Rogue IDE CD-ROM drive

I have an ASUS P55T2P4 mother board, Two Hard drives, and a 24X creative cd-rom.  After installing the bus master software (Intel 82371SB PCI Bus Master IDE Controllers) I keep getting a Creative Labs IDE CD-ROM drive entry in my device manager, hard disk controller lines.  Before I used the standard IDE controllers but needed the performance of the intel.  So why does device manager continue to load the IDE CD-ROM drive when the CD-ROM is slaved to the secondary port all by itself??
How do I tell windows not to try and load this??
I have removed it several times then when i reboot windows prompts me that it has located new hardware and is installing software for it.

p.s. my motherboard recognizes the CD-ROM during boot up with no problems.
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missionAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Sometimes I do also faced this kind of problems when fixing up Win95 for my friends. But my last resort will be disabling the device in the current hardware configuration by unchecking the box after you bring up the Properties page of a certain device.
By doing that, you are actually reclaiming resources back and those resources will not be loaded again unless check the box again.
missionAuthor Commented:
is there a way to remove it permanently from device manager?
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Do you have a sound card with an IDE port built on it?
Also, when you said "the CD-ROM is slaved to the secondary port all by itself."  Do you mean that it is on the secondary port by itself (it should then be master) or is it slaved to one of the hard drives there?

missionAuthor Commented:
yes my soundcard does have an ide connection on it.

the cd-rom is set to slave mode on the secondary ide.
all documentation with the cd-rom drive informed me to slave the cd-rom to the secondary port even if that is the only device on it.  I tried to make it a master any way and the machine does not boot at all.  I called creative about this and they said that is the way they are designed.  I dont understand this but info from other sources repeat what creative said.
A couple more questions...  Does your soundcard software give you an option to disble the IDE port?  Are you using the windows busmaster driver or one that came with the motherboard?  Is the CD-Rom operating in PIO mode?

missionAuthor Commented:
first: the software for the sound card does not have an option to disable the port nor is there any jumper settings.
second: I used the windows one at first then decided to use the intel busmaster one that came with the motherboard.
third: yes the cd-rom is operationg in mode 4, at least that is what the boot up prompts tell me.
Hi Mission!

Thanks for the invitation Magigraf!

Mission, I have read through all of the posts, which sound card do you have? Not trying to be redundant here, but with some of the cards you can make some ini file changes or a registry entry to prevent this.

By the way, if the current answer doesn't satisfy you, reject it, as it will encourage other techs to come in.

missionAuthor Commented:
it is a sound blaster awe32 pnp
Mission, I'm going to suggest you to make thing, that worked for
me personally as well as for many people over the 'net:
(maybe this is not best way, and I can't completely describe why
it worked, but my guess that Creative PnP cards uses some resource
that start to pop up conflict after Intel BM driver install).

- Boot to Win95 Safe Mode. To do it: right after message 'Starting
  Win95' press F8. Select Safe Mode from menu
- Enter Device Manager (right-click on My Computer -> Properties
  -> Device Manager tab)
- select BM driver in HDD Controllers section and remove it
  (I assume you can remove ONLY 82371SB PIIX driver, I remember I
  was failed to remove Primary dual fifo and Secondary dual fifo
- if you have Standard IDE/ESDI controller, remove it as well
- shut down
- open the case and PHYSICALLY pull out SB PnP card.
- boot Win95. let it detect 82371SB controller and install drivers
 NOW: It's VERY important that you don't have ANY hardware conflicts
 on this step. Once you got stabilly working system with BM
 drivers you can proceed further.
- shut down and insert SB AWE card back
- let it be detected (and updated in PnP database) by Win95.
- install sound drivers if needed (usually not)
 Now here can be couple ways:
1) IDE port on SB card detected. You can enter Device Manager and
  uncheck it from Original Configuration.
2) My home: Win95 silently installed Standard IDE/ESDI controller
  with no conflicts whatsoever.
This is a problem I have experienced several times before, and it is frustrating that you cannot disable the stupid IDE driver on the sound card, (Who on earth uses those anymore anyway?)  I have tried but have not been successful.
I have just given it up and left it.

Unfortunately the AWE 32 was the B****** child of the group, which is what prompted Creative Labs to issue the AWE 64 gold. There are 4 different AWE 32 cards, CT3900, CT3600, CT 3620 and CT 3671. Some of these are software configurable to shut down the IDE bus, while some are hardware configurable and the later one's are not configurable at all and require shutting the bus off in windows. If it will help you, I'll cut and paste together all of the issues with your model of card, however you'll need to give me the model number from the card itself so I can do so.
You may also need to specify in your BIOS that you do not have a hard disk on the same channel as the CDROM.

Is this a real problem, or just an annoyance, and if so why?

Why not disable the 2nd IDE port in the computer and use the CDROM drive through the sound card?

This will greatly affect perfomance of CD-ROM (AFAIK).
mission, how about feedback.
BTW, if my suggestion worked, you can consider it as answer.
Busuka, why would Mission accept your comment as the answer when it doesn't resolve the issue. The bus mastering controller appears to be installed correctly. Mission only asked why the Sound Blaster IDE controller was present and how to get rid of it.

Mission, simply put, click Start, Settings, Control Panel, then click the System Icon and then click Device Manager. Next go down to the Sound Blaster IDE controller area and expand it by clicking the "+" sign. Highlight the entry and click Properties. Next, uncheck the box next to "Original Configuration (current)" click OK and then close all boxes and restart the system. You may incur a couple of restarts, but the device will eventually not be shown. Make sure that there is no calling line in either Config.sys or Autoexec.bat for this device.

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That is why I'm asked for feedback and not rushed on Answer button.
missionAuthor Commented:
Thanx to all for the info but I just went in and connected the cd-rom to the sound card anyways.  Of course that did not work either but I reinstalled windows under that configuration and it appears to work so for.  sorry if i have not returned any comments but i have been inoperative this week.
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