Computer won't locate new hard drive D:

I had a hard drive and zip drive installed.  The zip drive
was E: and then I left a disk in E:.  Now it indicates that
the zip drive is D: and when I try to scandisk on D: the
message is cannot locate D:

Windows 3.1
2 drives - C and D and an external iomega zip drive
connected to a parallel port - winfile used to show
a,b,c,d now only shows a,b,c

system specs? example?

I was getting ready to install Windows 95 when this
happened and wanted to run a backup.
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SO you have two hard disks did you installed then on primary controler one set to master and second to slave?
integraAuthor Commented:
C: was primary - D: is the slave and E: is the zip drive
however the program for the zip drive is located on C:
integraAuthor Commented:
Also - D: was working off of C: prior to me leaving the disk
in the zip drive.
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I need more info here:

1) What's your operating system
2) What is your system specs
3) How many hard drives do you have
4) Any partitions
5) Any CD-Rom drive..

Feedback please

Wow never had that before like this.
I hit submit, then see your messages before mine.


Could you double click on the My Computer icon and tell me how many drives do you see there??

integraAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
integraAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question

I presume that your IOMEGA is D when you said 2 drives, right??
Normally these Iomega type of drive are called Removable drives, so we don't confuse them with fixed drives.

Now, in win3.x it will be tedious a little bit.
Did you try to uninstall the ZIP drive and then reinstall it back again??

During the setup it will try to locate the zip and will assign the letter drive to it.

Before doing that make sure that your zip is PROPERLY conected to the parallel port and is ON.

Have the ZIP disk in there then use the floppy that came with it to run the setup program one more time.

Let me know it this has helped.

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