CD Player Won't Play Music...

I am wondering if you might have any suggestions. I just rec'd my computer back, after 4 weeks with Best Buy Tech Service, to fix the CD-Rom problem. My CD-Rom doesn't play any of my music CD's, but works fine for programs on CD (even playing the background music of these programs).
I've checked Multimedia, under Control Panel, and the correct drive for my CD player seems to be there. I've checked the cables also.
An email response and any help is greatly appreciated!
Chris -
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It's very simple, they just happen to forgot to plug that little wire between the CD-Rom and the sound card.

This wire is ONLY for CD music..
Please reopen the machines and plug it, or plug it properly.

Hope it helped
will wait for your post

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SonomaPupAuthor Commented:
I was having this problem before I brought the computer in to be repaired, so why should the little wire be disconnected? I don't know which is the sound card, either.
I understand that you are not happy about that, but it just migth got loose during the way to your place.  You never know, the connector is very small, and sometimes it just get's out of the socket.
If you're not sure how to do it, I would defenitly recommend another trip to the store.

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SonomaPupAuthor Commented:
Best Buy says that all of the cables are properly attached, and that I need to completely reinstall Windows as well as reinstalling with the Toshiba Backup CD-Rom Utilities and Drivers. I went to the link site you mentioned, but it doesn't list my particular CD-Rom, which apparently is a Toshiba XM-5602B. I'm sure all I need is a driver to's just figuring out what driver I need....

I did just receive an error message: "couldn't load urmcln32.dll"

I wonder if this is the driver I need, and how I might get it?

Thanks again!!!


What URL did I suggest?? I can't find any in my previous comments.
And what kind of TECHS are these to tell you to reinstall the entire OS to fix a CD sound problem??
I guess you have been caught with some unprofessional people that just tell you anything to end up a tech call.

I still insist that IF your system is playing all sound files BUT MUSIC Cd's it has to do with that cable I'l telling to you about.

Just give it a thought;
if your CD reads Data, what's wrong in reading sound??

Anyway, what model is that toshiba CD-Rom, I'll try to locate the drivers for it.  While in windows, it should have been on the windows CD..

SonomaPupAuthor Commented:
I have a Toshiba Infinia 7130 Desktop Computer, Windows95, Pentium...Best Buy did look and couldn't find any cable problems...wouldn't the message about the urm..dll file indicate that it is a driver problem?
I got a message about being unable to play Midi or
to start Midi sound...and when I went to look at the Midi tab under Multimedia, this one looks dimmed out, also...

Now if your midi files don't play either or some controls are dimmed her eare the corrective measures:

1) Download that file from toshiba site:

This is the page "first file = OPL3SA95.EXE";

2) Please remove all sound drivers from Device Manager
3) Remove all toshiba drivers from Multimedia icon in Control Panel
4) Now proceed with the installation of that file.

Let me know how did it go
SonomaPupAuthor Commented:
Hi Magigraf,
Thanks for the tip...I already have the file OPL3SA95. Since I already have it, should I still go ahead and do steps 2 and 3?
I really appreciate your help!

SonomaPupAuthor Commented:
You'll never believe this...everything is working!

This is what I did...

I went to Device Manager and to Sound, Video & Game Conrollers. There was a nasty ! under Yamaha OPL3-SA Sound system. I removed it, and, because I have a backup floppy labeled Yamaha OPL3-SA, I reinstalled that. My CD player plays music and Hal (my computer voice) is back!

I still am getting the message about the "couldn't load urmcln32.dll" but at least it works!

Which leaves me with just 2 questions...

When I just now looked again under Device Manager, Yamaha OPL3-SA Sound system is listed twice, once with an ! and once without. Should I remove the one with the !

I have 2 floppies labeled Yamaha OPL3-SA Win95 Driver...what are they for?

I'm so relieved that I didn't have to check into the sanitarium or have my computer get a lobotomy...thank you SO much for your help

I am really interested in finding out how I can learn all this stuff on my own...isn't there a class on Computer Troubleshooting?!

Take care!




Q. Should I remove the one with the !

A. YES This is the one you SHOULD remove.


Q. I have 2 floppies labeled Yamaha OPL3-SA Win95 Driver

A. You should remove BOTH they do not belong there..
   floppies do not use these drivers.

Q. I am really interested in finding out how I can learn all this stuff on my own...isn't there a class on Computer Troubleshooting?!

A. I'm not sure, what you got from me here is 9 years of troubleshooting experience, and a dedicated mind to my own business.

P.S.: Could you tell me exactly WHEN that DLL file errors appears?? like after loading windows?? or when exactly??


SonomaPupAuthor Commented:
I don't understand your answer about removing my 2 floppies labeled Yamaha OPL3-SA Win95 Drivers...these are floppies, I don't think they show up on my pc, or if they do, I'm not sure where.

The dll error message occurs when I click on the Start menu, Infinia, and then Toshiba CD Player. After the error message pops up, a CD control box opens and I can play the CD ok. Funny though, this dll error message doesn't pop up when I access the CD by clicking on Accessories, Multimedia, then on CD Player.

About the floppies I understood that they show up in Device Manager BUT do not exist.. That's why I asked you to remove them.
That's all, but if the system is reporting what is suppose to report then fine you could leave them. (or clarify if I misunderstood).

As for the DLL error, could you copy that GOOD shortcut of the CD Player from the Accessories media, and copy it across, on the Toshiba Cd Player??

It looks like Toshiba's player is missing that DLL, and I tried my best to find it for you without luck.

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