Internet Connection for SGI Indy

I am configuring an SGI Indy to connect to the Internet. I have a static IP address, and the addresses of two name servers.

I have modified /etc/hosts to include the correct internet address and /etc/resolv.conf to look at the nameservers.

I have also made an entry in /etc/gateways speciying the ISP's network address and the number of hops to the nameserver.

If I try to ping somewhere in the outside world, I can resolve the address, but I get a 'network unreachable' error.

What have I forgotten to do?

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You're missing the route to the outside world, see netstat -rn .
Add following:

    route add net default <IP of your gateway>

Not shure how /etc/gateways works (IMHO it should add the default route), have never seen this file on my IRIX 4.x 5.x .
Did you reboot after makeing you changes?

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cpranderiaAuthor Commented:
Yes I did reboot after making the changes.

My understanding of 'route' is that it only manipulates the routing tables manually. It won't make a permanent change so that each time I reboot, the route to the outside world is there (I think).

As I understand it, /etc/gateways specifies the route to the outside world. (By the way, I should say I am running Irix 6.2 - sorry about not mentioning that.)

Any more ideas?
cpranderiaAuthor Commented:

I have used 'route' to add in a route to  the outside world and now I can see the outside world, resolve names, ping things etc!

Thanks! However, I still haven't figured out how you make this route permanent. When I reboot, the route is lost and I have to add it again. Do I need to make an entry in /etc/networks? Do I need to edit /etc/init.d/network?
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My IRIX 6.4 also has no /etc/gateways :-(
I have to configure the defaultroute on all my IRIXs manually, means that I made a startup sript in /etc/init.d which will be called at boot time.

If you won't do that, just add the defaultroute in /etc/init.d/network

Probably there is a switch anywhere to do it automatically, but I have not found it yet.

BTW, do you have some docs, man-pages, etc. for /etc/gateways?
cpranderiaAuthor Commented:
No, there is no man page for /etc/gateways, but look at the man page for routed. On 6.2, it is about 2/3rds of the way down the page.

By the way, /etc/init.d/networks looks frightening to me - is it as simple as adding a line with the route command?
Don't worry about this huge sript. Just add your line at the end of the 'start') case (just before the  ;;  line).
It's as simple as the route command, same syntax, its just a good idea to prepend route by its full path.

routed (always ever I remove this anoying deamon when setting up a new computer, this is why I don't have /etc/gateways:) wants the gateway be marked passive, not external, for your purpose.

I recommend using gated instead of routed if you need this functionality. If you have a small network you don't need either, adding a static default route should be ok, especially if this is your only gateway to the world.
Ups, this implies that all other hosts also have a default route to *your* gateway (SGI).

Thanks for grading.
So I asume that this was at least the final hint ;-))
cpranderiaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help and my pleasure! Slowly my ploy to teach myself Irix admin is being realised, but I may run out of points first!
cpranderiaAuthor Commented:
I have edited /etc/init.d/network and yes, it does add the route now at boot time. Thanks for the help. (Later this week I will have to go through the same exercise with Sun, HP, IBM and SCO Unix machines..... that should be fun!
Hey, nice to see more "multi-platform admins" :)
Not that SunOS, Solaris have a command  defaultroute, HP will be the same as SGI.
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