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Is there a way to embed Internet Explorer or Netscape into my application that looks just like the one in HomeSite?

Thanks in Advance

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mvz121697Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If using Delphi 3 then you can import the MS-IE:
go to Component|Import ActiveX Control, and in the dialog
choose "Microsoft Internet Controls (Version 1.0)". or  (if it is not there) browse to shdocvw.dll.
(This file gets installed with MS-IE 3.0x)

A Twebbrowser component is then created in your ActiveX-component-pallete. Drop one on your form,
and maximize it (align=alClient).
On some event do:

var a,b,c,d:olevariant;


test031097Author Commented:
Thanks mvz... It's works but I got a few questions to ask about this...

1) Do I need to include the file 'shdocvw.dll' into my setup files if I want to package my application?

2) Does it work with Internet Explorer 4?

3) What about Netscape Navigator?

If you could answer the 3 questions above, I will give you 60 more points

PS: You will still get the 200 points if you don't wish to answer  my question

1) Easy way is to include MS-IE in your 'system requirements'.
If MS-IE (3.x) is installed on the client machine, you don't have to do anything extra when installing your app.
I thought distributing only shdocvw.dll without installing the full MS-IE is not allowed by MS (not sure here)

2) Have not tested it, but it should work (if MS implemented the COM interfaces as they should be)

3) Not as an activeX (as far as i know)
But have you thought of:

- Opening the clients 'default browser'

- Starting Netscape like:

- Controlling Netscape through DDE.
(Browse netscape-homepage for more info)


test031097Author Commented:
Thanks for the info :o)

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