Holder for PCI Steering

I've just been reading an IRQ question which prompted me to ask the following:

My desktop (bought June 96) had Windows 95 (original release, I presume). I have had several recurrent problems with this PC so when I bought my laptop a couple of months ago, I decided to use the Windows 95 (4.00.950 B) installation disk to see if it corrected any of my problems.

It did to a certain degree but, in My Computer, I now have a hardware conflict because of 3 "Holders for PCI Steering" that I never had before (only one of which is causing a conflict - the others being IRQ 9 & 12).

Now this normally wouldn't be a problem but my computer is quite full of hardware and this glitch has robbed me of IRQs that I previously had spare (and I haven't added any more hardware since my prvious version of Windows95!!).

As far as I can remember, I didn't have these "Holders" before so why have they appeared now in this service pack?

And how can it be remedied (without reverting to my previous version of Windows95 and the problems that it caused!!).
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You can't install the Win95B over an existing Win95 installation.  It's not setup as an upgrade and there are always conflicts.  You need to install Win95B from scratch.  In your case, since you've already done it, you need to get/use a bootable floppy, delete your old Win95 installation.  If you can, FORMAT the hard disk.  If not, delete the entire WINDOWS directory tree.  Then install the Win95B after booting from the floppy.

(However, please be aware that installing Win95B in this manner is a violation of the Microsoft license agreement that came with your laptop.)
NoggyAuthor Commented:
Oops, thanks for that about the license agreement. Are you sure that that's correct though? I thought that as long as I had the original CDs (for both versions), then it wouldn't matter which one I use for either machine - especially one is a bug-fix for the original!

However, in response to your proposed answer, I had created a bootable floppy, renamed the Windows directory and moved it to another drive for the same reason you give. I hadn't actually re-formatted the hard disk though.

You didn't actually answer the question though as to why they appear in this service pack. One exists on my laptop as well - so it's not due to a Windows' version conflict problem.
First, I am sure about the Win95 OSR2 end-user license.  I know that nobody ever reads them but, it's in there.

Anyway, back to your problem.  By mixing installations of Win95 versions, you have updated some driver files and not others. This incompatibility is what is causing your hardware conflicts. This is why Microsoft doesn't offer OSR2 at retail, they haven't packaged or tested it in an UPGRADE installation.

This is a common problem for people who install OSR2 on top of Win95 retail.  You can spend hours to days trying to recover a working system but starting clean really the only reliable solution.  

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NoggyAuthor Commented:
Oh well, I'd better either revert back to my previous version or buy another licence.

It's a shame because, other than that, my system is working much better than it was before with much fewer GPFs.

Good old Microsoft! "Money", "Print" and "Licence" are 3 words that come to mind. I wonder how I can get a job there?!
BTW, here is the reference from the EULA about why it is against the terms of the license to do what you are doing:

...if the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is not accompanied by a new computer system, you may not use or copy the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

* Single Computer. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed with the COMPUTER as a single integrated product.  The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may only be used with the COMPUTER.

Just thought you'd want to know...
The problem is that you can't buy Win95 OSR2 at retail.  It only comes with new computer systems.  There does seem to be a loophole, however.  It seems that a "computer system" may actually be defined as a motherboard or even a hard drive.  
NoggyAuthor Commented:
I could do with a new hard-drive! ;->

When you say retail, do you mean buying the product in high street shops/mail-order/computer dealer?

Or are you saying that they cannot sell OSR2 as a stand-alone item but do have it available for sale with a motherboard etc...?
You won't be able to pick it up with a motherboard or hard disk at a place like CompUSA or ElekTek.  I'm talking about your "neighborhood" computer dealer or mail order house.  One I've dealt with in the past is Wintergreen Systems in Indianapolis, IN(www.wintergreen.com) but there are certainly many others.  They will sell you a copy of Win95 OSR2 with any motherboard or hard disk purchase, as well as with any complete system purchase.
NoggyAuthor Commented:
Cheers, thanks for that.

Trouble is that I forgot to tell you that I'm a UK resident and I think the posting & packing from the US might be a bit steep. I'll have a look anyway.

I'll do a bit of checking around on this side of the water.
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