I have Win95 installed.
But I want to install a new hardware and
I need to run "ADD NEW HARWARE"  wizard.
When this starts, it appears an error reporting
"Can't find .INF file", then it stops.
How can I repair this?
(This problem and the problems like this)
I am tired of these errors.
I always finish reinstalling Win95, but now
I want to find another solution.
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Please list your machine's equipment and what it is that you want to install.
    I love it... Problem...  That's like calling the doctor and saying, "DOC, I have this pain."  The doctor says, "What kind of Pain", and you say "It's an annoying pain, and I only get it when I do certain things."  So the doctor hangs up and you die of vagueness...

    The most important part to know, it would seem to me, is what kind of hardware you are trying to detect.  Is it something that windows95 should recognize and install by itself, or does it need drivers supplied from the manufacturer?  All native hardware has .inf file stored in a directory WINDOWS\INF all drivers that have been installed to windows and sort of become native for the time being have .inf files stored in WINDOWS\INF\OEM.  Other stuff you must always have a disk for, windows looks for a file name.inf on the disk, not just OEMSETUP.INF like 3.x used to do.  Then Windows95 looks for information on the hardware in the INF file.  If it's not a Windows95 INF file describing the kind of hardware  you are trying to install, then windows will ignore it.
ditto to the other replies. Tell us step by step how you are going about this. If it's a PnP hardware windows should pick it
up without you having to do anything.

Please be specific.
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The ADD NEW HARDWARE WIZARD is included to make Win95 accept new hardware whitch cannot be automaticaly detected by the HARDWARE DETECTION (see icon 'Hardware' in Contol Panel. To add new hardware you need drivers on diskettes or hardrives. These driver-sets include an '.inf'-file (mostly oemsetup.inf) to tell Win95 what kind of drivers, hardware and settings are necessary. If you do not have this (or these) .inf-file(s), Win95 does not know anything about drivers.
Again: to add new hardware, start hardware detection by activating the 'Hardware'-Icon in the Control Panel. Try auto-detction. If this does not detect your new hardware, you need a proprietary driver. This driver is part of a set of files coming along with the necessary .inf-file and should be shipped with your hardware. If not, search the net for drivers.
jct052097Author Commented:
Come on guys, I'm not stupid!
First, I am not installed any new hardware at all!
Step by step:
+My system was working properly.
+I tried to install a modem that now I know it didn't work.
 So, now I just want Win95 as it was before installing anything.
+So, because I want and no more, I want to run Add New Hardware.
 Just when it starts, appears a message telling
 "Can't find .INF file", and stops looking for new hardware.

SO, I just WANT that when I run "Add New HArdware", it runs OK,
it finishes looking for the new hardware and it reports to me that Win95 can't find any hardware, that's all.

Win95 is not working properly and I want to repair that.

Do you think I would grade 200 points for that sily answer?

crazy, you're fast.
Look at your windows\inf-dir. Are there any files like oem1.inf or something like that ?
Try following : Boot DOS. Remove all files in windows\inf to a backup-dir. Reinstall windows over your old one, all settings are kept. If this does not help the error is in your registry. Try searching your registry for .inf-calls. If this does not help, who knows ?
Check your devices listed in device manager while running in safe mode.  Remove any listings for those items that are not installed.
Reboot and try detect new hardware again.

jct, we aren't stupid either. If you gave us that information
1st c4lv1n's GOOD  answer would not have been needed.
Do you think that when we see 200 points that we are mind readers??
Come on gang, not everyone that comes here is a computer geek! How about just assessing the level of familiarity as well as the problem and posting a good answer!
Well said Dew...
I could understand that the problem is with the WIZARD of the Add New Hardware.
If this is right jct, we will proceed.
There is a neat utility available at that will restore your computer to the exact settings as though you just re-installed Win95.

You should check it out.
jct052097Author Commented:
sorry guys if I offended you,
but you also did you with the answer, anyway, sorry again.

I have copied all the hard disk with another one.
Then I've reinstalled win95 and it works; but it is not
what I want. This kind of problems appear to often, and
I want a way to repair it faster, cos it is more than
one computer that I have to take care of.

In control Panel->System it appears to be all well.
-No more devices that the ones present in the system.
-None is flagged as error.

May be you know about an utility that checks all the system.

Another data:
often it appears the blue-text windows reporting an error.

jct052097Author Commented:
sorry if I offended you,
but also did you with the answer, anyway, sorry again.

