how to use files like vbx?

how do i use files like vbx in vb5 professional?
do i need to use regsvr32.exe to register them or what?
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KEWLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like all the others said YOU CANT USE VBX's IN VB5. Full stop, no questions asked, there is NO WAY to do it. you have to find a 32-bit OCX instead. if you cant, then install vb4 16-bit!

and 5 points is NO WHERE near enough for any question. I could tell you 1 + 1 for that, but thats about it.
VBX files are not supported in VB5 because they are 16-bit. You must look for corresponding functionallity in ActiveX controls (OCX's).
superidiot, first of all, 3 points is way below fair.  Second, kamall's answer is absolutely correct and is a perfect response to your question... If you expect a different answer, you should up the points to 50 (you should do this anyway), grade this answer with an "A", and post a correctly worded question because kamall has offered THE answer to THIS question.
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Actually, it's too bad MS didn't give us the ability to use VBX's in VB4 and VB5 (it might have been nice for backward compatibility), although I suppose it would have hindered acceptance of the new OCX format.  I suppose it would be possible (with great difficulty) to write a 32-bit wrapper for VBX's, but AFAIK it hasn't been done by anyone.  Kamall did indeed answer the question correctly.
superboyAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 5
Superboy might have a limited number of points, but considering the simplicity of his questions he's being very generous.

If he actually described what he wanted to do, then he'd get a better response. Like, what VBX he wants to use, and why.

tstaddon, FYI:

1) VBXs are 16 bit technology - unusable in VB5 - period!
2) If you're curious, you can click superboy's hyperlink which will reveal that superboy logged on for the first time on 1/24/98 and has asked only two questions for a total of 35 points.  Note: This question started at 3 points, and the other started at 2 points.  superboy has been very generous to up the combined total to a value below that of a single easy ranked question.
3) Now, if you can remember back to when you first logged on (1/5/98) - you'd know that you are given points when you first sign up plus 5 per day thereafter.  This isn't a guessing game, check out the facts.  While you're at it - check out... 

Specifically, be sure to read the third paragraph titled "Ask Your Question" and when you've read that paragraph, click on the hyperlink "What is a Question", and then read that too. Shouldn’t take you but a few minutes.

superboyAuthor Commented:
hey , mrmick, i am sick of guys that are like u...
i check out the comment u made early abt wiredmind..
this exchange thing is not free..i guess u are either
not aware of this or u are a S.O.B. Either u are working
for this exchange thing or u are a big lamer who has nothing
bether to do ...i think u yourself has to check out "what is
a answer" in the exchange thing rather than posting comments
that are unrelated to the questions asked by people..
Superboy, could you please explain to me and to the other experts what do you exactly want, and why did you rejected my answer?
If you can answer my question fairly, I will be glad to award you double the points you put for your question.
Thanks for mrmick, future, and KEWL for their help, and as they said, 5 points are well beyond fair for any question.
Regards to all.
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