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I've tried to create my own help-system with the help compiler that comes with Delphi 2.0.
When I compile a new created (Winword 97) simple .rtf file, I always get the message that the .rtf file is corrupt.
I also get the same message if I thake a sample .rtf file that is ok, and save it whitout making any changes.
Where is the fault?
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sassas081597Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I found out that this program is free.  So you can find it on microsoft FTP server.  It's URL is here
(1.6 Mb).
The correct version number is 4.03 (not 4.0 I said before).
Dear e4muell1,
I think the problem is with winword97 which saves files in UNICODE strings. So each character is encoded as WORD.
If you have a chance, write the file with word 6.0 or word 95 or simply with WordPad.
Please, simply read the file into Wordpad (or create a simple help file in it) and save as rft. If it does not work please let me know. If you receive the same error with RTF file created by WordPad, it probably means that your help compiler has some bug so I can post one to you.
This is a bug in Winword 97 . You must use a Word 95 for correct rtf
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This bug was eliminated in Help WorkShop 4.0.
Try it!
Where do you get Help Workshop 4.0?  I have this Word97 problem too. Is it free?  Thanks.
e4muell1Author Commented:
How can I give the Points to an expert of my choice?
Request the expert to post a pharse as Answer. When he does grade him/her.
Bye! Igor
I got Welp WorkShop 4.0 from Microsoft on CD when I visited their office in Moscow with the same question. If you would like I can put a copy of the Setup program on my Web page (I do not know if it is free). Or you can put your e-mail on this page and I send you a copy.  
The Website option would probably be better - my mail server thanks you :0). Please post your website URL here when you have made the file available.  Thanks alot.
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