problem with table and ASP

I show a list of people in a table with an ASP page. Now If the name van the person is "Van Damme" the name is shown in to lines (in the same cell) like this:
And everwher there's a space in a field, the field is spread over multiple line's. What's wrong?
Underneath you can find my code (I think this is only the usefull part)

<%Conn.Open "IntraPersoneel"%>
<%Set RS = Conn.Execute("SELECT Naam,Voornaam,Lokaal,InternTel FROM personen ORDER BY personen.naam")

<table border="0" width="90%">
        <td width="40" bgcolor="#000080"><font color="#FFFFFF"
        <td width="30" bgcolor="#000080"><font color="#FFFFFF"
        <td width="17" bgcolor="#000080"><font color="#FFFFFF"
        <td width="13" bgcolor="#000080"><font color="#FFFFFF"
   <% Do While Not RS.EOF %>
        <td width="40" bgcolor="#DDDDFF"><font face="Optimum"><%=RS("Naam")%></font></td>
        <td width="30" bgcolor="#DDDDFF"><font face="Optimum"><%=RS("Voornaam")%></font></td>
        <td width="17" bgcolor="#DDDDFF"><font face="Optimum"><%=RS("Lokaal")%></font></td>
        <td width="13" bgcolor="#DDDDFF"><font face="Optimum"><%=RS("InternTel")%></font></td>
    <font face="Optimum"><%RS.MoveNext
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In each <TD> entry,
specify the WIDTH= as a percentage.
Sometimes, your text is "too wide",
so it is automatically "flowed" to
the next "row" inside the cell.

Or, on the <TABLE> entry,
specify the WIDTH= in "absolute" units,
i.e., at least the sum of the widths
of your cells.

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itemAuthor Commented:
Thanx, I 've seen it also, But I got always a server time wen I wanted to delete the question. Altough, I give you the points!

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