Win-95 problems after HD and RAM upgrade

Hi, can anyone help with this win-95 nightmare problem I've been having:

My computer until recently was a P133, 16MB, 850MB HD. I have now upgraded to 40MB, and bought a new 3.2 GB Quantum Fireball hard disk. My procedure for installing the HD was as follows:

1.  Connected the 3.2 GB (recognised as D:) and formatted as   a FAT32
2.  Disconnected the 850 MB, and reconnected the 3.2 GB (as   primary master),
    so that it became C:
3.  Installed win95(b) on the 3.2 GB (which is now C:)
4.  Reconnected the 850MB so that it was recognised as D:

Everything appeared to work expect that my old HD (now D:) was much slower. But since my nice new 3.2GB was fast, and everything seemed to work, I didn't really mind. But then I started to get one or two "data errors" while reading from D:

But yesterday was when my problems REALLY started. Win-95 refused to finish loading, complaining of a corrupt registry, and would attempt to recover it from backup. But upon each restart the same message appeared. So I thought,
"I know, I'll get copies of my registry files from my old windows installation which was still on my D: drive". But as it turned out, the system.dat on D: could not be read due to another "data error" (which were by now becoming increasingly common on "D:").

My next step was to try re-installing windows over the top of my current version. I did this, and sure enough, the registry error message disappeared. But windows is now unusable because of the following:

- Double clicking on "my computer" does nothing.
- Selecting programs from the Start Menu does nothing.
- My shortcuts appear with the ".lnk" extension, but are not recognised as links, and nothing happens when they are      clicked on.
- I *can* open the Control Panel window, but if I click on any icon therein, I get "Access to the specified device, path or file denied."

If I select command prompt only, I can still see all my files, and I can still run DOS games. I have now disabled my D: drive from the BIOS as there are now so many errors on it that even a dir command in the root directory
fails. My C: drive appears fine.

Sorry for the rather long question, but I've really been tearing my hair out over this one. I don't want to have to reformat and re-install unless absolutely necessary. Can anyone suggest what the problem(s) may be or how to remedy it?

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You were doing great, except for few pointers than you made abad mistake by taking the OLD registry over the NEW installation.
Some other hidden files on the D drive should have been deleted as they were crucial to the first installation but now CONFUSING new install.

So here is the deal:

Run the following setup as described and we will take after that:


Reinstall win95 from the command prompt using (setup /p f ) command.
This setup switches will clean your system files and replace missing and damaged files, keeping all your apps and updated drivers.

The switch  f

Means a Clean Registry mode. It forces Detection to clean the root branch of the registry before starting. It will also remove commands that are pointing to the wrong locations including Win 95 files.

The switch  /p

The string can contain one or more detection switches separated by a semicolon (;). For example, if you want to use  /p f

The switch /d

This switch can be used if you do not want Setup to use your existing configuration (like Win.ini and System.ini files).

To restore or adjust your windows installation:
 From dos insert your CD type this command... at your CD-ROM drive letter
" setup /d /p f "  Without quotes

You would want at that stage to choose from  "Full or Custom Setup", choose Custom. This will give you more control through a step by step of the setup.

This should set back all entries in place and restore all functions as before the problem occured.

Will wait for your post.

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steve_pAuthor Commented:
This has worked perfectly. I did this with my D: drive
disconnected. I will be able to borrow a tape-backup device from someone, so will to do a complete backup of my now-working C: before attempting to fix D:   :-)

Good for you, I was ready for war but your system has responded, beautifully.

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