Where is Lode Runner

I can't find the game lode runner. Can you find it.
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Lode Runner is a Sierra Product and is available for purchase at http://www.sierra.com/ in their online store.  They have both Lode Runner for Macintosh and Lode Runner Online for Macintosh available.

From Sierra's site: "If you have questions about a particular product or about ordering in general, our representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist you at (800)757-7707 (Fax: 402-393-3224). (International customers should call +1 425-649-9800.)"

They should be able to give you the location of the nearest retail outlet that might carry Lode Runner.

By the way, this Lode Runner has been updated to the 90s, and is really well done.

I hope this answers your questions!
cybermacAuthor Commented:
 I think there is another lode runner that is very old.  The plot in the game is to run away from police men.  Your weapon is a tool that you can dig trenches to trap them in.  It is very old and it's in Black & White.  The graphics aren't the best but the game is very fun to me.  The one you told me about wasn't the one I need.  The game I'm thinking about is shareware, and I thinks it's free. PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT.
   Thanks For Trying      -CYBERMAC
Well, I don't think that Lode Runner was ever free, but you'll find a whole bunch of Lode Runner clones at http://www.compuserve.com/down/macarc.html .
Although they don't mention the mac, check out http://www.webmart.net/~lynny/history.html .  It's a little Lode Runner history lesson.

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cybermacAuthor Commented:
I need a very little game that's black and white called lode runner.  It's pretty old.

Well, I called Sierra and they told me that the classic Lode Runner (the old black and white one for Mac) is now a retired product.  It is commercial (created by Broderbund, sold to Sierra) but is no longer available for sale anywhere.  You will not find it online (legally), as it is not free- or shareware.  You will have to settle for a clone of the original, or an emulated version (the Apple II version is apparantly available on the internet, and it is not from Sierra).  Experts-Exchange does not advocate software piracy.

I hope this answered your questions.

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cybermacAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info Curtis. I thought it might be too old to buy.  Thanks again.  I might just get a clone of it.
www.happypuppy.com/  go to there, go to computer games, and look for lode runner II in the arcives
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