"Prince of Persia" Game

Where do i get the fully functional shareware version of
   Prince of Persia I
   Prince of Persia II?

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busukaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:
ftp.geologie.ens.fr  /pub/users/geophys/bizot/prince.zip
ftp.aii.com          /pub/mail/prince.zip
ftp.ucpel.tche.br    /pub/msdos/emulator/genesis/prince.zip

rmgopalAuthor Commented:
The URL is not valid
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rmgopalAuthor Commented:
Hi basuka,

All the above links, which i know already, are to a demo version of the game. With this demo version i can play only one level ie) upto the level the guy geton to the boat. After that i get a message to purchase a full version of the game.

So, i want the links which points to a fully functional version of the game "Prince Of Persia I". I don't really need the version II game, but atlease versin I fully.

However, thanks for ur answer. I appreciate your response.

Thanks again,

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