Problem with CSI.COM and pop3 mail

Has anyone had any success connecting to their CSI pop mail pox using fetchmail under Linux 2. I am using red hat linux 4.2, User name and password authenticates stat and list work, on retr command, csi end goes dead. The same happens if I do it manually by telneting to port 110 and issuing the commands. However, If I telnet manually under Windows 95, it all works perfectly.

I have tried using the poprpa package, it authenticates perfectly, but also gets stuck after sending a RETR 1 command. I have tried with kernel 2.0.30  and also 2.1.79  and neither work. I have tried on two different machine with two different modems.

I immagine I could have some compile option not set properly, or maybe something missing in /etc/conf.modules

Thanks for your time,
Nicholas Waltham

Thanks again for your suggestings,
Nicholas Waltham
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Sometimes this can happen if it is trying to retrieve the mail from /usr/spool/mail/username rather than /var/spool/mail/username. In the later versions chrooting occurs which basically means that although there is a sym link between /usr/spool and /var/spool the chroot process creates a sub file system for security that doesn't include the sym links.

Try looking at the source code for the fetchmail and see where it looks for its mail box. If it looks in /usr/spool try changing it to /var/spool or vice versa. This is a common problem and is usually fixed in this way. Regards,

nwalthamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you suggestion, but this problem is not unique to fetchmail, I can reproduce it with telnet, and poprpa (a version of popclient) fails at the same point.

Suggest you attempt retrieval with telnet, under linux, and windows. Do a packet capture on both, and look for differences.

This may give you somewhere to start. Perhaps your terminal setup is causing differences that make it work under windows but not linux. There must be a differnce in the setup somewhere - if you can find this you may be able to solve the problem.
I am posted the solution found by nwaltham to solve the problem.

Linda Gardner
Customer Service @ Experts Exchange

I have found the answer, I needed to set mtu and mru to
         296 and now everything is fine.

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