Getting printer status (online/offline)

I'd really like to know how to get the status of a printer by it's index in the printer object, in particular I'm interested in getting info about the readyness of the printer (the platform is o'coz NT4+D3).
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This is from Lloyd's Help file:
Q:  How can I tell if the printer is ON or not?


Program  Printer_Status;
Uses Dos;
Function PrinterOnLine : Boolean;
    PrnStatusInt  : Byte = $17;    (*  Dos interrupt *)
    StatusRequest : Byte = $02;    (*  Interrupt Function Call *)

    PrinterNum    : Word = 0;  { 0 for LPT1, 1 for LPT2, etc. }
    Regs : Registers ;         { Type is defined in Dos Unit }

    Begin  (* PrinterOnLine*)
      Regs.AH := StatusRequest;
      Regs.DX := PrinterNum;
      Intr(PrnStatusInt, Regs);
      PrinterOnLine := (Regs.AH and $80) = $80;


Begin (* Main Program *)
  If PrinterOnLine Then
    Writeln('Ready To Print')
    Writeln('Please check the printer!');

{ This code came from Lloyd's help file! }
dionysos_swampAuthor Commented:
interrupts are not acceptable under NT4, I need NT 4 API code, not a dos-hack.
Please use the following function: (sorry for the mess I wrote it in a hurry)

NOTE : include Printers and WinSpool units

procedure TForm1.Button6Click(Sender: TObject);
  pcbNeeded : DWord;
  prn : THandle;
  x : array[0..255] of char;
  stat : Pprinterinfo2;
  getmem(stat, 1000);
  StrPCopy(x, printer.printers[0]);
 if OpenPrinter(x, prn, nil) then
  if GetPrinter(
    2,      // version of printer info data structure
    stat,      // pointer to array of bytes that receives printer info. structure
    1000,      // size, in bytes, of array of bytes
    @pcbNeeded       // pointer to variable with count of bytes retrieved (or required)
   ) then
   case stat.status of
   PRINTER_STATUS_BUSY   : ShowMessage('      The printer is busy.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_DOOR_OPEN     : ShowMessage('      The printer door is open.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_ERROR       : ShowMessage('The printer is in an error state.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_INITIALIZING       : ShowMessage('The printer is initializing.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_IO_ACTIVE       : ShowMessage('The printer is in an active input/output state.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_MANUAL_FEED       : ShowMessage('The printer is in a manual feed state.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_NO_TONER       : ShowMessage('The printer is out of toner.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_NOT_AVAILABLE       : ShowMessage('The printer is not available for printing.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_OFFLINE       : ShowMessage('The printer is offline.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_OUT_OF_MEMORY       : ShowMessage('The printer has run out of memory.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_OUTPUT_BIN_FULL       : ShowMessage('The printers output bin is full.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PAGE_PUNT       : ShowMessage('The printer cannot print the current page.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PAPER_JAM       : ShowMessage('Paper is jammed in the printer');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PAPER_OUT       : ShowMessage('The printer is out of paper.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PAPER_PROBLEM       : ShowMessage('The printer has a paper problem.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PAUSED       : ShowMessage('The printer is paused.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PENDING_DELETION       : ShowMessage('The printer is deleting a print job.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PRINTING       : ShowMessage('The printer is printing.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_PROCESSING       : ShowMessage('The printer is processing a print job.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_TONER_LOW       : ShowMessage('The printer is low on toner.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_USER_INTERVENTION       : ShowMessage('The user needs to do something to the printer.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_WAITING       : ShowMessage('The printer is waiting.');
   PRINTER_STATUS_WARMING_UP       : ShowMessage('The printer is warming up.');
   end else caption := inttostr(getlasterror);
   if stat <> nil then freemem(stat, 1000);


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Excuse me, the ready state is indicated by stat.status = 0, so we should add the CASE statement the following:

  case ...
  else ShowMessage('Ready!');

(Please try the states of the printer i.e. off, just online-warming up- paused, printing, etc)

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