WIndows 95 just halts

I just reinstalled windows95  and everything seems to be working fine except one problem  After a certain amount of time of non-use, the system just halts.  When I move the mouse everything works fine..  This occurs even if I am playing a wav file, all of a sudden the system just halts and I have to move the mouse to get it started again.

Has anybody experienced and fixed this problem?

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When you say the system just halts, you propably mean the hard drive is going into sleep mode.

Is that what you want to say??
vbguyAuthor Commented:
I am not sure if that is what I mean.   WHen the cpu  or harddrive halts, I move the mouse, then the screen turns black for a split seconds and the mouse pointer goes back to the center.

does this mean the hard-drive is in sleep mode?



Could you give me the details of your system??
Make, cpu, BIOS etc...

OK. This have 90% chance for success: your halts is because of APM
(Advanced Power Management).
1) Enter Bios setup, find item Power Management and disable APM.
2) In win95 enter Device Manager (right-click on MyComputer ->
properties -> DeviceManager tab), expand branch of System devices,
find here APM (or Power Management), select it, click properties
and click on checkbox 'disable APM poll'.

Hope this helps.

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I'd say 99% of working.

vbguy, have you tried timing how long it takes before your system goes to sleep??
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