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Posted on 1998-01-28
Last Modified: 2013-12-19
Does anybody know how to debug logon scripts? Are there tools for this?
I need to find out why sometimes the home drive won't be mapped from Win95 clients.
Question by:ahoffmann
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I don't think there are any tools to debug the scripts... But here is a way to create a script and see if it is working...

Your Windows 95 clients cannot connect to their home directories even though you create a profile in Windows NT User Manager that specifies the Windows 95 users' home directory and drive letter to use for the connection.
Windows NT is not properly configured or your script is incorrect.
To allow Windows 95 users to connect to their home directories on the server, create a logon script to connect a Windows 95 client to a home directory and configure your Windows NT Primary Domain Controller (PDC) as follows:
 1. Create a test logon script on the Windows NT PDC for Windows 95 client workstations:
       echo on
       net use * /HOME
 2. Place the script file in the SYSTEM32\REPL\IMPORT\SCRIPTS directory on the Windows NT PDC. (You may also want to set up File Replication so the logon scripts you create are available on all domain controllers.)
 3. Make sure that the test user logging on has Full control of the \SCRIPTS directory and at least Read permission on the Netlogon share (the default share of \WINNT35\SYSTEM32\REPL\IMPORT\SCRIPTS).
 4. Create a subdirectory called TEST in the shared Users directory. By default the shared Users directory is C:\USERS.
 5. Share the Test subdirectory with the share name TEST and give the test user 'Full Control' permission to the share. 6. Run User Manager for Domains and select the user for the test.
 6. From the User menu, choose Properties.
 7. Choose Profile in the User Properties dialog box.
 8. Type the test logon script name in the Logon Script Name field.
 9. Under Home Directory, in the To field type:
    NOTE: Ignore the drive letter in the Connect field.
10. Log on as the test user at the Windows 95 client.
    The following text appears at the command prompt:
       c:\win95>echo on
       c:\win95>net use * /home
       d: connected to \\<servername>\TEST
       c:\win95> pause
       Press any key to continue. . .
11. On the Windows 95 client, press any key to continue. Then doubleclick the My Computer icon.
    NOTE: In My Computer, the home directory maps to D: (or the next available drive letter on the client).
12. If the logon script executes correctly, you may delete the Echo On and Pause lines from your script resulting in your script consisting of only the following line:
       net use * /HOME
    NOTE: You may specify a drive letter in place of the Next Available Drive symbol, the star (*). You may also rename the Users\Test directory to any name; be sure to make the corresponding changes wherever this new directory name is used.
Using NET USE * /HOME from Multiple MS-DOS Command Prompts
If you use the NET USE * /HOME command from more than one MS-DOS command prompt in Windows 95, your current directory is going to be set incorrectly. Your current directory is going to be the root of the server containing your home directory instead of your default home directory.

Good Luck...

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ID: 1570703
You know what, I probably gave a long boring answer and you probably know 99% of it already.  But, please go through it and you might find a couple of interesting points like 'PAUSE' in the script.  Hope this helps... If not, you know what to do ;)
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Author Comment

ID: 1570704
Thanks snimmaga for your long answer. You're 100% right that I know (and have done) 99% of this ;-)

The only differences I can see are:

3. permissions to the NETLOGON share are full control, NTFS permissions are Everyone (RX) (RX); same to files there.
5. I use hidden shares for user directories.
1. + 9. I prefer a fixed drive mapping.

BTW, I solved my missing mapping problem. It was caused by the NetWare logon script which prefixes the PATH, and so a wrong net.exe was found.
Additionally I found an other bug (Win95's net.exe, or domain login anyhow?):
  net use U: /HOME
didn't work
  net use U: \\server\homeshare
either. I'd to write a kix32 script which calls
  use u: /del
  use u: @HOMESHR

So, I've a workaround, bur trouble still goes on :-(

I'll reject your answer because it didn't answer my question: debug tools.
I was lucky to identify my problem in net.exe, but I want to analyze such things straight forward.

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ID: 1570705
win95 clients can't connect to home directory shares longer than 8 characters. Not just that, win95 clients can't connect to any share longer than 8 characters. Win95 long file names are not compatible with NT server. The workaround is to use net use (Drive letter:) /home

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Author Comment

ID: 1570706
mpopal, Win95 clients *can* connect shares longer than 8 characters. And I've tested net use drive: /home  with and without success (see my last comment).

Anyway, it doesn't answer my question (see title please).
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ID: 1570707
Sorry, I'll invest more time to reading your questions in the future. Please forgive me. Please don't be upset. Please don't kick my ass.

Excuse me, yes win95 clients can connect to shares longer than 8, but not longer than 12.
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Author Comment

ID: 1570708
mpopal, I don't kick, I forgive, ..
I'll test those 12 chars (think I read this limit somewhere), but that's also not my initial problem.


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ID: 1570709
As snimmaga mentioned it his first answer, I´m sorry but there is definetly no way to debug logon scripts. The only way is to use the pause command in a logon script to see any errors and then investigate further. Sorry !
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ID: 1570710
I still have full debug capabilities implemented (echo, pause, etc.). This doesn't help 'cause my sripts will be executed anyhow, but sometimes not completely. There is also the situation that (on some PCs for some users) the logon-window ( is not shown even if it is executed, in this cases it executes partly including pause !

I could not see any rule like: this user on that PC, it's random.
There are just some users where it newer occoured (so far).

I could not believe that there is no debug facility, NT's setup has it and I found some "Debug" entries in the registry
but I cannot find any docs about them, so I don't know how to use.

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Accepted Solution

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ID: 1570711
Please have a look to confirm that if you have exceeded the user numbers licnesed in Control Panel?

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