DHCP Client not getting IP Adress

I have the DHCP service installed on my Windows NT server, and i have configured and activated a scope. When i try to use DHCP on my clients (Win95, Wfw) they do not get an ip-adress but in my DHCP-manager it seems like the client has accepted the loan becourse i can see the clients MAC-adress and IP-adress in the properties page. Why dosn´t the client get the IP-adress when the server seems to have leased out the adress to the client?
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After a TCP/IP address conflict, your Windows for Workgroups DHCP client fails to send a DHCPDECLINE packet and therefore fails to obtain a valid DHCP TCP/IP address from the Windows NT DHCP server.
This problem occurs on a Windows NT DHCP network where your Windows for Workgroups DHCP client obtains a dynamic TCP/IP address that is identical to the static TCP/IP address of another network device.
To work around this problem:
1. Prevent this TCP/IP address conflict from reoccurring by:
    - Excluding the static TCP/IP address from the range of dynamic TCP/IP addresses on the Windows NT DHCP server.
    - Configuring the static TCP/IP network device to use a TCP/IP address that does not fall within the dynamic TCP/IP address range of the Windows NT DHCP server.
2. Request a new TCP/IP address for your Windows for Workgroups client from the Windows NT DHCP server:
   a. In a MS-DOS command window of Windows for Workgroups, type:
         ipconfig /release
   b. Type:
         ipconfig /renew

Something I forgot if you are on a token ring network check this:

The bridges should be configured to support source route or a DHCP server should be placed on the same ring as the client workstations.

SuneAuthor Commented:
It did not help. I checked the whole scope for IP conflicts and I even created a new scope that I know we don use any IP-adresses in, but my clients still does not get a IP-Adress.
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On your win '95 boxes, go Start>Run>Winipcfg
See if it shows an IP address there, that you think is in the DHCP list. this may be a Wins problem, (Option 4x series) as in type of broadcast, Broadcast, Mixed, Hybrid,Etc.

Again, find out what Winipcfg says.
SuneAuthor Commented:
My WinIPCfg does not show an IP adress and I get an error message at startup of client saying that it didnt get any IP-adress. We have two WINS-servers in our network, can they affect the situation?
Wins works with DHCP. I have some assumptions running, witch may not be valid. 1st, this net is on 1 hub, or MAU. 2nd, if your running multiple hubs, you have hubs that can cascade.

When you say you have 2 wins servers, it makes me think you have more than one net, one Wins server on each sub net. This requires the DHCP relay agent for the other sub-net

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SuneAuthor Commented:
We have an old time BNC/RG-58 network without HUBs.
On your second question the answer is that we have only one net with two servers.
Sounds like your DHCP database may be toast.
I get that your two wins servers are push/pull? to each other.

Has this Ever worked?
Opps. My answer was supposed to be a comment!
That what I get for talking on the phone and typing at the same time.
SuneAuthor Commented:
Hmmm... Yes it has worked, but that was on before we formatted and reinstalled Windows NT on our server. I have tired to remove and reinstall the DHCP-server and i have tried to remove the database and make the server create a new one so now i´m beginning to give up.
OK. Lets get back to basics. This may require an off-regular hrs. effort. Shut down the Wins services. Setup DHCP, and make sure your traffic is almost non-existant (off-hrs).

Start DHCP. Start a single win 95 box. It uses the Broadcast mode at first to get started. (Again, why off-hrs). See if you can get an address leased to one machine. Ping the IP that is leased, from the server. If these basics don't work, there is probably a physical problem. another Q. On the Win '95 boxes that don't talk, can you Ping ?? Yes, TCP/IP is correctly loaded. No, it is not. Assign a a static address. Ping it. Pings? Yes, the card is working. No, the Nic is not working.
Next, ping the static address you have for the server. Of course you never have DHCP assign the server address, right? Server Pings? Yes, cable is OK, along with connectors. No? Cable/termination challange.
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