 and T-298 your look like T-398 and to set display you use jumpers like ABCDEFG
By shorting each jumper you will give power to lightup each segment of display.

sbeebeAuthor Commented:
I'm still having trouble following both of these answers. Maybe it would help if you could explain how I would change my current configuration (shown below) which displays as 120 to a configuration that displays 133.

(in the following diagram open pins are represented by a . and pins covered by jumpers are represented by a *)


Please label the rows and columns appropriately. Thanks for all your help so far.
I have a question: please press Turbo (if you have it) and post
what number LED indicates.
I have many of those doc sheets that come with new cases.  If you tell me the number printed on the board, and I have the appropriate one, I'll email a copy if you wish.

sbeebeAuthor Commented:
The number on the board is TD-38S. I think I have figured out how to configure the board now after reviewing JBURGHARDT's and nebworth's answers. I changed it so it says 133 in turbo mode and 33 in non-turbo mode with the following board configuration. .*.*.*.*.....*.
I tried messing with it to get it to say 133 in turbo mode and 66 in non-turbo mode but that didn't work. Placing the jumpers horizontally did not seem to work exactly as newborth had said it would. At any rate, I am satisfied since I never put the computer in non-turbo mode anyway.

I'd be happy to give a favorable grade to both JBURGHART's and newborth's answers. Is there any way for me to regrade their answers?
  Actually...  Hmmm.  It would be wonderful to check this as an answer right now and grab some points...  But, JB was also correct.  I would graciously accept points if there was some way I could accept them...  'nuff said?
well you can give my points to nebworth
    Ok.  If you think it's fair for me to get the point, accept the answer.  If not, or if there's a better way, reject it.

   Thank you in any event, and thank you, JB.

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