NetWare Administrator problem

I'am trying to run NetWare Administrator on NetWare 4.11 from Windows 95 workstations executing Nwadmn95.exe from SYS:\Public\Windows95 directory. I am getting an initial screen with series of error messages:
       "The dynamic link library NWMOD095.DLL cannot be
        located or is corrupted. Your Path variable is
        invalid or your DLLs were not installed
The same message with APPSNP95.dll and NWVIS095.dll. All these files are in the same directory that Nwadmn95.exe. The NetWare Administrator finaly opens but doesn't work correctly.
I can run NetWare Administrator executing Nwadmn3x.exe from Sys:\Public. It opens with no problems but during certain operations (eg. checking trustee asignments) is crushing.
If these files are really corrupted (I don't think so) my only option would be to copy them from other 4.11 server?
What's the problem here? Can it be related to the fact that workstations run Novell NetWare Client for Win95 old version (2.1)? Are any serious drawbacks about running old Client32 on 4.11 instead of IntranetWare Client32 ver. 2.20?    
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I use Win95, my dir structure is under public a win95 directory
with an nls\english in it.  Many of the DLLs are in the win95 dir. You must have long filenames enabled on your sys vol since you are running NWadmin from a dir with a long file name.  If you dont you will get errors when your search drives are used.  I would make my os2 name space is loaded and it shows in properties
when you look at it.

Client32 2.20 corrected some problems in older versions, I had
trouble with connections with previous clients.  This is what
Novell says:
NWADMN95.EXE Missing DLLs  (Last modified: 28JAN1998)

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     Trying to run NetWare 4.11 NWAdmin for Windows95. No matter how the program is executed it
     complains that there are missing DLLs. Tried adjusting the working directory, creating a shortcut
     or running directly from PUBLIC\WIN95. The error message would vary. Some of the missing
     DLLs were PRTWIN32.DLL, NWMOD095.DLL and APPSNP95.DLL.


     Install the current IntranetWare Client for Windows95. The customer was using Client 32 for
     Windows 95 2.1 with the d patch applied. The Client32 for Windows95 v2.11 or higher is required
     for NWADMN95.EXE. Once this client was installed the program executed properly.

     This error has also been reported on workstations running the MicroSoft client for NetWare

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                          NWADMN95.EXE Missing DLLs
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                          NetWare 4.11


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I have run the administrator from 4.11 (on win95 with Intranetware client) not having installed support for long file names........ And it worked fine, now I have installed support for long filnames (other reasons)
Did you follow any of the suggestions? What was the results? More info. needed.  Why can't you install version 2.20 it is much better.   If you haven't installed the patches for your client you are asking for problems.  
robusAuthor Commented:
I installed intraNetWare Client for Win95 and it solved the problem, now I can run Nwadmn95.exe. The rest of workstations still run the old version of Client32 for Win95(v.2.1) and I'm going to replace it with intraNetWare Client (I just took over the net few days ago and previous admin didn't do it).Should I first run uninstall for the old Client or is it ok to install the new one on the top of the old (during installation the old is removed but I think it is not removing all the files..?)
 The intraNetWare Client I donwloaded from Novell's side and installed it from the network, but I would like to have them also on the disks. According to readme.txt I shold use Makedisk.exe utility which suposed to be on the "second Client CD". I couldn't find the Client CD. I have the set of 4 intraNetWare CDs, there is Makedisk.exe on the first one with the OS but it is not for Windows client. What can I do?
What I do is put the 6 exe files in a directory on the network.
I then create a directory on the workstations local drive, then
from a DOS prompt in that directory I run each of the six files
exploding the files into the c:\c32 directory I created.  At that
time you can run the setup.exe from that directory.  It will uninstall the old client keeping the settings, before it reboots
the workstation click customize and check your settings TCP/IP
most times need tweeking.  On the whole it does a good job, in the case that it doesn't you have an uninstall in the c:\c32\admin\ directory. If you do not trust it to do a good uninstall you can run the uninstall before setup since you will
have all the files you need to install client32 on the hard drive
and you can loose your network without worry.  You will not need the disks since there is no make disk for 2.20 unless it is on
the $29.95 disk you can order from Novell.
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