Custom Hover Buttons in Frontpage98

Annoying features in Frontpage 98 Part 58:-

Creating normal 'Hover' buttons in FP98 causes little or no problems BUT whenever I use the custom function and designate an 2 images in the dialogue box (for button and on-hover respectively) it always fails with the exception error:- cannot access file /C:/Test/test.gif

I always specify a relative pathname eg "test.gif" but the exception always quotes an absolute.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
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Could you post the HTML code?
bigstarAuthor Commented:
Hi Bigelos - I thought you might take this one up. Sure here it is:-


<title>Test Hover</title>


<applet code="fphover.class" codebase="_fpclass" width="137" height="35">
  <param name="text" value="Button Text">
  <param name="textcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
  <param name="effect" value="fill">
  <param name="url" value="Destination.html" valuetype="ref">
  <param name="image" value="Gold.gif" valuetype="ref">
  <param name="hoverimage" value="Silver.gif" valuetype="ref">
  <param name="sound" value valuetype="ref">
  <param name="hoversound" value valuetype="ref">

Just the applet alone does not work - this is the simplest HTML example I've run and still no go.

Over to you
Well, I got it to work on my machine at home, but then when I tried uploading it to demo it to you, the uploaded demo has decided that it doesn't want to work.

Here is the URL that I'm trying to get to work:

You can check out the document source.

I have heard rumors that the fphover.class has a few versions out, and one of them is buggy.
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Here is the URL where I got it running:

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Try downloading the fphover.class file in the directory and see if this version works better.  You will have to do a <SHIFT><CLICK> on the file to download it.  Also, it wants to be downloaded in binary format.

I'll check back here again tomorrow.  It's past my bedtime...
One more comment:  Do you get the error when you use the custom button, or when you go to preview the page?
bigstarAuthor Commented:
Thanks I'll check those out and get back to you. I only get the error when I go to preview. In the FP Editor the button appears OK.
Make sure that there is a _fpclass directory in the subdirectory below the html file you are editing.  Also, try editing the file w/o frontpage running, just the editor.  (Don't want web server, etc. running.)  Try putting the image in the same directory as the file.

FrontPage will translate relative image files to absolutes if you are not careful.  It does this during the save process.  One of those annoying "features" that I wish I could turn off.  Also, FrontPage will report errors in finding files in absolutes to make it easier to troubleshoot.
bigstarAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bigelos - I downloaded your version of the Javascript routine, but it failed inexactly the same way when I ran it through FP.Obviously I sustituted my GIF's for yours. I downloaded the FPClass files from your Temp directory - they came out as CLASS files. How do I download as binary files? How am I able to use .Class files in an HTML page?

I will try your latest suggestions before I return here with a report back.

The .class files are the actual java applet that you are calling.  The Hover command in FrontPage is a java applet--it is just cleverly disguised.  You have to make the java applet available to the HTML page, or else it won't work.  In general, microsoft has decided that a good location for this applet would be in the directory _fpclass.  This directory should be a subdirectory of the page directory.

So, if your HTML file is c:\temp\test.html, your FP class files would be in c:\temp\_fpclass.

If you used your browser to download the class files, they should come over in binary format.

Here is one more thing that you could try:  Create a html file called tmp1.html (using FrontPage).  Create a link in that file using the syntax <A HREF="">Test Link</A>

Make sure you are connected to the internet, and view the file tmp1.html.  Click on the link.  
1.) If you get an error when the page loads up, the problem is with your copy of FrontPage and you will have to re-install it.  
2.) If you don't get an error, then there is a problem with the way your directory structure is organized on your end.
bigstarAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I'll try the _fpclass stuff - but meanwhile I tried your suggestion using the link to fphover.html in FP and it worked fine. SO what could be wrong with my Directory structure?
Compare your directory structure and all the files in it to

If you are missing any of the files that I have, feel free to download them.
bigstarAuthor Commented:
OK - Will do, but meanwhile, check this:-

Here I've got my test working of sorts but appears to be changing all on its own - ie rotating!?

What's happening here?
You are using the fprotate applet instead of the fphover one.  So, it is doing what you told it to do.  Change the line
<applet code="fprotate.class" codebase="_fpclass" width="137" height="35">
<applet code="fphover.class" codebase="_fpclass" width="137" height="35">

And it should work.
bigstarAuthor Commented:
Yeah - what a Klutz - I've just realised!

But get this - it works on the server but not on my HD - any ideas - I know you're working hard for your 40 points here Bigelos?
Hate to tell you this, but your TestHover.htm is not working anymore since you changed from the fprotate.class.

Rather than trying to figure if/when mickeysoft screwed up on this java applet, would you consider a different one?  (Many people have had problems with fphover.)

Take a look at
and at

and see if they are an option you can live with.

What version of FP98 are you using?  I've still got the beta 2 version going...
bigstarAuthor Commented:
Yeah - I know - can't get it to work on my HD or on the server - boo. Yeah I'd consider using anything but that crappy thing in FP!

So.... I'll have a gander at your URL refs and get back to you.

I'm using FP98 Final release I still have Beta 3 - but supposed (stupidly)that the final would be the best one - hah - a pie in the face for Mr Gates then?
Bigstar told me to tell you that he can't seem to get renewed pages on Experts Exchange. He knows you've posted a new reply - but each time he goes back into the page - it must load from a cache. He will try again later today
bigstarAuthor Commented:
bigelos - can you mail me at - I can't seem to load the most recent page - so despite trying I've not seen your latest response.

Comment added to keep this question open
bigstarAuthor Commented:
Comment added by me too for the same reason!
bigstarAuthor Commented:
bigelos - thanks for your help - this now works, as you know from our personal Email - it's a weird permissions thing!
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