I've copied all the harddisk with another.
Then I've reinstalled win95 and it works; but
it is not what I want. Theses problems appear often
and I want to repair them faster, 'cos I have to
take care of more than one computer.

In control panel->system all seems to be well.
No errors, no conflicts, and all device drivers
installed and no more than the needed.

Did you check Device Manager while running in safe mode?  Sometimes duplicate items are installed.
Are you still getting the error message when you run the ADD NEW HARDWARE wizard?

Disable the device [modem] in Device Manager instead of removing it. To disable a device, click the Disable In This Hardware Profile check box for the device in Device Manager.
To restore (or redetect) the device, remove it from all profiles
and then run the Add New Hardware Wizard.
Please see

You may have some old Winxx drivers in your System.ini that the wizzard is picking up thus causing it to ask for a newer .inf.

Check these and post comments please.


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1st, sorry for my outburst uo youder.

second, I just remembered something.
Check to see it your CD drive letter is defined correctly at:
THIS is mine as an example. My CDROM letter is E
the "SourcePath"="E:\\WIN95\\"
is what we are interested in.
  Is it too late for me to say I am also sorry if anyone was offended?  Honestly, I never assume anyone is stupid.  I know too many people who already do that.  I just like to poke in the ribs a little bit.
Hi jct:  I'm posting this for you as another answer even though one has already been posted. Using you modem situation as an issue, here's 2 different methods you could use.

Method #1:
If your case when you tried to reinstall your old modem to return your system back to what it was before trying to change modems: Go into control panel and click the modem icon, highlight the existing modem then click remove. Then click add to install another modem (even if it was your old one). You then have a choice to either let windows find it for you or you can install it manually from a list if you know the exact modem. When windows searches for the *.inf file, point windows to C:\Windows\inf   or   C:\Windows\System.

Method #2
This is essentially the same procedure as above, however before adding or changing the modem, first download a driver *.inf file for it from the manufacturers internet site or use the disk that comes with it if there is one. If you download the driver, then save it to a floppy. When Windows asks whether you want it to search for the modem, click "Have Disk" and insert the floppy.

If you need more, just ask!
Just a thought..
Have you run a check utility on your RAM. You mentioned too many Blue screen problems not to consider above.
jct052097Author Commented:
I've removed completly the modem, the driver
and the com port.
After removing it all, I start Add New Hardware again,
(without the modem) and continues like before.


The source path is correctly at "C:\win95.ins".

I don't want any modem installed in my system,
I just want to recover my system like before.

Here's my suggestion. Something has obviously gone wacky and needs fixed, please read this before you decide to do it.
It's less of a re-install as it is a system cleaner.
Re-Setup Using the "setup /d /p f" Switches
X:\setup /d /p f
Where X is your CD drive letter
This will cause windows 95 to re-examine your setup.
This will clean, read and rewrite your Win.ini and System.ini,
without over-writing your updated dll's vxd's extensions.
f - This switch enables Clean Registry mode. It forces Detection
to clean and correct the root branch of the registry before starting.
This switch is ignored when Setup is run in the Windows 95
graphical user interface (GUI).
When setup prompts you for "Typical or Custom Setup", choose Custom.
This allows you to have control over every step of the setup.
This will do a compare and replace missing or corrupted files and
will take you back where you were before the error.

This has Become a;
"Standard Procedure". It's not always a fix all, but it never
hurts to try it. I've never seen any ill effects from it yet. The
only thing I've seen it do negative is once in a while an association
or two may get lost. Which Is easy to fix. I always recommend a
Registry backup along with this for safety.
Get WRP. WRPV3.ZIP is the Best and easiest Backup/Restore I've Seen.
Go To: Search WRP
jct, I read your response, "I've removed completly the modem, the driver and the com port. After removing it all, I start Add New Hardware again, (without the modem) and continues like before.
The source path is correctly at "C:\win95.ins". I don't want any modem installed in my system, I just want to recover my system like before."

If you have physically removed the modem from the system as well as the driver and have deleted them in device manager, that should be fine. However, the Com #1 or #2 port belongs to your motherboard and has nothing to do with Windows 95. If this communications port is enabled on your motherboard, then windows will find it an install it as a Com port.
I'm wondering what that "source path C:\win95.ins" is?

jct052097Author Commented:
  for bad luck I thought there was not to be an answer to
my question, so I clean up my first hard disk, so I cannot
try it.

  But as your answer sounds convience, I'll grade you.
Thank you.

 I have the X:\WIN95 copied to my HD to C:\WIN95.INS,
where X i my CDROM letter.

Thanks jct.
if I cna help in future, please post.
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