Clock in the statusbar??

I have used the following codes to make a clock in my status bar...

StatusBar1->Panels->Items[2]->Text = Time().FormatStriing("h.nn ampm    ");

But it stays the same time and never updates (as the time passes).  How do I get it to update the clock every minute or every 60 seconds (I know that you guys/gals know 1 minute is 60 seconds, but I said it anyway.)

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Here is how to add the current time to your status bar... [ Alternatively, look for article Q99198 "HOWTO: Display the Current Time in a CStatusBar Pane" on MS KB

Step 1:
Derive a CMyStatusBar class from CStatusBar as follows:

class CMyStatusBar : public CStatusBar {
     CString m_strClockFormat;
     void SetClockFormat(LPCTSTR strClockFormat);
     // Overrides
     // ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides
     // Generated message map functions
     afx_msg void OnDestroy();
     afx_msg void OnUpdateIndicatorTime(CCmdUI* pCmdUI);
     afx_msg int OnCreate( LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct );

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "MyStatusBar.h"
#include "Resource.h"

#ifdef _DEBUG
#undef THIS_FILE
static char BASED_CODE THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;



: CStatusBar()
, m_strClockFormat("%H:%M:%S")

CMyStatusBar::~CMyStatusBar() {

void CMyStatusBar::SetClockFormat(LPCTSTR strClockFormat) {
     m_strClockFormat = strClockFormat;

int CMyStatusBar::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct) {
     // make sure time gets updated every second, even when idle
     return 0;

void CMyStatusBar::OnUpdateIndicatorTime(CCmdUI* pCmdUI) {

void CMyStatusBar::OnDestroy() {

Step 2:
Create a new indicator pane by first adding a new menu called "ID_INDICATOR", add a single dropdown called "Indicator", add a single item to the menu called "Time" - This should create a menu item with id ID_INDICATOR_TIME. Give it a prompt string of, say, "HH:MM:SS" which reserves an approriate amount of space for the pane. NOTE: If you change time format by calling SetClockFormat you will need to ensure that your ID_INDICATOR_TIME pane is big enough.
Step 3:
Add a new indicator pane called ID_INDICATOR_TIME to your list of indicator in your mainframe eg. this is my indicator list...

static const UINT indicators[] = {
     ID_SEPARATOR,           // status line indicator
     ID_INDICATOR_TIME,  // <-- new indicator pane

Step 4:
Replace all existing uses of CStatusBar in your app with CMyStatusBar - in particular, the member variable in your mainframe m_wndStatusBar;

stevenc317Author Commented:
can i please get something more simple??
Set a time to go off every second (or however long you want the update interval to be) and then run your:

StatusBar1->Panels->Items[2]->Text = Time().FormatStriing("h.nn ampm ");

command.  I think you should take some time to study RONSLOW's answer above as it is simple and does what you are asking for.

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stevenc317Author Commented:
thanks, i got it!
Thanks, I needed that.......................
Thanks for no points on the answer there .. sometimes I wonder why I bother...

Guess I'm just a sadist :-)

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