MASQD over PPP, but with 2 Valid IP's

Posted on 1998-01-29
Last Modified: 2010-03-18

I would like to set up a linux box with 2 valid ip's. the 1st ip would be for a network, and the 2nd would be routed to a Linux or NT Box( over a network card. Can this be done? Will Routing the 2nd ip to the linux/nt box conflict with the network?

here is a diagram:

            | ISP   |
      ISDN      []
            [](ppp0 with a valide class C IP)
      |Linux  Box  |
MASQ NIC  []      [] 2nd NIC With a valid Class C (eth1)      []
            |Linux or NT Masqd box|(

is this possible?


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Yes, it's possible. I'm not clear on exactly what you want from your post, but you can set this sort of thing up. You can have a Linux box, with 2 NIC's, and for example give them and as addresses. You set the subnet mask for both to, and you can route between the two cards by simply enabling routing in the kernel. Then, you can add a ppp device, and use a valid class C from your ISP on this.

You then compile masquerading support into the kernel, and you use the firewalling rules to specify the masquerade policy, so you can specify that packets from the network are masqueraded, but packets from the network are not, or are blocked, or whatever you like.

This is all set up using ipfwadm rules. You'd probably also want dial on demand support, recent versions of pppd support this, but you might also want to look into diald, which can be found at

though it seems to be down at the moment.


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yea But What about 2 valide class C's? What i need is 2 webservers (port 80), each on their 192.168.x.0 network. The Router would route(or in this case port forward) the 1st ip to, and the 2nd ip to

now ppp0 has 1 ip(in this case an ISDN line), howdo i "mount" the 2nd IP.

I think i can use IPFWADM to control which MASQD packet's goes to.


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