Sound Blaster 16 won't read microphone

Posted on 1998-02-04
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
My sound blaster 16 will not accept any output from my
microphone.  I know the mic works, it worked fine with my
other card.  I also know that when you purchase OS/2 Warp 4
with a microphone included, it comes with an inline adapter
that makes the sb card read the mic.  I don't have one of
those adapters.  I am wondering if there is a setting
somewhere that I need to change, or where can I get one of
those adapters.  Thanks.
Question by:arelyea
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Expert Comment

ID: 1127079

What do you mean by NOT accepting any ouput?? This is a MIC and it would feed an INPUT not ouput..

Am I missing something here??
Please rephrase your question.

Author Comment

ID: 1127080
yeah, but when I speak into the microphone, the little red jack
sends output from the microphone to the input jack on the SB.  
It won't accept this output (my voice).  I don't want to sound
rude or flip, but I am a little tired of people responding with
stupid suggestions or questions (e.g. "check your mixer").  I
have exausted all my knowledge.

Expert Comment

ID: 1127081

Listen, let's establish one thing here.
First, you could look at my profile to know who I am.
Second you could look at my numbers to find out where I rank.
Third, what I'm trying to say, is if you see what we can't see, you have to help us understand the situation to be able to help, which why we are here in the first place.

Now that being said, I want to ask about that RED JACK.  This is your microphone jack that goes in the MIC on the sound card, right??

And if you try to record throught that MIC, nothing happens.
All the settings are O.K. and the MIXER is fine, and the MIC section is available and not MUTED, but still can't get that Mic to happen, right again?

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Author Comment

ID: 1127082
I don't mean to come off with an attitude, I just get so many
usenet responses with stupid suggestions that I have become
quite cynical these days.

I know for a fact, that other people with SB cards have been
unable to use their mic's in OS/2 or Windoze without this little
adapter that comes with the microphone included with OS/2 Warp
4.  Yes, all the mixer settings are correct.  Yes the microphone
works.  Yes everything "appears" to be fine.  When I try to
record or even use the old SB Talking Parrot it gets no
response.  I have heard other people talk about this same
problem in usenet, but there don't seem to be any answers
available.  I have only seen this previously mentioned adapter
inside the OS/2 Warp 4 box.  However, this adapter solves the
mic problems in every environment.  Can someone tell me either
what I can try or where I can get an adapter?

Expert Comment

ID: 1127083

I read you, you sound like you have done your homework, in reference to checking that everything is fine.
And don't worry about that attitude things, I justed wanted to cool off your mind to realize that you're not dealing with one of those...

I'll do my research side to inquire about that little adapter for you.

Are you running Win95 or OS/2??
I will keep you posted, tomorrow.

Author Comment

ID: 1127084
I am running OS/2 Warp 3.0 and Windoze 3.1 and MS-DOS 6.22.  
None of them accept anything from the mic.

Expert Comment

ID: 1127085
DID you just try to plug mic in in line instead of mic on sound card. If it does not work try to find mono stere adapter in any electronic store also what type of sound blaster you have and what version of OS you are using

Author Comment

ID: 1127086
It is a mono jack.  I have a SB16 (Vibra) PnP.

Expert Comment

ID: 1127087
For most of SB 16 you can download new drivers from creative labs

Author Comment

ID: 1127088
I somehow doubt it is driver-related.  Especially since I *am*
using the newest OS/2 drivers, and I get the same problem in DOS
and Windoze.  Also, the line input jack won't accept mic signals
LVL 32

Accepted Solution

jhance earned 160 total points
ID: 1127089
The SB16 microphone input is stereo and needs a plug like looks like this:


Where the "|" characters above are black rings (insulators) and the "=" are metal (conductor).  Most microphones are mono:


The little adapter takes the mono plug and wires it up to a stereo jack.  You can get them at Radio Shack for a few dollars.  You plug your mic into one end of the thing and the other end goes into the SB16.

Author Comment

ID: 1127090
Ya know, often times it's the simple things that perplex us the
most.  You see, my card is OEM and the book doesn't
"specifically" say that the mic is stereo.  After I knew what to
look for (thanks to you) I found the pin-out that told me you
were right.  Gee I feel lame.

Thanks for the help.

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