file input problem

I'm STUCK please help!!!

I'm trying to read in a textual file one sentance at a time, NOT one line at a time.
I know you can read a line in by e.g.
infile.getline(line, LINELENGTH, '\n')
I also know that '\n' can be exchanged for '.' which would partly solve the problem, however how could I get rid in the  '\n' characters that are in the middle of the sentance?? When I tried to read in the next sentance???

If possible, If the very first word of each sentance I want to do something else with it as well.

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Hi col,

I would go for the straightforward solution:

Assuming line is a char *:

nfile.getline(line, LINELENGTH, '.');
for (int index = 0; line[index] != 0x0, ++ index)
    if (line[index] == '\n') line[index] = " ";

I do not understand the last part of your question, but you can get the first word of each sentence with:

firstWord = strtok (line, " \t"); // words separated by                                   // whitespace or tab

Hope that helps,


colAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the very quick response, but what exactly is 0x0. I presume NULL.

Am I right?
colAuthor Commented:
Ooops I meant to accept your answer!!! NOT reject it!


Please resubmit your answer, you have the points!

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No problem ;)



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colAuthor Commented:
Thanks again!

I forgot:

0x0 is the 0-character that terminates each regular C-style string. You can write just 0 too.

NULL is used for the null-pointer which has also 0 as value, but you should not use it for the 0-character as it has a different meaning.


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